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Neighbours Episode 2820 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2820
Australian airdate: 28/03/97
UK airdate: 09/09/97
UK Gold: 29/08/03
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Nathan: Keili Olsen
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Toadie finding a stash of letters down the back of the couch.
Debbie finding that there is money missing from the till and thinks Darren has taken it.
Number 30
Lance and Toadie finish doing their chores for Jo and go to leave but she sends them outside to put away the chairs they left out.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie still has Darren in the frame for stealing the money and wants to call the police despite Phil trying to get her to do some investigating first before she phones since it could cause him big problems since he is on probation. She wants to know why he is sticking up for Darren and Phil points out that she has no evidence and suggests that she could be accused of running a vendetta against Darren.
PHIL: Its only $50. Let's try working it through without letting it get out of hand.
DEBBIE: No way. He's not going to get away with stealing my money.
Number 30
The boys report that the chairs are away but Jo is on the warpath because someone has been into her room but believes the story they tell her - that the girls they had over must have moved the top (how Jo knew someone had been in her room) when they were getting changed.
Number 22
Debbie and Phil arrive so she can talk to Darren. Darren comes into the livingroom and Debbie jumps straight in and accuses him of taking the money. He totally denies this and accuses her of setting him up and Lou calls time on their full scale argument. Despite his denials, Debbie leaves to go call the police and Phil runs after her to see if he can talk sense into her.
After Darren swears that he didn't take the money, Lou puts himself very much in Darren's corner when he wonders who will believe him.
Number 26
Helen joins in wondering if Debbie is 100% certain that Darren took the money but she is still adamant that he is guilty. Debbie wonders why everyone is suddenly on Darren's side when Phil stops her calling the police and begrudgingly agrees to wait until the morning before proceeding when Phil points out yet again that she has no evidence to prove it was Darren. She doesn't look too impressed when Helen suggests that she may have to give Darren the benefit of doubt.
Number 28
Toadie and Lance seem relived that they got away with their shortcuts in cleaning #28 but their hearts are in their mouth when someone knocks on the door. To their relief its Phil looking for Karl to solve a medical problem (his rash) but Karl is out with Susan. Toadie suggests looking at Karl's medical books and Phil leaves with one of them.
Number 26
Debbie heads off to bed still annoyed at the money going missing. Phil returns and he chats with Helen over Debbie's accusations and admits that he thinks that the money could just be misplaced and Debbie looking for a scapegoat since she hates Darren. Helen is shocked at him thinking such things and he apologises to her for thinking such things.
Number 26 (next day)
Debbie decides to tell Jo about the money missing and let her decide whether to call the police or not. Helen thinks that is a good idea as Jo will be more objective and when Debbie leaves to go tell Jo, Helen admits to Phil that leaving it up to Jo is an excellent idea. He agrees with her especially given the lack of evidence.
Changing subject totally, Phil tells her that he was up half the night reading Karl's medical books and that you can have allergies to anything... including other people! Helen is very sceptical and thinks it's an excuse because he is getting in very deep with Ruth and wonders if he wants to back out?
PHIL: This isn't psychosomatic; I really am allergic to her.
Helen tells him to go talk to Ruth so she doesn't have the same doubts.
Number 30
Debbie calls to tell Jo about the missing money but she wonders if Debbie has done a thorough search first. Debbie admits that she hasn't done that and they leave to go search although Debbie remarks that she thinks the search will be futile and the only place they'll find the missing $50 is in Darren's wallet!
Number 32
Phil brings over some hot scones to share with Ruth but denies her accusation that they are a peace offering. She wonders why he is over since he'll come out in spots. He tells her what he found out in Karl's books and Ruth remarks that they'll have to work out what it is she is wearing/using that he is allergic to although it may be a slow process of elimination.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie and Jo are hunting high and low in search of the missing $50 when some random guy calls her Jobie and adds that he is sorry he is not Bobo. Jo is puzzled at him using those names (BoBo is what she used to call Rob) and runs after the guy as Debbie continues the search and finds the missing money at the back of the till.
Lassiter's Complex
Jo runs after the guys to ask where he got the names from and he replies that he overheard some of the girls at her place after Toadie invited him to the pool party. He lets slip that the girls were looking at her clothes and found some letters & a photo which they were looking at.
Number 26
Helen tries her best not to gloat when Debbie tells her about finding the money and relived that she didn't call the police. Debbie is aghast when Helen tells her that she'll need to apologise to Darren and tells her to start practicing what she is gong to say.
Number 32
Phil and Ruth have been raiding the cupboards but not to find something to eat but to see what he is allergic to but nothing has reacted with him. Phil is beginning to that that he is right in that he is allergic to her but she points out that they've been together for ages and nothing has happened. Just to be on the safe side they decide to pash to see if there is any other sort of reaction!
Number 22
Debbie calls round to apologise to Darren. He suggests that she is more careful in future before throwing round allegations and has a right go at her for embarrassing him in front of his family and accusing her of never being wrong.
She fleas and Lou tells him that he was a bit rough with her. "What did she expect, a pat on the head?" Darren asks but Lou suggests that he apologises to her.
Lou's Place
Phil and Ruth are celebrating the good news happy that they can spend as much time together with each other. They celebrated a bit too soon though because Phil starts itching so they try to work out what it could be bar Ruth.
Ramsay Street
Jo catches up with Toadie and Lance annoyed at them for letting someone look through her things and making fun of the things that matter to her.
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