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Neighbours Episode 2817 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2817
Australian airdate: 25/03/97
UK airdate: 04/09/97
UK Gold: 26/8/03
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lisa telling Anne about her new punishment.
Karl telling Tim he wants a word!
Ramsay Street
Tim is trying to deny anything happened between him and Susan but Karl reiterates that it is over and he was out of line. Karl is getting very hot headed now and Susan rushes over to stop them and when Phil pulls up in the car they act as if nothing has happened. That however doesn't last as Karl responds to Phil asking if everything is alright by saying that it isn't but he's going to let Tim explain it all. Tim decides to walk away though leaving Phil puzzled and a teary Susan asks that he tells her when Tim arrives home.
No. 28
Karl's mood hasn't simmered while he walked into his house and it leads to a full scale argument with Susan when she enters over Karl confronting Tim.
No. 32
Anne with Billy's help frantically tidies up the house to win brownie points in advance of telling Ruth about the essay fiasco. She nonchalantly tells Ruth what happened as if it was nothing but the look on Ruth's face suggest she isn't going to be won over!
No. 30
Sarah is showing Hannah photos of herself modelling as part of the interview and she has an idea to give Hannah the experience of what modelling is like by dressing up as one. Hannah is reluctant as she thinks she will still be a dag but Sarah isn't taking no for an answer and sends her home to get some shoes.
No. 26
Phil is relived to see Tim come home after he shot through and wants to know what happened with the Kennedy's but Tim isn't saying despite Phil trying to reassure him he has his full support. He is then surprised to hear Tim say he is leaving as his parents need him but Phil isn't believing that and tries to get him to open up but Tim heads to his room to pack asking that he says bye to Helen for him.
No. 32
Ruth is not amused at what Anne does and isn't mincing her words at her daughter and Anne isn't happy at the punishment she dishes out – grounded for a week and no seeing Billy outside of school hours.
No. 28
Phil comes round to talk to Susan about Tim and she is annoyed to find that Tim has packed and has left. Susan leaves to try and stop him at the station despite Karl not wanting her to go. Phil is standing bemused at what is going on and eventually asks.
KARL: Your star boarder is infatuated with my wife and he kissed her.
Phil is absolutely stunned at hearing this and Karl remarks that he hopes Tim has gone by the time Susan reaches the station.
No. 32
Phil is re-telling what happened at No. 28 to Ruth but they stop when Anne comes in for a drink. The atmosphere is very cordial and when she goes Ruth tells Phil what she did adding that it is so unlike Anne.
No. 30
Sarah and Lisa are dressing Hannah up and she looks really nice when she gets to look in the mirror. Hannah asks if she can show the dress off to Phil and Sarah agrees, asking that she gets a photo of herself too.
No. 28
Billy makes the mistake of asking where his mum is when he goes looking for a choccy biscuit and as Karl's temper still hasn't calmed down and tries to get rid of him by suggesting he visit Anne.
Susan arrives home with a face like thunder having missed Tim and Karl tries to shield Billy away from their conversation so he can apologise to Susan. She isn't happy at how things turned out and wants to go to where Tim is from and of course Karl is not happy. Billy begins to pester then to find out what is going on and Susan explains it in very broad terms – that Tim is having some problems and it will all be sorted out tomorrow.
No. 32
Anne tries buttering her mum up when she heads into the kitchen by saying she has done heaps on her essay and that she has learnt her lesson before asking if she can see Billy. Ruth wasn't born yesterday though and gives an instant “nope” back to her daughter. Anne asks how she'd like it not being allowed to see Phil but Ruth isn't budging and replies that he week ban will give her time to reflect and that he will still be there in a week.
ANNE: You're mean.
RUTH: I know. Go back to your cell I'll bring your porridge in to you.
ANNE: You're not funny.
No. 26
Susan pops round to apologise for Phil getting caught up in the middle of things and to ask for Tim's address. He hands it over to her and remarks that Tim is old enough to look after himself but Susan isn't changing her mind.
As she leaves, Hannah the model arrives home and isn't amused at Hannah's attire for someone so young. He tells her that she can keep the dress on but asks for her to remove some of the make up so she doesn't get pimples. Hannah wants to show herself off to Tim and he tells her about him suddenly going home and promises to talk more about it over dinner.
No. 28
Susan checks out a map and Karl is still bemused as to why she is going after him, saying that he needs to sort things out for himself. She isn't listening though as she exits the house but before she does, Karl asks if he is more than a student.
SUSAN: No Karl he's not. You couldn't be more wrong.
The penny seems to drop for Susan and she asks him if that is what is really worrying him but he doesn't answer, simply sits down at the table. “You are an awkward one at times” Susan tells him and with the hint of tears in his eyes he asks that she calls to let him know she has arrived.
Ramsay Street
Anne catches Billy outside on the sly as he plays basketball but Ruth has radar eyes and catches them, threatening to increase the ban to two weeks if they don't stop moaning. This has the desired effect as Billy slouches off home and she orders Anne inside.
Tim's house
Susan pulls up at the farm as Tim is chopping up some wood. They meet each other at the fence and Susan asks him to return to Erinsborough but Tim doesn't want to return because he's made an idiot of himself and isn't exactly Mr Popular. However, he hasn't bargained on Susan being so determined and she tells him that she can't allow him to throw away his education.
TIM: And what about us?
SUSAN: We have a friendship.
Tim tells her that he's never felt anything like this about someone before and can't sit in a classroom amongst his fellow pupils and pretend he feels nothing for her.
TIM: I don't care about school… all I want is you.
No. 30
Phil comes round to have a chat with Sarah about Hannah the model. While both agree she looked nice they are coming at it from different angles – Phil the concerned parent, Sarah the excited friend. Eventually it's Lisa who explains to her what Phil is meaning and Sarah apologises, promising it won't happen again.
Tim's house
Susan is admiring the view from the yard and Tim is explaining the farm to her. She tells him about growing up in the country until she went to teacher training college and speaks about how they lost the farm after her dad died and asks Tim how he'd feel about losing the farm if he gave up his schooling because of her. Tim now cites it is going to be too hard to come back but she has a go at him for his ‘giving up' attitude.
SUSAN: Don't do it Tim.
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