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Neighbours Episode 2824 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2824
Australian airdate: 03/04/97
UK airdate: 15/09/97
UK Gold: 04/09/03
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tony: Raymond Marr
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Debbie apologising to Darren after she found the missing money.
Phil telling Ruth that they need to stay away from each other because it's likely they are allergic to each other.
The Coffee Shop
Phil tells Debbie about his visit to the specialist and the cleansing diet he's got to follow too (brown rice and distilled water). She points out the advantage of the diet - no more gut and tells him that he should stay away from TCS too.
Darren comes out of the kitchen to tell her he's to leave to get a piece of equipment and she admits to her dad that it hasn't been easy working with him after the money fiasco and wishes she'd never said anything.
Number 22
Lou is surprised to see Darren home and that he isn't working on his bus too. Darren points out that since he's been given a generous discount, he can't expect to get top priority against someone paying the full amount.
He is then further surprised to hear that Marlene is off too, to buy some church pews!
Number 32
Lance is still on a high after visiting Calder Park but is met by down in the dumps Ruth when he gets home from school. She tells him about the ban Phil has imposed over his rash but he gets a positive thing out of it - pizza from TCS for supper because she isn't in the mood to cook.
The Coffee Shop
In what seems a random scene, Darren apologises to Debbie for upsetting one of her customers in trying to get the job done as quickly as possible.
Number 22
Lou tells Marlene of his brainwave - he can use the pews for his bus and wants to go call about it then and there but she puts him off because the priest won't want to be interrupted while having his supper. She the comes up with a slogan for him too - A view from a pew.
The Coffee Shop
Darren gets permission to use his drill now the shop is closed. Debbie wants to get off home but Darren plans on working late to get the job done and sarcastically tells her to do an inventory and count the money unless she wants to stay all night and watch him work. Begrudgingly she agrees to leave him after he promises to make sure the doors are kept locked.
The waiting Hannah has a go at her too and tells her to let Darren get on with the job then he'll be out of her hair quicker.
HANNAH: Just grow up.
Number 26
Phil isn't exactly enjoying his supper when the girls come home with pizza. Debbie thanks Hannah for what she said at TCS and is going to treat him more civilly too although Hannah points out that it may not seem genuine if she goes overboard.
The girls have to restrain Phil from getting their pizza too when the smell (and the comparison of what he is eating) gets too much for him! Debbie also points out that the specialist said he wasn't banned from meeting people *cough* Ruth but Phil replies that he isn't sure if she is part of the problem or not.
Number 22
Lou has done the deal with the Father for the pews and they will be delivered to the pub tomorrow although Marlene moans that they will need to raise more money now to replace them.
Number 32
Ruth sends Lance off to school but wants a kiss first and then realises her son has an odour problem... thanks to the dog! She sends him off to put more deodorant on to cover the smell and when he mentions that he's been trying out the aftershave Uncle Steve sent, Ruth wonders if Phil is allergic to her perfume. She gets it out and dashes off to try it out on Phil!
Number 26
Phil's breakfast isn't enjoyable either and the girls rib him about their breakfast and tease him about the pizza they had last night before heading off to work/school respectively. Ruth arrives with the news that she thinks she knows what is causing Phil's rash and despite him being sceptical, agrees to let her spray some on his arm.
Ramsay Street
The pews have arrived and are being unloaded to the #22 front lawn.
Number 22
Lance hands over a letter to Marlene that was delivered to the wrong address and enquires about the pews being delivered. Marlene is surprised - the pews were meant to go to the pub. Marlene has no idea how she'll get them down to the pub now.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie arrives to find water on the floor and accuses Darren of being responsible. He initially refutes this but then admits his guilt when he realises that he took the plug for the freezer out to use his drill. Debbie berates Darren and tells her to stop hassling her generally - the loss of the food will cost her a fortune.
The Pub
Lou is on the phone doing a deal on a sander so he can work on the pews when they arrive. Marlene breaks the news that the pews are on Ramsay Street. She suggests he goes home and orders a delivery van to bring them to the pub.
Darren comes in with a face like a wet weekend and tells Marlene and Lou what happened with the freezer at the Coffee Shop. Marlene tells Darren that he's got to find a way to get along with Debbie.
Phil and Ruth are waiting to see if Phil becomes allergic to the perfume. Debbie comes in with a box full of food to put in the fridge. She can't sell it under the law, so she's brought it all home for them. She frantically piles food into the fridge and then dashes off again.
Suddenly Phil jumps in joy - a rash has appeared on his arm! He and Ruth hug in joy!
Coffee Shop
Marlene has come to see Debbie about the food and to see if there's anything she can do to help. She says that Darren is terribly sorry.
Number 26
Phil and Ruth are celebrating the perfume discovery. Phil picks Ruth up and carries her off saying he's going to be "all over her like a rash"!
Coffee Shop
Darren is carrying on with his work. Debbie is still in a really, really bad mood with him. Also she's not impressed that Marlene spoke on Darren's behalf. She tells him to finish the work he's been paid for as quick as he can and get out. Darren is annoyed to find out that Marlene has been to talk to Debbie about him and tells it bluntly to her - she is the last client that he'd ever want to work for.
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