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Neighbours Episode 2814 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2814
Australian airdate: 20/03/97
UK airdate: 01/09/97
UK Gold: 20/8/03
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Nick Bufalo
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lou trying not to sound bitter at the deal Lisa has gotten off of him.
Darren leaving to go and see a mate…a prison mate despite Marlene's warning.
Toadie and Lance telling Anne not to worry about the copied essay and nobody will find out it wasn't an original.
No. 30
Lou calls by to give the car keys to Lisa but Sarah tells him she has gone to work. Lou hopes he isn't holding her back from heading to work but she tells him that she is unemployed now that the shop has closed. Coincidentally, Lou is looking for some new staff for the pub and gives her first refusal.
Ramsay Street
Lou spots Darren arriving home and gives him what for, for taking off like he did and not letting Marlene or his customers know where he was. Darren is not in the mood for a lecture and heads inside.
No. 22
Marlene is relived to have Darren home and his mood hasn't helped at seeing his Gran either. Lou tries to give him ‘while you're under my roof' lecture, which Darren does not like and tells him that he isn't his family and heads upstairs for a shower.
LOU: (sarcastically) Darren's back… break out the champagne.
Anne is still fretting about the essay when Lisa asks for them to be laid on the desks for her to collect.
Debbie comes in to deliver some extra milk for Lou and is told about Darren coming back from Lou. She tells Lou that she knew he'd be home when he ran out of cash and both wish he'd rack off permanently.
Anne has handed the essay in but is still fretting about it as she walks with Billy down the corridor but he reassures her it is an excellent one. She asks Billy if he wants to catch a movie after school but he turns her down because he has a training run to do and volunteers to go with him. This is much to Lance's shock as he tells Hannah, because his sister hates running and jokes that Billy will have to carry her after 5 minutes!
No. 30
Lisa is chuffed to have her new car sitting in the driveway and since she is in a good mood, thanks Sarah for doing the shopping. Her mood changes though when Sarah lets slip that she has driven Lisa's car before she did and asks for the car keys but Sarah is having trouble finding them.
No. 22
Darren seems to have got rid of the bad mood as he plays with Lolly and noticing it, Marlene takes the opportunity to apologise. He explains that his friends accept him, no questions asked and why he went to them. Marlene adds that he will get over his current difficulties soon enough and urges him not to throw his life away.
No. 30
The car key hunt is still on and Lisa is frustrated because she is going to be late back to work now she has to cycle back to work and wants the keys found by the time school finishes for the day.
Lance comments to Hannah when the lovebirds leave that it is sick watching the two of them. Hannah agrees with him and wishes there was some way they could be hosed down. This chance remark is picked up by Lance and he has an idea formulating for what to do when the lovebirds get back from their run.
Sarah pays a visit to see if Lou has any spare keys for Lisa's car but is sadly disappointed and begrudgingly accepts Lou's job offer since she will need to pay for a mechanic to change the locks on Lisa's car. Lou strikes while the iron is hot and gets her to start working immediately.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is surprised to see Lisa arrive home on a bike and her mood hasn't improved since she was home at lunchtime. Anne and Billy set off for their run after a bit of friendly ribbing from Lance and Hannah and he is ready to put his plan into action.
Lou is impressed at how good Sarah can pull a beer and she puts her skills to good use when Marlene and Helen come in. Marlene lets off some steam about how she sympathises with Darren and Lou's attitude towards her grandson, comparing it to someone using a high-wire and hoping that they don't fall off.
Ramsay Street
Darren runs into Libby as he pushes Lolly in her pram. He asks Libby about Uni and after telling her he was away and mentions that a mate has asked him to get involved in his business project which should be profitable quickly. She wishes him good luck. The atmosphere is a bit tense and Darren leaves.
Anne and Billy arrive back early after having to cut their run short because she developed a stitch. She is relived that there is no sign of Lance around but he (and Hannah) are hiding behind a bush and when they hear the lovebirds approach, jump out and cool them down with two hoses. In the end though, they end up just as wet as the lovebirds.
No. 30
Sarah arrives home knackered from working but all Lisa wants to know is if she's found the keys, no, and have the locks been replaced. She explains that she hasn't had time to do that yet because she has been working to pay for it but Lisa isn't in the mood and wonders why her credit card hasn't been used instead. Sarah replies that they are all maxed out and thinks that Lisa should pay half since it is her car but Lisa isn't coughing up and sets her a new deadline of lunchtime tomorrow.
Ramsay Street (next day)
Lisa tells Sarah she will meet her at 1pm in TCS to get the keys but Sarah explains she is working and won't have time.
Lib comes over to talk to Lou to find out how Darren really is after their chat yesterday. Lou replies that he has let everything slide – his work, his life and feels that he may end up in prison again if he doesn't pull his socks up. Lib remarks that she feels responsible too but Lou dismisses her fears and tells her that is classic Darren – making others feel responsible for his life, which he has had more than enough of.
Sarah relents to call someone to fix Lisa's car and gives instructions on where the car will be and doesn't look very happy when she asks how much it will cost.
Darren is asking Marlene for work but she has nothing needing doing, so suggests he call some of the customers who was looking for him. He rejects that as he thinks he will get a rant for leaving in a hurry and doesn't take too kindly to Marlene muttering that everyone needs to swallow their pride sometime. He saunters up to the bar to talk to Sarah about going out together but she lets it be know that she isn't interested. Lou reaffirms what Sarah has just said to Darren and repeats to him what he told Libby – that everyone is fed up with him as he is just now and that he needs to change.
Lisa tells the class that she's been marking the essays and that Anne's one stood out. She compliments Anne on the research she did and asks her to read part of it out to the class. When Anne begins to read, she falls into the trap – referring to herself as a male several times. Anne tries to say that they are typos but Lisa wants a full explanation…in front of the whole class.
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