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Neighbours Episode 2822 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2822
Australian airdate: 01/04/97
UK airdate: 11/09/97
UK Gold: 02/09/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Billy blanking Tim as they pass each other at the Coffee Shop door.
Lisa, Sarah and Libby realising that Alex had given them all his card.
Billy telling his parents that the Tim's return won't be kept quiet at school.
Number 30
The ladies are discussing Alex and his ego of trying to date all 3 of them without the others knowing. They agree not to see Alex again though and to make sure they each rip up his card and throw the shreds into the bin.
Number 28
Billy is still annoyed despite his parents trying to explain the situation to him. Susan explains that she made a judgement call not to involve the family. This just rifles him up and he stomps off to his bedroom asking if his feelings don't count, or at least not as much as Tim's.
Number 26
Tim tells Helen about how Billy treated him when he ran into him at TCS. "Not making things easy for you" says the observant Helen.
Number 30
It's the middle of the night and Lisa creeps to the bin to retrieve the ripped up bits of Alex's card.
Ramsay Street
Toadie gives Tim some stick (telling him that the personal ads are at the back of the paper he is reading) as they head to talk to Jo, trying to figure out what they can do to cheer her up. Lance mutters something about getting her a train ticket to somewhere and this sets off the cogs in Toadie's brain and he pulls his partner in crime away to find the nearest phone.
Number 30
Sarah repeats the same thing Lisa did in the middle of the night.
Number 28
Libby gives her dad the thumbs up when he tells her about going for the lease of the surgery at Lassiter's and Susan says she'll come with him to see the real estate agent.
Toadie comes off the phone having secured his plan for Jo but whatever it is he has planned is going to cost money, money he or Lance don't have but they have 8 hours to find it!
Lisa arrives to talk to Libby about their night out and tells her about retrieving Alex's card out of the bin. She asks Libby not to tell Sarah about it, which she agrees to even if she thinks it's not a good idea.
Lassiter's Complex
Its celebration time for the Kennedy's as they've just secured the lease for the surgery and they tell Lou about Karl's plans for it.
LOU: It's good to have you back Doc.
Number 28
Lance and Toadie are literally counting the coins to find the money for Jo's cheer up plan. Toadie decides to sell something to pay for it and begins with his Polaroid camera and some computer games.
Lassiter's Complex
The boys are despondent at the amount of money they got for Toadie's belongings and decide to ask Karl for the remaining $40.
The Coffee Shop
Sarah catches up with Libby at to ask what her opinions are of Alex and is told he is a sleazebag. Sarah thinks he was funny especially giving them all his card and confesses that she rescued his card and is going to call and asks for Libby to keep it quiet from Lisa.
Lassiter's Complex
Toadie turns on the charm to get the money from Karl and Susan and he hand over the $40 with instructions that it has to be paid back.
Number 26
Tim is telling Helen about the crack that Toadie made at him earlier. Helen says him not to let it get to him and that Susan will ignore anything coming her way when Tim expresses concern for her. She also suggests that he has a word with them so that the smart Alex remarks can stop.
Number 28
Tim ignores Billy saying that he is busy to talk to him but Tim isn't going without saying his bit. He apologises for what he did but reminds Billy that they are in the same class and asks that they can put it all behind them. Billy isn't in the mood for forgetting or forgiving especially when so many people know about it and tells Tim that it will be all round the school too.
Number 32
Billy asks Anne why Tim came to talk to him and mutters that she wishes Susan had put him into another class. Anne suggests that he talks to his mum and tells her his feelings. He confesses to her that he isn't looking forward to going back to school and sitting in the same class as someone who has the hots for his mother.
Number 30
Lisa makes her call to Alex but quickly hangs up when Libby & Sarah enter. Libby explains that she found out Sarah was planning on calling Alex too and so had to explain what Lisa was planning on doing. She reminds the pair of them that he is a sleaze and both Sarah & Lisa admit they feel stupid. To ensure that nobody calls Alex, Lisa sets the cards on fire!
Number 28
Whatever it is that Toadie has organised, its all bought and paid for and that Jo will love it. Billy hopes so although his words leave Lance having doubts about what they've organised.
Lassiter's Complex
The Kennedy's spot a lonely Tim having a cuppa and Susan can't resist going over to chat. She asks if he is ready for school tomorrow and Tim informs her that he isn't going back. Before leaving he thanks her for what he's done but the subject is closed. Susan wants to go after him to talk but Karl tells her to think about her family instead.
KARL: Just let him go.
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