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Neighbours Episode 2826 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2826
Australian airdate: 07/04/97
UK airdate: 17/09/97
UK Gold: 08/09/03
Writer: Rick Held
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Wayne Peterson: Andrew Wall
Beach Babe No.1: Alexandra Graf
Beach Babe No.2: Sharee Clancy
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Hannah telling Ruth about the book launch Phil has been invited to.
Darren suggesting to Debbie a partial closure of TCS to get the renovations done quicker.
Ruth admitting to Helen that she knows about the invite to the book launch and wonders if Phil only sees her as an occasional friend.
Lassiter's Complex
In the background, Darren is moving tables outside as part of his plan to get the renovations done quicker. Meanwhile, at one of the tables, Billy and Anne are bored of the holidays already and Billy suggests they to go to the beach although Anne still has bad memories of their last trip there but agrees as long as it's just the two of them.
Marlene spots Darren moving furniture so he tells her of his plan and that he hires someone when Darren mentioned that he could do with some help.
Number 28
Billy is getting his things ready for the beach when Toadie arrives home and decides to go with them. Anne is not amused and tells Billy to sort it while she goes home to get her things. However, when Toadie tells him about a letter from Melissa and that he feels so welcome hanging out with the two of them, unlike when he dated Melissa, Billy doesn't have the heart to tell him that he can't come.
Number 32
Hannah pops by to say that she is bored and she even entered a short story competition in the paper! She also tells Anne about Ruth's "invite" to the book launch which is news to Anne.
Number 26
Ruth says bye to Helen and runs into Phil on the way out when he arrives home from work but plays things very cool and turns down his invite to stay for a cuppa.
"Is it me or is it cold in here?" Phil asks but she doesn't rise to the bait, instead asking him if he's changed his mind about inviting Ruth to the book launch but he hasn't because it will only bore Ruth. His attention is drawn though to a notice threatening cutting off their gas!
Number 32
Ruth arrives home and spots Anne getting ready to head to the beach. Anne mentions the book launch but Ruth just about bites her head off before retreating to her room.
Billy arrives with news that Toadie is coming and two seconds later he arrives going on about how great it is that he can hang out with the two of them. Neither of them can pluck up the courage to tell Toadie he isn't welcome.
The Coffee Shop
Darren is hard at work when Wayne, his ex cellmate, arrives to accept Darren's job although Darren asks that they keep their past quiet. He introduces Wayne to Debbie when she comes in hunting for table brollies and suggests she talks to Marlene.
Lou's Place
Debbie calls to collect the brollies, which Marlene is happy to lend for a couple of weeks. She also tells Marlene about Darren's new help and she knows immediately who he is and does her best not to say where Darren knows Wayne from although she isn't exactly very subtle.
Number 32
Phil calls by to invite Ruth out the following night but gets the knock back and from another date he suggests. Ruth plays it very cool with him and he heads home a bit puzzled.
We get a lovely montage of one of Melbourne's beaches and the type of people who hang out there (and what they can do) before we finally cut to the trio arriving at the beach and setting their towels up.
Toadie isn't exactly very popular with Anne and heads off for a swim with Billy reluctantly following him. On route, they talk about the letter from Melissa with Billy warning him that he is dead if he dares mention them to Anne.
Lou's Place
Darren tries to get a late lunch for himself and Wayne. Marlene reminds him that lunches are now finished and that she isn't amused at Wayne working with him (Wayne went to get a table leaving Darren to head to the bar) but relents somewhat after Darren explains that he is now setting Wayne a good example and others deserve the same support too. This quietens Marlene down and she goes off to see if there is anything left for them.
The duo return and Anne is annoyed when Toadie drips water onto her so he decides to head off to get some ice-cream. Anne then moans at their day being ruined by Toadie being there but Billy tries to win her round by having a pash session while Toadie is away.
Number 26
Marlene calls by to talk to Helen about Darren and his new work-mate... his ex-cell mate. Helen reminds her about telling everyone to give Darren a fair go when he was released, which causes Marlene not to have a leg to stand on and tells her not to treat Darren like his keeper or she risks losing him.
The Coffee Shop
Debbie offers Wayne a cold drink and while taking the break, Wayne comes clean over how he knows Darren because he didn't want to lie to her. Debbie is surprisingly quite cool about it and heads off back to work in the kitchen as Darren comes in with some bad news - the price of the materials has increased by $5 and because he under-bid for the work, doesn't have the cash (and they won't give him credit) to pay the extra money now required.
Number 26
As Phil irons is clothes for the book launch, Helen decides to break Ruth's promise and to tell him that Ruth knows about the book launch and is upset at not being invited hence the coldness earlier. Phil wishes she'd said something and now is going to keep the silly games up because Ruth didn't want to talk about it and admits he isn't sure if that is a side of her that he likes.
Anne and Billy are trying to sunbath but Toadie is more interested in babe spotting and when he accidentally gets Billy into it too. Anne now decides she has had enough and decides to leave. Billy runs after her to change her mind and accidentally calls her 'Melissa'.
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