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Neighbours Episode 2825 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2825
Australian airdate: 04/04/97
UK airdate: 16/09/97
UK Gold: 05/09/03
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Scavenger: Roger O'Connor
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Marlene telling Lou to get the pews shifted from Ramsay Street to the pub.
Phil relived to have the source of the itch worked out.
Darren telling Debbie scoring points off each other.
Ramsay Street
Phil is relived to have found the source of his itch and that it means the end of his brown rice diet too. They run into Lou and his pew problem... they've now disappeared!
Lou's Place
Darren arrives to tell Marlene to stop fighting his battles for him! Marlene says she was just trying to help him but he reminds her that he is old enough to do that now.
Number 22/Lou's Place
Lou calls Marlene to check where she left the pews (on the nature strip) and that they aren't there now. She confirms that they haven't arrived at the pub either.
The Coffee Shop
Darren and Debbie kiss and make up and offers to make a coffee for him because she is having one too.
Lou's Place
Lou is trying to find out what has happened to his pews but is getting passed from pillar to post to whoever it is he is talking to on the phone and eventually hangs up to go visit the council personally.
Ramsay Street
Phil and Ruth are stuck like glue to each other, still relived to have found the source of Phil's rash as they make their way home.
Lou is back from the council having got no joy there and spots a scavenger looking through some junk and Lou asks him about them and agrees with the bloke - whoever took them has make a killing.
The Coffee Shop
Darren is helping Debbie clean up and suggests that the excess food is taken to a homeless hostel since it can't be re-frozen and even volunteers to take it there himself.
Number 26
Ruth finally decides to leave Phil's side although Debbie thinks it's a conspiracy theory because she is making a cake although does ask to keep her a slice for when she comes back tomorrow.
Helen hands Phil an invite to a book launch that arrived in the post although he isn't exactly enthralled about going.
When Phil leaves, Hannah asks Helen if she thinks Phil + Ruth will get married and if that happens would Lance + Anne move in too. Helen puzzles her when she replies that it's more than likely to be the other way around but Hannah thinks Debbie wouldn't go for that one. It then dawns on her what would happen to Helen but she avoids answering the question and sends Debbie off to tidy up the kitchen.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie thanks Darren for his suggestion of where to take the excess food and continue to resolve their differences with each other until she brings up his criminal conviction but they seem to get back on track when they talk about their lost loves.
DARREN: These grudges of yours, how long do they normally last?
DEBBIE: Until someone talks me out of it.
Lou's Place
Lou tells Marlene why he thinks the pews have disappeared - in the hard rubbish collection - and he sends her off home so he can cool down whilst working.
Ramsay Street
Hannah gives Ruth some of the cake she made and let's drop that Phil is off to a book launch and what is she going to wear to it but this is news to Ruth.
Number 26
A tired Debbie is relived to get home after a busy day at work and tells them about Darren helping her sort out the fridge problem, almost having to backtrack on what she said previously.
Phil and Helen are both relieved to hear that she is sorting things out with Darren although both admit that they'd never thought they'd see the day! Debbie gets a huge smile on her face when Phil admits to her that she is coping better with TCS than he thought she would have although Debbie wonders if Helen put him up to it! "No she didn't" he replies and father + daughter share a hug.
Number 26 (next day)
Ruth arrives to try and get her official invite for the book launch but Phil doesn't mention it and hurries off to get to an appointment.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie and Darren share breakfast together and he tells her about being behind with the bus renovations and puts forward a suggestion to her to help him get through her job quicker - partially close TCS so that she only serves outside so that he has free reign to do the necessaries inside. She is reluctant but given the favourable weather forecast she agrees as long as it is for no more than 2 weeks.
Number 26
Helen enquires from Ruth about what is up - she mentions the book launch and that she hasn't been invited to go with him. Ruth admits that she thought they were more than "occasional friends" and adds that its all or nothing with her, which Phil should already know.
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