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Neighbours Episode 2816 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2816
Australian airdate: 24/03/97
UK airdate: 03/09/97
UK Gold: 22/08/03
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Tim telling Susan he is going home to his parents despite her protestations.
Billy and Anne comparing their attempts to forge her mum's signature
Lou telling Marlene that leopards don't always change their spots in connection with Darren.
Ramsay Street
Anne and Billy are on their way to school and he is reassuring her that the fake signature will work but Anne is still worried that she will be caught. They run into Lisa at the bottom and are almost overheard but manage to get off with it by changing track quickly. Susan offers them a lift to school but they reject it, preferring to continue worrying as they walk to school.
No. 30
Lisa enters with the phone bill and is stunned to find that the bill is $950 mainly made up with overseas calls. Sarah wants the bill to be paid equally but Lisa refuses to pay for the overseas ones but tells Sarah she'll continue the discussion after work when she sees the time.
No. 22
Lou comes down from the bedroom and isn't amused to see that Darren is feeding Lolly cake for breakfast. Darren tries to explain that some of the ingredients are healthy but this doesn't wash with Lou and they start to argue and Lou casts it up when Darren attempts to leave of him walking out on jobs, citing things he started but has given up on.
The Coffee Shop
Susan sees Tim enter the shop and heads over to the fridges where he is standing (to avoid her at the counter) and he rebuffs any form of conversation she tries to strike up, explaining he's put all his feelings down in a letter that is in her mailbox.
Anne has decided not to hand the note with the fake signature in, hoping instead that she can get another one that Ruth can sign but unknown to her, the envelope falls out of the bin she thought it had been placed in as they headed into school. Unfortunately a fellow pupil sees the envelope and picks it up…
Ramsay Street
Darren is still in a mood as he loads up the Ute for the day and asks Lisa if she's got any room at her place and is surprised when Lisa replies that he could move in to help with the bills but needs to talk to the others first.
Anne is now fretting about telling Lisa when she comes to see her, requesting a lunchtime date to discuss things and by the looks on Lisa's face it isn't going to be a friendly chat either!
The Coffee Shop
Karl arrives to have brekkie with Susan and hands over the mail including Tim's letter. She sends him to the counter to order while she reads the letter.
TIM: Dear Susan. It's too hard for me to say how I feel to your face anymore but I want you to know that I'm not giving up, I still love you.
Susan quickly hides the letter when Karl returns but he can guess something is up and Susan is forced to tell him about the letter from Tim but she doesn't go into detail about it much to Karl's annoyance. She decides to forfeit brekkie so she can get to school and deal with Tim.
Anne hasn't stopped fretting and tells Billy as they walk to class that she is history when she meets Lisa.
Susan tells Tim to enter the classroom and wastes no time in telling him straight – that as difficult as the letter may have been to write it has to stop, nothing in it is going to change things [the way she feels about Karl] and his feelings for her are not reciprocated. She reminds him that she has a job to do, and that she is his teacher and he her student nothing more and again repeats that there can't be any more letters.
The Coffee Shop
Lisa runs into Sarah when she is in for lunch and tells her she has found someone to move into the spare bedroom – Darren. Sarah is not amused telling Lisa that Darren is a creep and will move out if he moves in. Lisa wants to call a house meeting to vote on it but Sarah isn't changing her mind.
No. 22
Lou is packing Lolly's bag for crèche when Darren arrives home and he and Lou waste no time in arguing again. Darren plays his trump card though – he's moving into No. 22. Lou retaliates with the guilt trip of how Lolly and Marlene are going to feel about him moving out but Darren points out that he's only moving a few doors down, not interstate.
Lisa arrives and dishes out the punishment to Anne – she has to re-do the essay with only a pass or fail on offer as long as Ruth signs the new note that she has written for her. She also adds that she hopes they can put it all behind them once the punishment is done.
No. 28
Karl arrives home and asks if she got things sorted out with Tim. Susan doesn't want to go into details of what she told him but affirms that she has dealt with it. Karl isn't happy at Susan not telling him what is in the letter but their argument is interrupted when Billy and Anne enter the house.
No. 30
Lisa is still trying to get Darren moved in but Sarah is definitely standing firm when conveniently Darren comes round. Sarah is very cold when she lets Darren in and leaves it to Lisa to tell him that he can't move in.
No. 28
Karl is ready for round 2 with Susan when she returns with the shopping and is forced to tell him about the kiss and that she knew he'd blow it up out of all proportion if she'd said something earlier. The two of them “discuss” the letter although they deny fighting when Billy and Anne interrupt. In the end Karl decides he's had enough and walks out of the house.
Lou's Place
Karl comes in for a beer and a chance to unwind but before he can, Lou bends his ear about Darren and seems to take Karl's explanation of Darren (you always know where you stand with him – he's straight up with no second-guessing) to heart and makes him re-assess how he's been treating Darren of late.
No. 30
Hannah calls round to interview Sarah for a school project and Sarah seems happy to tell all.
No. 22
Lou and Lolly arrive home just as Darren comes down the stairs with his packed bag. Lou has obviously thought about what Karl said to him at the pub and asks Darren to stay to help raise Lolly, which he agrees too after they reach an agreement.
Ramsay Street
Karl spots Tim walking up the street and calls on the lad but he's got his walkman on and can't hear him, so he runs up to Tim and taps him on the arm to get his attention and pulls the earphones out of his ears.
KARL: I think its time you and I had a little chat.
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