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Neighbours Episode 2818 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2818
Australian airdate: 26/03/97
UK airdate: 05/09/97
UK Gold: 27/08/03
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Jo asking if Toadie is doing the neighbourly chores for free, he is, and asking him to do another job for her.
Ruth telling Anne her punishment.
Susan telling Karl she is going to see Tim.
Susan asking Tim to return to school instead of giving up.
Ramsay Street
Lance is tinkering with some junk when a moping Anne comes into the kitchen to make some coffee. Toadie arrives to tell him that Jo has lined up a new job for them - mowing her lawn tomorrow. He is perplexed as to how he can end his volunteering for things without it being proved he wanted paid in the first place.
Anne can't help but ask Toadie what Billy is doing and he takes her to the window so she can replicate what Billy is doing - looking out his window.
No. 28
We then cut to No. 28 and can see that Toadie is winding Anne up as Billy is sat at the table doing homework although Karl asks him to clear his stuff away so the table can be set for dinner. Billy asks when Susan is coming home, soon, before quizzing his dad why Susan went to see Tim but Karl refuses to tell Billy why.
Ramsay Street
Susan drives her car into the driveway... with Tim in the passenger seat. They go to get Tim's things out of the boot and she assures him that he did make the right decision.
No. 28
Susan enters the house and Karl plays it very cool with her and she confirms that Tim is back. Karl asks the boys to go outside and check on Cassie so he can talk alone to Susan.
Finally alone, Susan explains that Tim was reluctant to come back because he is embarrassed about the whole thing. "So he should," remarks Karl which sets Susan off and she accuses him of being jealous of an 18 year old. Retaliating, he tells Susan that she gets too involved in this sorts of things and she reminds him that its just part of her job of being a teacher and thought he'd more respect for her job than that. Karl quickly backtracks and assures he that he does respect her job before she calmly tells him that he'd no reason at all to be jealous of Tim before saying that she loves him and would never do anything to jeopardise them.
No. 28 garage
Over a game of table tennis, the boys discuss Susan going to take Tim home and Toadie suggests to Billy that he's back to be Susan's toy boy!
No. 30
Toadie and Lance are round to do their latest task for Jo and when Lance suggests they deserve a better reward she concurs and agrees to give them something else. Jo swaps places with Toadie (heads into the kitchen to sort something out) and Toadie wants them to bail but Lance wants to stay given Jo's promise of a better reward. Jo comes back out of the kitchen and mentions that they deserve a better reward and hands them a bottle of pool cleaner... so they can clean the pool and have exclusive use of it while she is at work and Lisa and Sarah are on holiday.
No. 28
Billy asks Karl why he had to go outside last night, still bitter at being chucked out. Deciding to tell Billy the truth, he says that things are okay now but they weren't before. Billy asks if the rumours were true then - that Susan and Tim were having an affair. Karl quickly reassures him that isn't the case but tells him after he promises not to tell Toadie that Tim has a crush on his mum and that Tim kissed her. He then asks that no more is said about it as the case is closed.
No. 30
Toadie reports to Jo that the pool is clean and heads out as Lance comes into the kitchen. Lance is still miffed at them not getting paid but Toadie has other ideas - a party.
No. 32
Billy sneaks into see Anne and they hide in the utility room but Anne doesn't want to take the chance and throws Billy out.
No. 28
Susan shows off the results of her shopping trip and Billy is very nonchalant when he returns home, so Karl tells Susan that Billy knows everything. Susan reassures him its all been settled and Billy decides that the lure of his bedroom is too strong and heads off there, leaving Susan to remark that he obviously didn't take the news very well.
No. 32
Toadie is discussing party strategies on how to get a pash from a good looking babe although Lance is a bit sceptical that they will come. Anne comes through to tell them to be quiet so she can finish her essay and they tell her about the party before quizzing her on why Billy was round. She is quick to say that she threw him out but then gets an attack of the guilt when Toadie mentions that there is some heavy stuff going on at home and probably wanted a shoulder to cry on.
No. 28
Billy finally comes out of his room so Susan takes the opportunity to talk to her about Tim and to reassure him that he just got his wires crossed and didn't want anyone to get hurt or upset. He accepts Susan's reasoning's and upon answering the door, is surprised to see Anne who is round to apologise for throwing him out earlier when he wanted to talk and to reassure him that she will be there for him.
Ramsay Street
Toadie is still coming up with strategies but Lance knocks them back. Jo exits the house and confirms to the boys that they are free to use the pool after talking to Lisa and Sarah. She also says they can enter the house to use the bathroom but adds a further condition - only a couple of friends each.
No. 32
Billy is letting off steam to Anne by saying he isn't looking forward to seeing Tim every day at school after what he did. Despite agreeing with him, Anne says that he needs to forget about it but they go into emergency mode when they hear the front door opening and think that Ruth is home but its only Toadie and Lance.
No. 28
Susan tells Karl about her chat with Billy and that he is still being very Karl although he does sympathise with his son. She gets another opportunity to talk to her son when he arrives home ready to go and see Grandpa Tom with Karl but things are still tense between mother and son.
No. 32
Lance is fretting about the guest list following Jo's 'couple of friends each' condition to using the pool but Toadie is being very relaxed about the whole thing, reassuring him that everything is under control. Lance wants to ring round and tell people not to come but Toadie stops him as he has a plan - they rage as planned but just clear up before Jo comes home.
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