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Neighbours Episode 8404 from 2020 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8404 (Shaun, Elly and Aster depart for Switzerland)
Australian airdate: 10/07/20
UK airdate: 31/07/20
Writer: Sarah Mayberry
Director: Scott Major and Chris Langman
Guests: Shaun Watkins: Brad Moller
Richie Amblin: Lachie Millar
Tucker Brunnings: James Bolton
Aster Conway: Isla Goulas
- "All Your Ghosts" by St Woods
- "Dont Let Go" by Astræa
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Mackenzie's happy as she goes for her gender affirmation surgery, supported by Dipi and Richie
- Shane makes cracks at Ned for his lack of paid work as an artist
- Dipi asks Shane to let go of his antipathy towards Ned
- Shaun suggests that Elly move to Switzerland with him
- Bea's hurt to learn of the plan, but Elly reminds her she's 'not kicking life goals here'
- Chloe tells Terese that she's been having possible symptoms of Huntington's - and is pregnant
- Chloe tells Pierce this is the worst way for them to have a child, but doesn't know what to do
No 24
Chloe is frustrated at how calm Pierce is about the pregnancy.
PIERCE: I'm just trying to be here for you.
CHLOE: I hate this so much.
PIERCE: You don't have to have all the answers, alright? We've got time. We can just hit the pause button, and take a deep breath, okay? How does that sound?
CHLOE: Okay. Yeah. Thank you, for being so understanding.
PIERCE: You don't have to thank me. We're in this together.
Lassiter's Complex
Bea and Elly are walking through the courtyard with Aster; Bea says they need to head home soon, as Karl and Susan will be there shortly. Elly gets a phone call which she tells Bea is 'travel stuff', and rushes off to take it. Bea takes a moment to talk to Aster.
BEA: I'm gonna miss you like crazy. I'm just gonna miss cuddling you.
Levi is walking by and finds this amusing.
LEVI: You know, the first sign of madness is talking to yourself.
BEA (annoyed): I'm talking to my niece! ... I'm sorry, I'm... My sister's moving to Europe today, and I'm not gonna see her or Aster for a long time.
Levi looks a bit contrite, stops treating it like a joke, and wishes her good luck for the day. Bea looks sad as he walks off.
No 30
Dipi is preparing the lounge for Mackenzie's homecoming with welcome banners and presents (Yashvi, Bea, Elly, Harlow, Hendrix and Toadie have all sent her gifts), following her post-surgery stay in hospital. Shane brings Mackenzie in, and tells her she has 'full dibs' on the couch. Dipi tells Mackenzie to eat all the choccies Toadie's bought her before he gets home!
MACKENZIE: You're all amazing!
SHANE: Aww, they said you'd be getting a bit emotional with all the drugs!
MACKENZIE: It's not that. It's just - you guys have been there for me every step of the way.
DIPI: Mackenzie! We love you.
No 24
Elly comes in to give back Chloe's copy of 'Space Jam', but Chloe says she can keep it to remember her by! Chloe was just about to come and see her with a gift for Aster - a koala snow globe. Elly can sense something is off with Chloe, and asks if all is okay.
CHLOE: I'm not unloading on you on your last day.
But Elly says she refuses to get on a plane worrying about Chloe, so takes a seat and demands she tell her all about it.
CHLOE: I'm pregnant.
ELLY: What?!
CHLOE: Yeah. Pierce says he'll support whatever decision I make. But I can tell he'll be disappointed if we don't go ahead with it.
ELLY: Okay, Chloe, you've got enough going on without worrying about what Pierce thinks. How do you feel?
CHLOE: I have no idea. The choice is so loaded.
Elly concedes that she had a torrid time when she first got pregnant with Aster, but says she would do it all again in a heartbeat.
ELLY: I remember the first time I held Aster. I never knew how deep love could be, and all the bad stuff that happened before she was born, it just fell away.
CHLOE: Things are different for me, though. The bad stuff is never gonna go away. And there's just so much to consider... and I have to do it all without you.
ELLY: I will *always* be here for you. I mean that.
CHLOE: Being friendzoned by you is one of the best things that ever happened to me!
They laugh, and both get emotional.
ELLY: Promise me something. With this pregnancy, don't base any decisions on fear. Let hope get a look-in too. Okay?
No 28
Karl and Susan arrive back for the pause in their holiday to say goodbye to Elly, and warmly greet her, Bea and Shaun. Bea suggests they make pizza for lunch, and goes off to help Karl with the dough. It's clear Susan wants to talk to Elly, so Shaun goes to tend to Aster.
ELLY: You and Karl seem to have your magic back; I take it the trip did what it was meant to?
SUSAN: Yeah. It was good. We talked - we talked a lot. And we agreed to keep on talking, and then... (sadly) we got your call.
Susan sits Elly down on the sofa.
SUSAN: It's just that... oh, it's all happening very quickly.
ELLY: Yes, yes, it is (...) but I'm so excited about the move.
SUSAN: When you first came to us, you were running away from everything that had gone wrong in Sydney. So I hope you can see that I might think this is history repeating itself?
ELLY: ... I know that last time, I was running from something. But this time, I'm running towards something. Shaun is a... he's a good person. He loves Aster so much, and I can see a future with him. Suze, just be happy for us, please?
SUSAN: Oh, sweetheart, I am! But you and I - we've been through so much together. I can't just stop worrying about you.
ELLY: Well, we are going to be a family. We are going to start a whole new life together.
SUSAN: I only ever wanted you to be happy.
ELLY: And I am.
They hold hands, and smile.
No 30
Dipi and Shane are fussing over Mackenzie, who's lying on the couch. Mackenzie's visibly a bit sore from her surgery, but tells Dipi she's keen to stay in the lounge for a while, as sitting up will help build up her stamina before she starts back at school.
MACKENZIE: You know, in the lead-up to the operation, I didn't really know how I was gonna feel afterwards. I mean, there was so much build-up.
DIPI: How do you feel now?
MACKENZIE: ... Free. Like it's the first day of the rest of my life.
No 28
Karl, Susan, Bea, Shaun and Elly are finishing lunch, when Elly taps on her glass and announces there's some things she wants to say.
ELLY (to Susan and Karl): I want you guys to know that you're the parents I never had.
SUSAN: Oh, Elly.
ELLY: You've taught me so much about life, and unconditional love, family... and I really hope that one day, I can pass on what you've given me to my own.
Susan gets tearful.
KARL: We love you so much. And it's been an honour having you stay with us. And wonderful watching you grow into the incredible, resilient person you are. We're gonna miss you.
SUSAN (crying): Yeah. You and Aster. It's not gonna be the same without the little baby socks in the wash.
Bea is looking like she's struggling, as Elly tells Susan and Karl they can always visit.
SUSAN: We will, I promise. And we want you to know that you will always have a home here, no matter what.
KARL: You bet.
ELLY: I'm gonna start crying now!
Bea can't listen anymore, and excuses herself.
Elly gets up to follow her, and finds Bea having a bit of a cry in the garden.
BEA: I'm just checking if the plants need watering.
ELLY: It's alright to be upset, Bea.
BEA: No, I'm not! Stop looking at me like that - I'm fine.
ELLY: You know, more than anything in life, I wish that we were this close sooner. But now that I've got you in my life, I'm never letting you go.
No 30
Mackenzie is still on the couch. Dipi whispers to Shane in the kitchen that she's looking tired; he's sure Mackenzie will say when she needs to take a nap. Toadie comes in, and is soon getting a phone call from Sky, to discuss her formal wedding ceremony with Lana (the one in March having been just for the expo event). He goes into the garden to take the call.
There's a knock at the front door. It's Richie, who gives Shane an envelope he's found sticking out of the letterbox. Richie has a big bunch of flowers like the gentleman he is, and goes in to present them to Mackenzie, who's excited to see him.
RICHIE: I shouldn't stay long; you probably need to rest.
MACKENZIE: Sit! I'm in recovery, and I need my boyfriend fix!
No sooner has Richie sat down, than Shane seems inordinately keen for Richie to help him lug some drinks in from the fridge in the garage. Mackenzie objects, saying Richie just got here, and she wants to make the most of his visit. Shane looks tense, but says that's fine. He gives the envelope to Dipi as it's marked for her, and heads out into the garden on his own.
We stay with Dipi as she opens the envelope. It's a note from Ned with a 50-dollar bill repaying part of her loan to him. The note says, 'I'll get the rest to you soon'. Dipi looks curious.
No 28
A still-tearful Bea is having a last cuddle with Aster, while Shaun and Elly pack up Aster's things, preparing to leave for the airport. Karl and Susan are driving them there, as they're also jetting off to resume their holiday.
BEA: I'm not coming.
ELLY (upset): ... What?
BEA: Well, I've said my farewells to Karl and Susan, and I've got a gig at The Waterhole.
ELLY: That's not for hours.
BEA: Karl said the traffic might be bad; I don't want to risk it.
Bea and Elly are both crying now.
ELLY: Bea...
BEA: I can't, I'm sorry! I can't say goodbye in front of strangers. Not to you. Oh, I love you.
ELLY: I love you too.
They share an emotional hug. Bea tells Shaun to look after Elly and Aster, and tells Aster not to grow too fast without her. The Kennedys, Elly and Shaun all leave the house, and Bea continues to cry.
Ramsay Street
Karl finishes loading up the car, then calls for Elly and Shaun to join them, while Elly takes photos of the street for posterity.
SHAUN: Are you ready for this?
ELLY: Yeah, I am.
Elly takes one last look around her, and gets into the car with Shaun. Bea watches from the doorstep sadly as the car drives away.
No 30
Toadie and Shane come back in from the garden and join Dipi in the kitchen. Toadie explains that Sky was finalising the guest list for her wedding, and double-checking that Toadie couldn't make it. He explains he'd have to juggle a lot of work in order to be able to go, so has told Sky no.
Dipi tells Shane that the envelope had money from Ned in it.
SHANE: That's good.
DIPI: I hope he didn't feel pressured by you.
SHANE: Well, a man shouldn't need pressuring to keep his commitments, love.
Dipi rolls her eyes and goes outside. Meanwhile in the lounge, Mackenzie is still with Richie, and admiring the flowers.
MACKENZIE: You know, you don't have to get me flowers *every* time you visit me! The hospital room was a jungle by the time I left.
RICHIE: I just want you to know that I'm thinking of ya.
MACKENZIE: I got the message. And I appreciate the way you've handled all of this.
RICHIE: I had the easy part.
MACKENZIE: Well, a lot of guys would've run a mile.
RICHIE: Lucky I'm so exceptional!
MACKENZIE: I'm trying to thank you, in case you hadn't noticed!
RICHIE: I know. But you don't have to. You know how I feel about you. And I just want you to be happy.
Shane, who has been watching them tensely from the kitchen, comes in and suggests it's time Richie left, as Mackenzie needs to rest. Mackenzie agrees, as she's feeling tired, and goes to her room. Just as Richie's following her out, Shane stops him.
SHANE: Richie, before you go, umm... can I have a word?
RICHIE: Sure. What's up?
Harold's Café
Chloe is sitting alone at a table. She looks pensively towards a nearby extra, who is pregnant, and they share a moment of connection as the extra spills some of her drink. They both laugh. Chloe looks serious again, and makes a phone call.
CHLOE: Hi, is Dr Martin available? I just would like to ask her a couple of questions...
No 28
An emotionally drained Bea walks around the empty house, and then heads out to her gig.
No 30
Shane and Richie are in the middle of a heated discussion, the subject of which is unclear.
SHANE: But you're the one who started this, mate, come on!
Richie is silent as Dipi comes in from the garden.
DIPI: What's going on?
SHANE: Uh... nothin'.
RICHIE: ... I've got to go. Sorry.
Richie leaves, looking worried. Shane is worried, too.
DIPI: What was that all about?
SHANE: ...
DIPI: Shane, were you giving him a hard time about Mackenzie? ... Admit it, it's written all over your face.
SHANE: Yeah. He needs to understand how much she's relying on him.
DIPI: The poor kid brings her flowers every time he sees her! What more can a teenage boy do?
SHANE: Well, she's going through a lot right now. He needs to be putting her first.
DIPI: Okay, I love you, Shane, but this is no different to what you've been doing to Ned and Yashvi. It has to stop. I know you're overprotective of Mackenzie, but you can't keep micromanaging everyone's relationships.
SHANE (sheepish): I just can't help myself, hey.
DIPI: Don't you think you've got enough on your plate? You're not sleeping enough; I can feel you're tense all the time. I think you just need to chill out.
SHANE: ... Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry. I'm just overthinking everything. I'll apologise to Richie next time he comes round.
Dipi is satisfied with this, and lets it drop. But we can see from Shane's expression that there's more to this story than he's letting on...
Lassiter's Complex
Bea turns up outside The Waterhole for her gig. Levi approaches and offers to hang out with her, but Bea says she has to set up. He asks after Elly's send-off, but Bea doesn't really want to talk about it.
LEVI: Join me afterwards. I promise I won't arrest you. And you might even have a laugh.
BEA: Look, I'm really not in the mood.
No 24
Chloe tells Pierce that she managed to have a good chat with Elly before she left, which made her realise there were a couple of things she wanted to run by Pierce.
CHLOE: First - I haven't said this, and I'm sorry about that, but... I think being a mother might be something I could be really good at, especially with you at my side. And I think it could be a really amazing experience.
PIERCE: Well, I think so too.
CHLOE: But - and it is a big but - I will never not be terrified that this baby could have inherited Huntington's from me.
PIERCE: Well, it is high-risk.
CHLOE: So I called my specialist, and there's a test they can do at ten weeks, to test the foetus's HD markers (...) So here is my proposal. We wait, we do the test, and then we talk about next steps. I know that might sound really clinical, but we have to be smart about this. I know what it's like living with this disease hanging over my head, and I just cannot...
PIERCE: It's okay, alright? I understand.
CHLOE: So what do you think? You have a say in this, too.
PIERCE: ... Sounds like a plan.
They both smile.
Lassiter's Complex
Bea is still setting up for her gig, when a random drunken punter (implausibly named Tucker Brunnings) shows up and starts heckling her for little reason other than that we're approaching the end-of-episode cliffhanger.
TUCKER: You're the girl from the book about that psycho! Why don't I buy you a beer? You can tell me how much of it was true.
BEA: I'm trying to work here, if you hadn't noticed. So can you please leave me alone?
TUCKER: Aww, what's your problem?
BEA: Nothing - I'm just here to sing.
TUCKER: I'm just asking a question.
BEA: You need to leave me alone, or I'll call security.
TUCKER: Gee, no wonder you were pushed down that mine!
BEA: Shut. Up.
TUCKER: Maybe I need to kiss your sister first?
Predictably, this is a slight too far for Bea, who turns around and socks Tucker Brunnings right in the jaw. As the unfortunate Mr Brunnings stumbles off, Levi, who has been watching the altercation, looks on in astonishment.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Bea tells Levi she knows she did the wrong thing; can't they just move on?
- Levi says he can move on, but he's not sure Bea can! She needs to find a way to deal with it
- Emmett kicks over a bin at school, and shouts 'stuff you!' at Marty Muggleton
- David and Aaron look worried, as Emmett says, 'I'm not going back'
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Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8404
Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Pierce Greyson

Elly Conway, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Elly Conway, Bea Nilsson

Aster Conway in Neighbours Episode 8404
Aster Conway

Levi Canning, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Levi Canning, Bea Nilsson

Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8404
Mackenzie Hargreaves

Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8404
Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan

Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Karl Kennedy, Shaun Watkins in Neighbours Episode 8404
Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Karl Kennedy, Shaun Watkins

Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8404
Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy

Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8404
Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Shaun Watkins, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8404
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Shaun Watkins, Elly Conway

Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8404
Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway

Elly Conway, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Elly Conway, Bea Nilsson

Toadie Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8404
Toadie Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Richie Amblin, Shane Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8404
Richie Amblin, Shane Rebecchi

Bea Nilsson, Aster Conway in Neighbours Episode 8404
Bea Nilsson, Aster Conway

Shaun Watkins, Karl Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8404
Shaun Watkins, Karl Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway

Bea Nilsson, Shaun Watkins, Aster Conway, Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8404
Bea Nilsson, Shaun Watkins, Aster Conway, Karl Kennedy, Elly Conway, Susan Kennedy

Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8404
Elly Conway

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Bea Nilsson

Richie Amblin, Mackenzie Hargreaves in Neighbours Episode 8404
Richie Amblin, Mackenzie Hargreaves

Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8404
Chloe Brennan

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Bea Nilsson

Richie Amblin, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8404
Richie Amblin, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

Levi Canning, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Levi Canning, Bea Nilsson

Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson

Bea Nilsson, Tucker Brunnings in Neighbours Episode 8404
Bea Nilsson, Tucker Brunnings

Tucker Brunnings in Neighbours Episode 8404
Tucker Brunnings

Bea Nilsson, Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8404
Bea Nilsson, Levi Canning

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8404
Bea Nilsson

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