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Neighbours Episode 2823 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2823
Australian airdate: 02/04/97
UK airdate: 12/09/97
UK Gold: 03/09/03
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tim Buckley: Dean Francis
Racing Car Driver: Marshall Brewer
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Toadie telling Lance that Jo will enjoy her present after Billy put doubts in his mind.
Phil's itch returning and sadly concurring that the itch only happens when he is with her.
Number 28
Karl is very sarcastic to Lance when he spots him again in the house and jokes that he should leave his key at reception when he leaves with Toadie. Karl's chat with Susan about getting the surgery up and running in a week is interrupted when Phil stops by to return a medical book on allergies that he borrowed. He takes the option to discuss the rash and Karl tells him to return if and when it comes back so that he can see it personally before referring him to a dermatologist.
Before Phil leaves, Susan lets him know that Tim is leaving to return to the farm, which is news to Phil.
Number 30
Toadie is aghast to find out that Jo doesn't want to go/do whatever the big surprise that Toadie has organised and no amount of persuasion works.
Number 26
Ruth and Hannah chat about Phil and his rash while she waits for him to return, and she jokes with Hannah that she's beginning to think that Phil wants her put into quarantine!
Phil arrives home and Ruth tells him about the PTA meeting that evening and she'll give him a lift later on.
Ruth leaves and he asks Tim about leaving. Tim confirms that he's leaving because he's had enough of everything else and this time his mind isn't being changed.
Number 28
Toadie returns home and tells the Kennedy's about Jo not accepting their pressie and moaning about losing all their money too since it was non-refundable.
Karl then spots another of the member of the Wilkinson family approaching (Anne) and his sarcasticness returns in abundance. She's round to borrow a book and while Billy goes to get it, they ask her about Billy because they are worried about him. Anne informs them about the run-in they had with Tim and Karl snaps, telling Anne that Billy will drop the book round later because he's fed up of everyone talking about Tim.
Number 26
Ruth arrives to pick Phil up for their PTA meeting and Hannah mentions that Phil has stopped itching before they leave.
Number 30
Karl pops round to try and get Jo to change her mind about accepting Toadie and Lance's pressie.
Number 28
Susan broaches the subject with Tim leaving with Billy as they do the dishes. She wants to know what he said to Tim that he is leaving and replies that he told him what he thought of him and adds that it isn't his fault if he can't accept the truth.
Karl arrives back with Jo to tell Toadie that she's accepted their pressie. He is over the moon that she is now going although she isn't chuffed to hear that they will be departing at 6.30am because they've got to get to school afterwards.
Calder Park race track
We find out what Jo's pressie is - a ride in a car going very fact around the Calder Park circuit although Jo is upset to find out that she'll be in the car instead of watching them!
Number 26
Phil is itching again and its driving him crazy, so he decides to go and see Karl even if it is early in the hope that he'll be referred to a specialist.
Calder Park
Jo is strapped into the car dressed in protective overalls and her car and another one head off onto the racetrack while an envious Lance and Toadie stand and watch.
Number 28
Karl is not amused with his early morning visitor but confirms that it is a rash and gets on the phone to arrange an appointment with a specialist for Phil later on that day.
While Karl was on the phone, Susan asks Phil about Tim and he tells her that his bags are all packed.
Calder Park
Jo seems to be enjoying herself as the cars speed round the circuit very fast!
Whilst watching, Lance remarks to Toadie that he always wanted to be a racing car driver when he was little.
TOADIE: And now you're older?
LANCE: An architect. How about you?
TOADIE: A fireman.
LANCE: And now you're older?
TOADIE: A fireman.
LANCE: Looks like you've still got a bit of growing up to do Toadie.
TOADIE: (laughing) Never!
Number 28
The Kennedy breakfast is interrupted by Tim arriving to return some books to Susan and Billy can't leave the house quick enough even though he hasn't finished eating. Susan apologises for her son and Tim says bye to the both of them.
Susan then quickly looks for a book so that she can say goodbye properly to Tim, despite Karl's protestations.
Ramsay Street
Susan catches Tim because she wanted to make sure that he didn't leave hating school and her because she knew how important it was to finish year 12 for him. "Thanks to you it still is" he replies and tells her that he's going to enrol in a school that is closer to the farm.
TIM: I don't regret coming here or meeting you and I'll always remember you.
"Fondly I hope" is Susan's reply, which he confirms, before she hands him a book that her favourite teachers gave her when she left school and thought it was time to pass onto someone else. Tim agrees to Susan's request for him to write to her so she knows what he is up to before they silently say goodbye.
Calder Park
Jo arrives back into the pits having finished her laps although Toadie seems more excited than she does but she volunteers to give them a lift to school once she gets changed out of the protective overalls.
Susan catches Billy as he arrives at school so they can clear the air but he doesn't want to talk any more about Tim. He explains that he wanted the support she seemed to give him although she points out that unlike Tim; he's got a family around him for support. "Tim was confused" is Susan's reply when he brings up the kiss and mentions his crush on Packo or Toadie's one on Sarah. "That's different mum" is Billy's reply but she says that it isn't and that he should have known Tim's kiss wouldn't have gone anywhere.
SUSAN: Billy, if I didn't involve you it's because I didn't want you to get hassle by something that had nothing to do with you. I want you to know how much I love you. You're my boy. I'd never ever do anything to hurt you, if I have I'm so sorry.
BILLY: Thanks mum.
Mother and son then share a hug before being interrupted by Toadie and Lance returning from the race track pleased to be back in Jo's good books.
Number 32
Phil arrives to tell Ruth about his visit with the specialist. Its confirmed that he does have a rash but nothing definite as to what it is and tells her that he is on a "brown rice and distilled water" diet to try and work out what it is. He also drops her a bombshell - that they shouldn't see each other for a while either to eliminate all possibilities.
PHIL: It's on the cards that you and I are allergic to one another.
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