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Neighbours Episode 2821 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2821
Australian airdate: 31/03/97
UK airdate: 10/09/97
UK Gold: 01/09/03
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Alex: Nicholas Bowes
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Karl asking Susan about her trip to get Tim.
Jo annoyed at Toadie & Lance letting their guests look through her personal things.
Number 28
Billy still can't get his head around Susan going to take Tim back to Erinsborough but Libby tells him to get over it and to let it go. he then turns his attention to Toadie and tries not to gloat at him since he is feeling guilty about letting his guests look through Jo's private things.
Number 26
Helen tells Tim that she is glad he's reached some sort of understanding with Susan to allow him to come back and continue with his studies. She suggests to him too that he goes outside and gets some fresh air instead of being cooped up inside and reluctantly he heads out the front door.
Ramsay Street
Karl & Susan spot Tim leaving as they carry out some rubbish. They spot Lisa arriving home and she heads to talk to Anne who tells her about finishing re-writing her essay.
Back with the Kennedy's and Susan wonders how long the gossipmonger's will take to gossip about Tim but he tells her to repeat what she said to him - that she is just looking out for Tim's education.
Number 30
Lisa enters the house and between Jo and Sarah, is told about Toadie having the pool party and his guests looking through Jo's belongings and making fun of her letters from Rob. All 3 are suitably annoyed at both Lance and Toadie.
Number 28
With the essay finished, Anne pays Billy a visit and they head out glad to be able to go out together again.
"How can you let him do that to you" says Toadie when he enters the kitchen to find Karl & Susan pashing but retreats to his room upon finding that Billy is out with Anne. Karl suggests that they follow Toadie's example of getting some privacy and head off down the coast for a drive but a call from Mal stalls their plans.
Number 30
The girls try to cheer Jo up but she tells them to go out side and retreats to her room citing a migraine coming on. Lisa announces that its time that someone (her) lets Lance & Toadie know what their stunt has done and heads out of the house.
Number 28
Susan tells Libby about her conversation with Mal and that things are going well for him and Catherine in London. Karl wishes he'd been able to travel to Europe like his son but he was studying at the time.
Karl & Susan depart for their drive/picnic as Lisa arrives to talk to Toadie and she wastes no time in having a go at him for letting strangers invade their house and orders him to make things right with Jo. When she leaves, Toadie begs Libby for her help.
Number 28
Libby is round to talk to Lisa and Sarah about what Toadie did and to say that he does feel remorse. She explains that he hasn't called round because he knew they were angry and wouldn't listen. Both thank Libby for coming round and invite her out on a ladies night out to a nightclub.
The Coffee Shop
Billy and Anne talk about Tim and his crush on his mum and how it's going to be at school once it's out especially since Billy admits he wants to punch Tim. She asks him who he is worrying about - his mum or Tim and he replies a bit of both but Anne still thinks he's making it out to be more than it will be.
BILLY: I just wish mum had let him take off. It would have made it easier for everyone.
Lassiter's Complex
As he walks with Susan, Karl spots a notice on the surgery door saying that the doctor is moving to the other side of town.
Number 28
Susan wonders why Billy is down in the dumps and Anne jumps in to say it's because the holidays are just about finished. She then wonders why Karl has been making enquiries to find out why the doctor is moving away (she's bought a new house on the other side of town) but Libby coming out from her room smartly dressed up curtails their chat. Instead Karl turns his attention on his daughter trying to make her wear a jacket to cover up her modesty (not that the dress is that revealing!).
Number 26
Tim apologises for missing dinner to Helen and that Billy gave him a dirty look earlier when he was with Anne at the lake. Helen explains that Billy's attitude isn't surprising and Tim is beginning to wish he hadn't returned.
Number 28
Like Billy earlier, Susan is worried when Toadie doesn't finish his meal and even more so when he volunteers to do the dishes. Karl is assigned to dry them and as they do the dishes, Karl lets it be known that he knows about the pool party and Jo's letters. Toadie explains about being stuck in the pool due this shorts being lost and that it was too late to do anything by the time he'd got them back and out of the pool. Karl suggests paying Jo a visit after he's done the dishes to explain things especially since Lisa and Sarah won't be there.
Lou's Place
The ladies have given up on clubbing and are reassessing their plans but have a sudden urge to stay and play pool when a very cute looking guy walks past them to get a cue.
Number 30
Toadie again apologises to Jo and she rejects is offer to do something to make it up to her before going back to her bed.
Number 28
Karl has his head buried in his finances when Toadie returns having got nowhere with Jo but retreats to his room after Karl tells him to think of something to get Jo out of her doldrums.
Number 30
The ladies return from their night out pleased at meeting the cute guy although it turns out that the cute guy (Alex) gave them all his business card.
The Coffee Shop
Billy wants them to stay out longer but Anne says that they better get home and he totally blanks Tim when they pass on the way out despite Tim wanting to talk.
Number 28
Susan guesses what Karl is up to - he's interested in getting the lease for the surgery at Lassiter's again - and tells him to go for it.
Billy arrives home in a foul mood and his parents cajole him into revealing why - he's worried what will happen at school when news gets out about Tim's crush on Susan. Karl tells him that he'll have to defend his mum - she's a dedicated teacher who cares about her students. He then accuses Susan of caring more about Tim than himself, which she denies. Karl wonders what brought this all on.
BILLY: Everything. Tim doing what he did and mum wasting all her time on him. What about the rest of us?
Karl replies that Susan did what she thought was best at the time but that it's all over and done with.
BILLY: You reckon? Wait until it gets round at school, it hasn't even started.
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