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Neighbours Episode 2827 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2827
Australian airdate: 08/04/97
UK airdate: 18/09/97
UK Gold: 9/9/03
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Wayne Peterson: Andrew Wall
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Toadie telling Billy he has a letter from Melissa, who is annoyed at finding Toadie opened it first.
Darren finding out that the materials are now going to cost $5k more and he doesn't have the additional money.
Billy calling Anne 'Melissa' by mistake.
Lou's Place
Marlene moans that her feet is killing her when Lou gets behind the bar to pour some drinks and ignores her call for shorter shifts and more staff.
Debbie comes into meet Darren as requested and he tells her about the materials going to cost more and underbidding for the job and thought she should know. Wayne volunteers to quit but Darren rejects that and wonders if talking to the supplier again (to delay payment but add on some interest) may work.
Number 32
Lance spots Anne is in a foul mood and gets her to tell him about it, which she does, and he laughs when she mentioned being called Melissa. That doesn't go down very well!
Lou's Place
Karl and Susan call in for a bottle of wine and ropes Lou into doing it out of protest that her feet are sore and she is almost finished her shift. They chat about the surgery being open soon and that a receptionist is needed too. Marlene mentions that she used to be a doctors receptionist and Susan adds that she so can see her behind a desk in the surgery. Thankfully Lou arriving with the bottle of wine means he can escape although the look on Marlene's face suggests that she is now the new receptionist!
Number 28
Billy's day gets worse when he has a spilt OJ accident and finally tells Toadie that he wasn't welcome at the beach. Thankfully Karl and Susan's arrival home stops their arguing as both boys head to their rooms but instead Karl moans to Susan about her inviting Marlene to be his receptionist.
Number 32
Billy calls round and apologies for the crap time Anne had at the beach. He admits that he isn't sure why he called her Melissa but then when pushed, suggests that because he fought a lot with Melissa before breaking up with her, and they too had been arguing, it just slipped out but reassures her that she is the only girl in his life. Anne forgives him on condition it doesn't happen again.
Lassiter's Complex
Wayne banters with Debbie as he helps her set up for the day. Darren gives them the bad news - the supplier isn't going to give them the materials without the money.
Number 22
Lou remarks to Marlene that she is going to be busy with her new job and the shifts at the pub, so she drops it that she will be giving up the pub shifts. Lou is not amused although Marlene points out that he can give extra shifts to Sarah and the punters won't miss the new pretty face either! Marlene argues another point too - it gives more stability to Lolly too and he reluctantly agrees to let her go.
Lassiter's Complex
Susan decides to talk to Toadie about the fight with Billy - he is still narked at not not being invited to the beach with them. She tries to explain that it isn't easy to tell someone to get lost and he decides to head home to talk with Anne.
Debbie spots Darren trying to find a solution and suggests that he contacts the landlord and appeal for more money.
Number 32
Toadie asks Lance to leave so he can talk to Anne, which he reluctantly does.
He apologies for ruining her day but makes the point that nobody told him he wasn't wanted and would appreciate being told if it happens again in the future. Toadie also mentions Melissa but doesn't let slip about the letters although does say that she has been hassling him although nothing for her to worry about.
Number 28
Susan denies trying to interfere in Karl's running of the surgery but she can't see why Marlene can't be his receptionist although fails to come up with a decent argument as to why not.
Anne calls by to get the low down on Melissa following her chat with Toadie. She is shocked to find out she has been writing to him and asks to read them, which he reluctantly allows her to.
Lassiter's Complex
Susan and Karl are bringing things to the surgery when Lou stops them to express his annoyance at Marlene being poached from him to be his new receptionist. "Would you look at what you've done now" Karl tells Susan and Lou adds that he'd better go and sort it out with Marlene then because she thinks everything is settled.
The Coffee Shop
Darren is still trying to find a solution to his problem but is getting nowhere. Wayne offers him a solution - a friend of a friend can get the materials he needs.
DARREN: How hot?
WAYNE: Pretty warm. Look I know you don't want to go back into all that again but what options have you got?
Number 28
Anne finishes reading Melissa's letters and asks if he has written back, he hasn't, but she obviously hasn't taken the hint. She then demands that she phone her and he promises to do so but she tells him to do so now!
Number 22
Marlene wishes that she could help Darren out of his financial mess but its all tied up and can only lend him a couple of thousand dollars at most immediately. She suggests he approaches the bank for a loan since he is supposed to be a business man after all and he agrees to try her suggestion.
Karl arrives and before he can get a word in, Marlene shows him things she has bought to wear as a uniform and she has even bought lollies too.
Susan ropes Toadie into lending a hand because he's redundant since Billy is with Anne sorting things out. Karl comes in in a foul mood muttering that Marlene starts next week when Susan asks how he got on with talking to her as he enters the surgery.
Number 28
Billy has called Melissa but arranges a meeting with her instead of telling her over the phone - he's going to visit her tomorrow but reassures Anne that he won't be getting back together with her.
ANNE: Please don't go. For me?
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