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Neighbours Episode 2819 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2819
Australian airdate: 27/03/97
UK airdate: 08/09/97
UK Gold: 28/08/03
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Vicki: Kelly Sulikowski
Kelly: Rebekah Dowd
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Debbie not happy at Darren measuring up for a quote while she is there.
Darren telling her she'll need to get used to him being around if he wins the contract.
Phil telling Karl about his allergy and being told to go use a cream.
Lance sceptical that Toadie's plan for the party will work.
Number 26
Debbie is in a mood because Hannah hasn't done the laundry and she has to wear a dirty shirt to work.
Helen tries to have a conversation with Phil but he's got his head buried in a magazine trying to work out the answer to his allergy. She suggests things that it could be but he rules them out so she tells him to make an appointment with Karl so he can be referred and talk to Ruth about it.
Number 30 backyard
Toadie sets up the Barbie and Lance wanders when the guests will turn up still worried about getting caught by Jo.
Vicki and Kelly turn up wondering where the other guests are and Toadie tells them to be patient, the rest are fashionably late! Toadie is already starting to get excited as he thinks the girls are onto them.
The Coffee Shop
Darren informs Debbie that he's got the contract for the renovations of the shop. She isn't exactly jumping for joy at the news and Darren suggests that she loses the agro since they're going to be working in each other's vicinity and an uneasy "truce" is fought out.
Number 30 backyard
The masses have turned up and Toadie informs them that nobody is allowed indoors without his permission.
Number 32
Phil finally manages to spit the words out and tell Ruth about his rash and that it only appears when he is with her. Ruth offers other possibilities as to what it could be including stress and suggest they spend a lazy relaxing day together and see what happens. She suggests that they do what friends of hers did - take an rowing boat out onto the lake - and Phil thinks it's a great idea.
Number 30 backyard
Lance is boring Vicki and Kelly about his visit to the dentist and Toadie suggests a dip in the pool but the girls tell him that he's to go in first as it may be cold. Toadie dives in and loses his swimmers and the ladies throw his shorts into the bushes after retrieving them from the water before he can.
The Coffee Shop
Phil and Ruth call in for supplies and run into Darren who tells him about winning the contract for the renovations. Debbie still isn't warming to having Darren around and thinks he applied for the job out of spite.
Number 30 backyard
With Toadie still stuck in the pool, Lance takes pity on him with a towel while the gathered decide to head inside the house. The boys get worried when they hear things being broken and Toadie sends Lance inside to see what is happening.
Phil and Ruth reach the lake and put themselves and their stuff into the boat and launch it into the water.
Number 30
The hoards are making themselves at home and Lance's pleas for everyone to leave are being ignored. Toadie finally joins him and tries to get the hoards to leave but they too ignore him.
Ruth is enjoying the peace and quiet of the lake but Phil isn't because he's itching. She stands up to get a better look of his rash and promptly loses her balance, falling into the water.
PHIL: Are you alright?
RUTH: What do you think!
Number 30
Toadie tries to get the hoards to move out of the house and is losing the battle. He spots Kelly wearing Jo's clothes and he finally loses his rag and orders everyone to leave, which they do but not before Kelly calls them losers.
The boys survey the mess that has been created before starting to clear it up, hoping to get it all done before Jo comes home and kills them!
Number 32
Phil offers to replace Ruth's clothes that got damaged when she fell in the water but she is still in a mood and orders him to leave in case his rash comes back. As he is leaving, he tells Ruth to keep the towel... Holly's towel but Ruth quickly throws it at him!
The Coffee Shop
Debbie plays things nice about Darren when Lou comes in for some change but the frosty atmosphere returns when he leaves.
Number 30
The house is looking a lot better than the last time we saw it and Toadie thinks it's clean enough but Lance thinks otherwise. He tells Toadie to sit and take the blame when Jo comes back but he's continuing. As if to prove a point, when Toadie checks the couch to see what mess is there, he finds some of Jo's private letters amongst the rubbish.
The Coffee Shop
Darren calls it a day as Debbie cashes up. Phil arrives and volunteers his help until Debbie's cover arrives. They chat about his boating adventures and Debbie notices that the $50 Lou gave her in exchange for the change is missing and her suspect is Darren.
DEBBIE: I've had enough of Darren. There's no way he's going to get off with stealing my money.
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