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Neighbours Episode 2815 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2815
Australian airdate: 21/03/97
UK airdate: 02/09/97
UK Gold: 21/08/03
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Nick Bufalo
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Sarah taking up Lou's job offer and Lou getting her to start then and there.
Anne falling into Lisa's trap when she reads her essay aloud and it's obvious she didn't write it.
The Coffee Shop
Marlene is spreading the news that Sarah is working at the pub to Debbie and subtly tells Marlene that she has a fair idea how things work in the pub.
Debbie mentions that the owner of the shop is planning on having some work done to it and Marlene immediately puts forward Darren's name but Debbie isn't enthralled at him doing the work and reminds her about Darren taking off. Marlene takes great delight in telling her that it is her new mission in life to make sure Darren gets a second chance including tendering for the renovations.
Billy makes the fatal mistake of asking Anne how the essay went and she tells him the whole story and that Lisa wants to see her at lunchtime. He is feeling guilty at persuading her to use his essay and Anne hopes she doesn't get suspended again or Ruth will do her nut.
Marlene is telling Lou about the possible job for Darren but he doesn't exactly want anything to do with it and tells her that she is making things too easy for Darren and that the lad should be standing on his own two feet. Lou's words seem to strike accord with her but it doesn't stop her going off to tell him about it.
The mechanic Sarah contacted comes by to give her the new keys to Lisa's car and she begrudgingly accepts them and the $230 cost.
No. 22
Marlene is telling Darren about the possible job at TCS but he is more concerned at watching cartoons with Lolly and she eventually gives up for now but will chat later with him.
The Coffee Shop
Sarah arrives to meet Lisa but is early, so Debbie chats to her about Marlene proposing Darren to do the renovations and speak of the devil, Darren walks in. She isn't exactly friendly to him and begrudgingly hands over the owner's contact details for him to contact and admits to Sarah when he leaves that she hopes he doesn't get the job.
Lisa catches Hannah to give praise for her last assignment as she goes to meet Anne. After apologising for being held up with her last class, she hands over a letter that Ruth has to sign and return to her tomorrow morning. Anne isn't looking forward to handing the letter to Ruth.
The Coffee Shop
Lisa apologises for being late and Sarah hands over the replacement keys.
Darren enters wanting to measure up as the landlord wants the quote done ASAP. Debbie isn't happy at him doing it during the lunch rush and tells him to come back in the afternoon.
Anne is still fretting about the letter and the fact she lied to her mum about doing the work. Billy suggests telling the truth as he is still feeling guilty but Anne rejects his kind offer and asks him to come up with a plan to save her neck!
The Coffee Shop
Marlene comes by to collect some sandwiches for the pub and Debbie takes great delight in slagging Darren off to her. She reminds Debbie about her previous behaviour and warns her that she'll have her to deal with if she slags him off to the owner.
Anne wonders if faking her mum's signature will work or not because she can't face the wrath and punishment if she hands it over.
Lou is surprised to see Sarah back but she is after a progress report on how she is doing. Lou is happy enough and will try to give her some extra shifts when she begs him for more as she has credit card bills to pay off.
Marlene returns with the sandwiches and takes great delight in saying Darren is in with a shout of doing the renovation works at TCS but he reminds her that it isn't guaranteed yet, so not to celebrate prematurely.
No. 22
Debbie comes home and tells Helen about Darren and the quote when she asks what sort of day she had. Helen reminds her not to interfere, which she agrees she won't but adds that if Darren does get it and stuffs it up (as she expects him to do) then hopes he takes off for the hills!
Hannah has a long face on her when she comes home from school because she has loads of assignments due in and Helen jokes with her about only going to school to work!
No. 30
Lisa is chuffed to finally drive her car and wants to name her car and suggests Kermit the green car. Sarah isn't exactly thrilled with it but that is more due to her mounting debts. Lisa volunteers to cook something nice for supper as way of cheering her up and suggests bangers and mash to use up the sausages in the fridge. When Lisa goes to get them, she finds the old car keys that have been missing and as you can imagine, Sarah is not happy at them being found after she's just forked out $230.
Ramsay Street
Billy is trying to point out the pitfalls of Anne forging her mum's signature but Anne still thinks it is the best idea.
Darren arrives home and thanks his Gran for helping him to at least be able to do the quote and she invites him down to the pub for a celebratory drink on her although Darren isn't too keen on premature celebrations.
No. 30
Lisa and Sarah are having a full blown argument over the now found keys when Lou arrives to tell her she has a more shifts at the pub. She does laugh at his attempt to wind her up when he says she won't be allowed access to certain parts of the pub because they require sets of keys.
Marlene delivers her promised beer to Darren and tells him she has faith in him but asks that he doesn't take off if he doesn't get the job. He doesn't give it and invites her to a game of pool instead, to which she turns him down and instead heads to the bar to talk to Lou. Both see Darren in different light – she wants to help him whereas Lou wants him to find his own two feet and tells her she should be taking a tougher line with him.
No. 28
Anne practices her mum's signature on a scrap piece of paper but she hasn't quite got it and asks Billy to have a go but his attempt is worse! She signs the real letter and Billy thinks she has done a great job, so much so he thinks she as it spot on when comparing it to a real Ruth signature.
ANNE: It's done now, so no backing out. Let's just hope no-one ever finds out about this.
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