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Neighbours Episode 8901 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8901
Australian airdate: 28/07/2022
UK airdate: 29/07/2022
Writer: Shane Isheev
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Mike Young: Guy Pearce
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Shane Ramsay: Peter O'Brien
Joel Samuels: Daniel MacPherson
Isabelle Hoyland: Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Kyle Canning: Chris Milligan
Malcolm Kennedy: Benjie McNair
Callum Rebecchi: Morgan BakerSam Young: Henrietta Graham
Guy Pearce Stunt Double: Adam Kanngieser
- "Hold My Heart" by Kristofer Greczula
- "- You Wont Stop Us" by Little Barrie
- "- In Line" by BMG Production Music UK
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
This episode aired as the first part of a triple- length finale in Australia on Thursday 28 July, and as a standalone episode in the UK in the daytime of Friday 29 July. As such, its opening differed depending on the country it aired in.
Recap voiced by Stefan Dennis (Australian broadcast)
We see an overhead shot of the street, then a young Paul reading on the couch at No 26, opposite dad Jim and gran Helen.
VOICEOVER: Ramsay Street. It's just an ordinary street in an ordinary neighbourhood...
Vintage footage follows of Shane, Madge and Max Ramsay enjoying breakfast together; followed by a young Jane kissing Mike Young; and Scott and Charlene Robinson kissing on their wedding day.
VOICEOVER: ... where extraordinary things happen.
Footage of Bouncer's dream, and the Coffee Shop blowing up! We then see Susan issuing Karl with the famous slap, and someone opening the Ramsay Street history book.
VOICEOVER: All that history. But what does it mean if most of the street is no more?
Next we see David, Aaron, Nicolette and Jane looking at the 'for sale' sign outside No 32, and Karl and Susan looking horrified to see that all the houses in the street except theirs are up for sale.
VOICEOVER: Are the Kennedys really gonna be left behind?
TOADIE (to Melanie): Can't stop thinking about Karl and Susan's faces.
We then move to footage of Terese and Paul's wedding day in 2019.
VOICEOVER: Time is running out for everyone.
TERESE (to Paul): So you'd let me win?
PAUL (choking up): Letting you go.
We move to Roxy telling Paul...
ROXY: It's not over between you two.
Next, footage of Harold's return, and Malcolm and Izzy in their hotel room.
VOICEOVER: With familiar faces, everything old is new again...
SHANE (to Izzy): Brunch?
IZZY: Sure. But only because you're paying.
We see Izzy and Shane pashing in his car, and Kyle watching them as she leaves. Then we cut to footage of Elly turning up on Chloe's doorstep, and Chris and Annie's recent arrival.
VOICEOVER: If the residents have learned anything over the years...
Footage of Nicolette and Kiri realising their new romance is to be cut short, and Toadie's second, successful proposal to Melanie.
VOICEOVER: ... it's, you never know what's around the corner.
A very short titles sequence follows on the Australian broadcast, featuring Bonnie Anderson's theme truncated to just the word 'Neighbours' - and comprising short clips containing the Neighbours logo from numerous titles sequences through the ages, ending with the final shot from the current opening titles.
Previously (UK broadcast)
- Karl tells Clive forgiveness is always possible, and sometimes comes when you least expect it
- Jane admits she still cares about Clive, and doesn't rule out the possibility of a reunion
- Amy tells Toadie she thinks it's time that she and Zara moved out
- Amy tearfully admits to Toadie that she thinks of him as more than a friend
- Toadie tells Melanie that Amy has done a runner, having boarded a flight to Cairns
- Izzy is instantly taken with Shane when she sees the calibre of expensive car he's considering buying
- Shane asks for Izzy to give him some pointers in making his choice; she says she'd love to
- Later, Izzy agrees to brunch with Shane, as long as he's paying
- They share a sneaky pash at the wheel of his car, but Kyle has seen everything...
In the UK, the title card that we have been seeing over the past fortnight follows, in lieu of opening credits.
No 28
Susan is pleasantly surprised to see that Malcolm has come round for lunch with her and Karl.
SUSAN: No Isabelle?
MALCOLM: No, I wanted to have some family time. Just us.
SUSAN: Lovely!
While Susan sits at the table to go through some wedding admin, Karl whispers to Malcolm in the kitchen that it was thoughtful of him to come on his own.
MALCOLM: I wanted to show you guys that my relationship with you is important to me. But so is Izzy.
Jane turns up for a word with Susan, and Karl and Malcolm make themselves scarce. Jane admits she's 'all over the shop' today.
JANE: Nicolette and the boys won't stop talking about New York, and I'm missing Byron. And I just don't know what to do - how to fix this mess with Clive.
SUSAN: Do you want to fix it?
JANE: Depends what day you ask. One minute, I think I am close to forgiving him. And then the next, I just have this block.
SUSAN: Yeah. I've been there. More than once. There's no easy answer; I think you've just got to follow your heart and see where it leads.
Lassiter's Complex
Shane and Clive cross paths in the courtyard, and Shane remarks that Clive looks pleased with himself. Clive explains it's because today's the day he's planning to get back on track with Jane.
SHANE: She's forgiven you?
CLIVE: Not yet. But we are making progress, and I have been reflecting on relationships (...)
SHANE: What's the next step, then?
CLIVE: Call it a change in strategy. I think Jane is really gonna appreciate this.
SHANE: Well done. At least one of us is having some luck with the ladies.
But Shane declines to elaborate, instead asking Clive what his plan is.
CLIVE: Okay, so, back in the day...
As the pair walk off talking, Izzy watches them sombrely from the other side of the complex. Levi turns up, telling Izzy it's her turn to contribute to the Ramsay Street history book. Izzy tries to wriggle out of it, asking if they can do it tomorrow instead, but Levi says he's busy then. Izzy snatches the book off him tetchily, and carries it off, saying she'll return it to him later.
No 30
Toadie's son Callum ('Squid') has arrived for the wedding, and Toadie greets him with a hug. Toadie's got loads to organise for the wedding still, and Callum asks what he can do to help.
TOADIE: Nothing! Mate, you just got off a sixteen- hour flight!
CALLUM: Yeah, the jetlag hasn't even kicked in yet. Put me to work!
Melanie says she could do with a hand, so Toadie gives Callum another hug...
CALLUM: Okay, enough of the mushy stuff!
... then rushes out of the house to get on with his own prep, leaving Callum with Mel.
CALLUM: Oh, actually, while it's just us - I've got something for you.
He gives her a small giftwrapped box. Inside is a glass pig!
CALLUM: Do you like it? Dad said you were really into pigs.
MELANIE (emotional): Oh, Cal. It's perfect!
CALLUM: Think of it as being my way of welcoming you into the family.
Melanie thanks him, and gives him a hug.
Ramsay Street
Jane is walking up the driveway to No 32, when a man in a gorilla- suit leaps out from the front garden!
JANE (backing away slightly): Clive? Is that you?
Clive immediately launches into a rhyme!
CLIVE: There's nothing plain about my girl Jane,
The most beautiful woman I know.
And if you have her in your world,
You should never let her go.
Jane smiles, evidently a little placated by the grand gesture.
CLIVE: The biggest heart, the biggest smile,
Everyone agrees.
And when I look into her eyes,
I go weak at the knees.
He kneels down and presents her with a rose. But at this moment, a leather- clad motorcyclist speeds into Ramsay Street, distracting Jane as he flies by, while throwing Clive off his spiel and forcing him to shout the next verse of his gorillagram.
CLIVE: If she gives me one more chance,
I... I promise for the rest of my days,
That I will make my life's mission this -
To shower her with love and praise.
But Jane's attention is on the biker, who has now U- turned and has pulled up at the end of the drive, revving his engine loudly.
CLIVE (to the biker): Do you mind?!
The motorbike speeds off again, but as Clive attempts to resume his gesture and spits out fake gorilla hair that he's got in his mouth, it's clear something about the encounter with the biker has rattled Jane.
Lassiter's Hotel
In her room, Izzy opens the Ramsay Street history book, and begins turning the pages. Among those we see are pictures of Dorothy Burke, Toby Mangel and Bouncer; a page dedicated to the late Todd Landers, including a photo of him with Phoebe Bright and a dedication from his aunt Beverly Marshall; a picture of Beth Brennan with Lucy Robinson; pictures of Annalise Hartman, one with Sam Kratz, and one on her wedding day to Mark Gottlieb; and a page dedicated to Lou Carpenter, including an image of Harold holding fingers up behind Lou's head!
Izzy then reaches a page about the Kennedy family, including a promotional sticker for The Right Prescription, and images of a much younger Karl and Susan with Malcolm and their other kids, Libby and Billy. Izzy reads an entry that Karl has written.
KARL (voiceover): When I think about my time on Ramsay Street, I can't help but think of the mistakes I've made. It hasn't all been happy memories.
Izzy's attention moves to a photo of her own family on the opposite page - she's pictured with brother Max, his wife Steph, and his kids Boyd and Summer. There is also a picture of Izzy with Paul, his daughter Elle, and Dylan Timmins. Izzy is becoming tearful as she looks back at the Kennedy page, and a photo of Karl and Susan smiling with Audrey the dog.
KARL (voiceover): There was a time I thought I'd never get back to the life I lost. But that's the thing about bad times - you can always learn from them.
Izzy can't hold back the tears now, seemingly lost in a sea of nostalgia and emotion.
KARL (voiceover): If you're ever in doubt, I say, read this book. It might tell you more about yourself than you expect.
Ramsay Street
Toadie has picked up his wedding suit, and is chatting with Karl and Susan next to the 'for sale' sign outside No 30.
KARL: It's a big change after all these years.
TOADIE: Yeah. To be honest, I'm actually a bit worried about you guys.
SUSAN: Oh, no, Toadie, we're fine. Really.
He heads indoors to start sorting out junk before the first house viewings. Kyle and Levi come along the street, and the Kennedys greet them.
LEVI (to Kyle): Are you gonna tell them?
SUSAN: Tell us what?
KYLE: ... It's Izzy.
Susan and Karl exchange a 'not again' glance...
Lassiter's Complex
The motorcyclist we saw earlier on Ramsay Street pulls into the car park, and parks up. Shane is on the phone nearby.
SHANE (on phone): You won't get a better offer than that, Chloe. The house means a lot to me... Thanks. Look forward to your call.
As he finishes up the call, he watches the motorcyclist with interest, who is walking towards the hotel as he removes his helmet. When he does, a flash of recognition crosses Shane's face; although we can't clearly see the biker's identity yet, just the back of his head as he walks into the hotel.
Lassiter's Hotel
In the office, Sam is asking Paul if she'll be able to keep her job when the hotel is sold to Shane. Paul assures her that he believes so - Shane knows she's a very good worker. Sam gets a message on her phone, and tells Paul that her dad is here.
PAUL: Oh, Sam, I don't have time to deal with an overprotective father right now.
There's a knock at the door.
SAM: That's him.
PAUL: Alright, well, just take him on a tour of the hotel. Tell him I'm too busy to talk.
Paul starts pretending to dictate a message to Lucy into a dictation device about the hotel sale, so as not to have to speak to Sam's dad. But her dad then walks into the room - the biker, who we can now see is former Ramsay Street resident Mike Young!
MIKE: Nice try, Robinson. You can't palm me off that easily.
Mike smiles, as does Paul as recognition kicks in...
Meanwhile, Malcolm and Izzy are in their room when Karl and Susan turn up. Izzy is sitting on the bed, looking contrite.
SUSAN (to Izzy): Well, I knew it would happen. But this has got to be a record, even for you!
SUSAN: Well, do you want to tell him, or shall I?
MALCOLM: I already know. We've broken up.
SUSAN (to Izzy, surprised): You've confessed?
MALCOLM (to Karl and Susan): How did you know?
KARL: Kyle saw Izzy with Shane.
SUSAN (to Izzy): Right. So you knew you were sprung, and decided to get in first.
IZZY (emotional): I didn't understand it, at first.
She gestures to the history book.
IZZY: And then I read this, and it became clear. Your story, my story... it goes a bit deeper than that.
KARL: Is this like the last time? Is this you trying to recreate some sort of romanticised version of the past?!
IZZY (tearful, to Karl and Susan): ... I don't want you. But I... I do want your love, and your... your acceptance.
SUSAN: Why?!
IZZY: You are Karl and Susan Kennedy. And I just - I guess I just thought that if... if people saw you accepting me, then they would think *I* was worthy!
SUSAN: So, you used our son - to what, to bolster your self- esteem?
IZZY: I wanted a reason to come back. (to Mal) I thought it was love. I'm so sorry, Mal, I -
MALCOLM (disgusted): Just don't.
IZZY: The fact that I even gave Shane a second look... means I wasn't as invested as I should've been.
SUSAN: Well, you are *not* getting my approval.
IZZY: I know. I'll, umm... I'll get out of your way.
Izzy picks up the Ramsay Street history book, and walks out.
MALCOLM: Say it. 'I told you so.'
But Karl and Susan just give Malcolm a hug instead.
Back in the office, Paul, Mike and Sam are having a chat.
PAUL: Sam Young, of course - I didn't even make the connection.
MIKE: Well, that was intentional. (To Sam) You didn't want me sticking my nose in, trying to get you a job here, did you?
SAM: No.
PAUL: I didn't even know you'd moved back to Melbourne.
MIKE: Yeah, we moved back a couple of months ago.
PAUL: We? Is there a Mrs Young?
MIKE: Uh, not anymore. We're divorced.
SAM: But everyone's friends.
MIKE: Everyone is friends, that's right. Rose, Sam's mum, she's still in WA. But the job means she can come back and forth, so that's good.
Conversation moves to the hotel sale, as Paul explains that their mutual friend Shane Ramsay is to be the new owner of Lassiter's.
MIKE: What, did he win the lotto?
PAUL (laughs): Why don't we call catch up? You can ask him yourself.
MIKE: I'd love to. Be great.
PAUL: Yeah, there's lots of old faces floating about. Jane Harris has moved back on the street.
MIKE (feigning ignorance): Oh, right.
Mike plays down any interest in Jane, but mumbles that he may catch up with her at some point.
The Waterhole
Jane is telling Harold about Clive's gorillagram bid to get back into her good books.
JANE: You know, for a little while there, I started to remember some of the fun times we had. And then, well, this motorbike just drove past, *completely* killing the moment.
Chloe comes in; Jane has come to pick up some tablecloths and decorations for the wedding, and Chloe ushers her and Harold into the office to collect them.
Meanwhile at a table, a still- emotional Izzy has reconvened with Levi to give him back the history book, and he reads her entry.
LEVI: Wow. Umm... it's definitely not a boring read!
IZZY: Yeah. I figured I should apologise to the Kennedys after what I put them through. They have been to hell and back because of me. But I'm not gonna hurt them anymore.
No 30
Toadie, Melanie and Callum are chatting while making wedding favours for the guests.
CALLUM: So, Ramsay Street without the Toad - it's kind of like having a mullet without the hair.
TOADIE (laughs): Yeah, I know, I know. But it feels right.
Conversation turns to Amy; Toadie is clearly a little regretful that she won't be in attendance.
MELANIE: I know it sucks. I so wish she was here, so we could sort everything out.
As if by magic, Amy breezes through the door, forcing a smile.
AMY: Surprise!
Toadie and Melanie glance uncertainly at one another.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul and Sam are giving Mike a tour of the complex.
MIKE: Wow, it's completely different. Where's the pool gone? And there was a bridge - where was the bridge?
SAM (points): There.
PAUL (to Sam): Well, you've done your homework, haven't you?
MIKE: Well, that's Sammy to a tee, isn't it? You probably don't need me to tell you this, but she takes her job very seriously. (to Sam) I'm very proud of you, aren't I?
Sam smiles proudly, but as Mike turns around he bumps straight into Jane with her box of wedding decorations, and it falls to the floor. Mike and Jane gaze into one another's eyes with recognition. Paul and Sam exchange a knowing smile.
JANE: Mike?!
MIKE: Jane!
JANE: What are you doing here?!
MIKE: Uh, my daughter, Sammy - she works here. (whispers to Sam) Sammy, this is *Jane*!
SAM: I know, Dad - I know!
JANE: I never made the connection...
MIKE: (...) You're looking well.
JANE: Oh, no - I've been running around helping to organise a wedding reception on Ramsay Street... were you there earlier?
MIKE: ... Uhh, yeah, you know - I didn't say hi. Looked like you were in the middle of something (...) It was just a quick drive- by. You know, for old time's sake.
Mike gets to work helping Jane pick up the decorations - including a love heart- shaped gift box, which they both pick up at the same time. They gaze into one another's eyes for a second time.
JANE: The, err, bride has gone for a romantic theme... do you remember Melanie?
MIKE: Melanie... (mimics her seal- laugh) Yeah!
JANE: That's the one!
MIKE: She probably doesn't laugh like that anymore, though!
JANE (diplomatically): Well...!
Sam suggests Jane join them all for drinks.
MIKE: Yeah. Why don't you? It'd be really nice to catch up.
JANE: Alright... I'd like that.
No 30
Amy has made tea for Toadie, Melanie and Callum as she sets about explaining things.
AMY (to Toadie): Okay... I don't love you. I mean, I do - of course I do. But, I don't love you like *that*.
MELANIE: So, why did you take off, avoid our calls and then ask us to send all your stuff to Cairns?
AMY: Well, I was confused.
MELANIE: Join the club.
AMY: Okay, this is the thing - I was sitting at my favourite bar, right; it's round the corner from [Zara's dad] Eric's. They do these really *amazing* rosemary daiquiris. They're not as good as the van, but -
TOADIE: Hey. Focus.
We go into Amy's flashback of the bar at Cairns, as her voiceover continues.
AMY: So, I'm sitting there, and all of a sudden...
Joel Samuels appears, and sits down with rosemary daiquiris for both of them!
JOEL: You've really done it this time, Greenwood.
Back in the present...
TOADIE: Joel tracked you down?!
AMY: Uh- huh.
TOADIE: But how?!
AMY: Insta. He had some business in Cairns.
We go back into the daiquiri flashback.
JOEL: You're a muppet.
AMY: And the role of supportive friend will not be played by Joel Samuels.
JOEL: Just think about it - how long have you known Toadie?
AMY: Forever.
JOEL: And in all that time, have you ever fancied him?
AMY: No! It's just... Zara got it in my head that I was treating him like a boyfriend. And, you know, I just got caught up in the wedding preparations...
JOEL: *His* wedding preparations.
AMY: And I just felt *confused*, okay?! I just couldn't be around him - them - at all.
JOEL: Tell me, how do you feel about him right now?
Back in the present, Amy continues the story...
AMY: All of a sudden, it hit me.
TOADIE, MELANIE and CALLUM (simultaneous): What?!
AMY: Well, I felt bad about what happened, right? But, like, I didn't miss you like *that*.
TOADIE, MELANIE and CALLUM (simultaneous): Like what?
AMY: Like someone who I was in love with! You know, we talked, and we talked, and we talked some more - and we *drank* some more - and by my fourth daiquiri, it all became very clear.
Back in Cairns...
AMY: You're right! This is not about Toadie!
JOEL: Mm. It's about you.
AMY: Always.
JOEL: You were just lonely.
AMY: Yeah. It's like I have this constant need to be in love - like it's the only thing that makes me happy?
JOEL: You don't need a man.
AMY (having an epiphany): I don't *need* a man!
JOEL: (...) Or two!
AMY: Oh. You heard about that, did you?
JOEL: No judgement. I'm impressed!
They laugh, and carry on drinking. Back in the present...
AMY: The bottom line is, I was just scared. About losing you. And that, combined with my insecurities... it all just got a little twisted.
MELANIE: But you're okay now?
AMY: Mm- hm. I'm really sorry. About all that. And I don't expect you to forgive me, but I do want you to understand.
Toadie and Melanie exchange a glance.
Lassiter's Complex
Outside the hotel, Harold and Shane have joined Jane, Paul, Mike and Sam for drinks. Jane recalls a 1986 trip to the beach.
JANE (to Mike): Didn't Charlene steal your clothes?
MIKE: Yes! We were left starkers! Not that there was much to see - the water was pretty cold. It was *very* cold, in fact.
SAM: Dad!
MIKE: What?
SHANE: Hey, be honest - who do you think would've won our boxing match if it had gone ahead?
MIKE (faux bravado): Oh, me, definitely.
SHANE: You're dreaming.
HAROLD: How did you two end up boxing?
MIKE: Well, like most things in those days, it was over a girl.
Paul glances over at an embarrassed- looking Jane with a smile, knowing that she was the girl in question!
PAUL (to Jane): Do you remember when we first met?
JANE: Yeah. I was probably crying! The kids at school were giving me some very unflattering nicknames.
PAUL: Yeah, if I remember rightly, I think I told you that they were just jealous because you were so smart.
MIKE: Paul's always had your back, hasn't he?
In reminiscing about her first encounter with Paul, Jane has allowed herself a small, grudging smile, but still looks conflicted about their friendship as conversation moves on. Harold remarks on the fact that both Jane and Mike have ended up being teachers.
MIKE: Yes, I was a bit surprised when I heard that.
Meanwhile, Clive is passing the car park, still picking bits of gorilla fluff off his head! He notices the motorbike in the car park, recognising it as the one whose rider interrupted his gorillagram earlier - and glares around the complex, grimacing, in the hope of spying the culprit. As he rounds the corner, he clocks the biker's leather jacket from the back, and storms up, preparing for a confrontation.
CLIVE: Oi, you... Mike?!
MIKE (smiling): G'day, Clive.
Clive looks shocked, and Jane a bit sheepish.
The Waterhole
As darkness falls, Susan, Karl and Malcolm come in for a meal; Karl says Mal can stay with them as long as he needs. But they soon see Izzy drowning her sorrows at a table.
MALCOLM: I've lost my appetite.
Karl suggests they go elsewhere, but Susan tells Karl she wants a minute with Izzy. He's not keen on this idea, but she assures him it will be okay, and Karl follows Malcolm out. Susan approaches Izzy, who's clearly emotionally exhausted.
SUSAN: Thank you.
IZZY (laughs): Did you slip on some milk and hit your head again?
SUSAN: You did the right thing by telling Mal.
IZZY: ... I really am trying to understand my behaviour.
SUSAN: I saw what you wrote in the history book. It was very honest.
IZZY: It went on a bit, but, umm... I meant every word.
SUSAN: Isabelle, you don't need our approval. You never did. But you do need to try and find a way to like yourself. Until you can do that, you'll never be truly happy.
Susan leaves Izzy to ponder this thought.
Lassiter's Complex
Clive, Mike, Sam, Shane, Harold, Jane and Paul are still outside the hotel. Mike explains to Sam how he knows Clive.
MIKE: I owe a lot to this man, Sammy. Clive was once my guardian.
CLIVE: It wasn't all me. Daphne played a big part as well.
MIKE: Well, I'll always be grateful, mate.
Uncomfortable with the situation, Jane gets up, saying it's time she called it a night. Clive gets up too, as does Mike, offering to give her a hand with her box of decorations. Jane says she can manage, and bids them all goodnight. Clive and Mike move aside from the others.
CLIVE: Sorry I wasn't as welcoming as I could be.
MIKE: Oh, no, that's okay. I'm sorry I messed up your gorillagram.
CLIVE: The thing is, Jane broke off our relationship a couple of weeks ago. It's my fault; I made some terrible mistakes. But I am trying to win her back, so I guess I have to ask - are you here to rekindle anything with her?
MIKE: No! No, I'm just here to make sure Sammy's okay.
They both look over towards the car park, where Jane is getting into her car. She looks back nervously. Mike smiles over at her, then turns back to Clive. Jane looks conflicted...
The Australian finale broadcast now continues into 8902.
Coming up on Neighbours (UK broadcast)
- Images of a young Jane kissing Mike in the history book
- 'Sometimes I think you work it out from a young age, or you never work it out at all,' Jane tells Mike
- He asks if she's speaking from experience
- Voiceover of Clive wondering how he can compete with Mike, as Jane's 'one who got away'
- Exiting No 24, Jane and Mike encounter an angry- looking Clive in the street
- Terese tells Lucy she's been pushing Paul away, but she thought they still had a connection
- We hear Paul saying, 'I suppose some loves are just too powerful to deny'
- Paul and Terese stare at one another wistfully during a night encounter in the park
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