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Neighbours Episode 2184 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2184 (Débutante Ball)
Australian airdate: 30/06/94
UK airdate: 29/03/95
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Sam Kratz: Richard Grieve
Anne Teschendorff: Lois Collinder
Andrew MacKenzie: John Morris
Mary Cochrane: Jennifer Botica
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Soula Papodopolous: Ariane Vrisakis
Khan Ozturk: Senol Mat
Fatimah Ozturk: Ijlal Iz
Gough O'Hara: Ben Solowiej
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Lenny: Jamie Churchill
Sassy: Defah Dattner
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Squirrel: Brooke Howden
Butza: Emily Stanza
Summary/Images by: Sal
Outside the Deb Ball
Mary Cochrane and Anne Teschendorff are going over the plans for the deb ball. Gough O'Hara rides up and tells them that his sister, Stephanie, has got measles so she can't be the flower girl at the deb ball. Cody and Debbie overhear the conversation and Debbie suggests that Mary ask Hannah if she'd like to do it considering that she's going to the ball anyway.
Number 26
Mary asks Hannah to be the flower girl but Hannah's disgusted - she doesn't want to dress up in a stupid kid's costume. Mary points out that everyone will be in period dress and Julie and Helen try to encourage her, telling her that it's a great privelege to be asked to present the guests of honour. Hannah isn't impressed and flounces off. Debbie and Julie apologise and Helen tells Mary that Hannah's recently had a bee in her bonnet about being a grown-up. Mary understands but says that she'll have to cancel that part of the programme - although that should please Gough.
PHIL: Now there's a very popular young man.
JULIE: Yes, everytime he appears at the newsagency he's got a whole hoard of little admirers with him!
Phil suggests asking one of his admirers instead but Mary thinks it's too late. On hearing what a stud Gough is, Debbie thinks that she might be able to change Hannah's mind.
Number 24
Danni is stunned that Michael's turned up and tells him that she thought she'd have to go with Sam. Michael wonders how Sam will take being dumped but Danni says that Sam will be stoked - he didn't want to go in the first place. Michael reckons that Sam must have rocks in his head (does he not know Sam is Danni's cousin?). Michael says he needs some dance pointers but as they're practising, Sam appears with his suit for the ball. Danni introduces Michael to Sam and tells him that he's not needed anymore. Sam's pretty annoyed - his suit cost a fortune and he's spent loads of time learning how to dance.
DANNI: I didn't think you wanted to go. I thought you'd be rapt?
SAM: I am. I'm ecstatic(!)
Sam storms out.
MICHAEL: I always wondered what ecstatic looked like.
Danni says she's got a way of making it up to him.
Number 26
Hannah is clunking up and down in Julie's high heels and Debbie is begging her to be a flower girl seeing as it's her last night in Erinsborough before she's sent to the bulimia clinic. Hannah refuses until she hears that Gough is going and that it'd be almost like a date. She quickly changes her tune and Debbie goes to tell Mary the good news. Hannah is stoked.
Number 24
Danni comes in wearing her deb dress. Michael is stunned at how she looks and Sam knocks at the door. He compliments Danni and says that it almost makes him feel sad that he's missing out. Danni says that she's lined up a date for him with her friend, Squirrel - her date got arrested last night! Sam isn't pleased but Danni blackmails him again and tells him to go and get ready. Brett comes in clutching his face and is very pleased to see Michael. Michael says that he hasn't been to see his folks yet - it'll be a surprise for them when he sees him. He and Danni are curious as to why Brett's holding his face but Brett rushes off to get in the car with Lou so that Cheryl can see them all dressed up.
Number 28
Gaby is doing Cody's hair but Cody's worried that she'll look like a funeral wreath and that Pam won't arrive in time. Sam walks out in his suit and explains that he's having to go with Squirrel. Cody warns him that if she fancies him, he'll be in trouble! Sam is not pleased and storms out as Pam arrives with Cody's dress - it's Pam's wedding dress.
Hospital - Chery's Room
Cheryl coos as Danni and Brett show off their costumes. Cheryl wonders what's wrong with Brett's face and Danni pulls his hand off to reveal a spot. Brett's really upset and thinks Debbie won't be impressed.
DANNI: Mum, have you got any make-up?
CHERYL: Do fish swim?
They attack him with Cheryl's concealer even though he's worried about looking like a pansy.
Number 30
Rick is helping Michael to learn the dance and reckons it just takes practice. Michael points out that he doesn't do much ballroom dancing at the Brosnan centre! Rick asks him if he misses Erinsborough at all, but Michael doesn't seem that fussed. Rick tells him that Brett's got a treat lined up and it should be a hoot. Annalise catches them dancing together - badly - and they're a bit embarrassed. Michael thinks he's a rubbish dancer and then Rick gets confused as to how the dance goes.
Number 26
Phil is filming Helen and Julie, commenting that they look like they've stepped out of the 1890s. Debbie appears in her ballgown and they all pose. They yell for Hannah but when she appears, she's not dressed up. They tell her she'll have to dress when she gets to the ball. Debbie thanks them for putting up with her and letting her stay for the ball. Brett arrives and Phil, Julie, Helen and Hannah make a quick exit. Brett gives Debbie a present and compliments her. He leads her outside...
Ramsay Street
A horse drawn carriage is in the street which Brett hired. Debbie is overawed - and completely shocked to see Michael outside too. She quizzes him but they have to get a move on. Rick, Cody, Michael, Danni, Brett and Debbie all clamber in and set off.
Outside the Deb Ball
Loud rock music is blaring out of a handheld stereo and Julie is not impressed, telling Squirrel to turn it off! Phil grabs Julie and says that their kids are arriving. They spot Michael in the carriage and they're both stunned. They go to the carriage to help the kids out and give Michael a warm welcome, but they're very shocked he didn't tell them he was planning to attend. Anne and Mary, who are watching, comment that it's been a long time in preparation but now they just want it to be over.
Julie calls everyone to stand together and Squirrel grabs Danni to thank her because Sam's a spunk - Sam, on the other hand, says he'll never forgive Danni! Sassy spies Packo carrying her violin and is annoyed because she wasn't told that their band would be playing. Packo half blames Cody and Sassy storms off. Julie tells everyone where they need to stand and everyone runs off.
Deb Ball Hall
The ball is an elaborate affair. Julie, Helen, Philip and Pam are seated to one side and Anne announces the guests of honour - the Mayor of Erinsborough and his wife, Mrs Ozturk. Hannah and Gough are welcomed next and they come in carrying flowers for the guests of honour. Julie and Helen look really proud and Phil's filming the event. As they walk back across the stage, Gough tells Hannah that he's glad she's there and not Stephanie.
Behind the Stage
Sassy storms over to Cody to ask why she wasn't told about the band. She's furious and Danni and Packo leave to let her have a go at Cody. Cody tells her that there's no easy way of saying it, but she has no musical talent and the band shouldn't suffer because of it. Anne announces Sassy but she misses her cue because she's arguing. Debbie drags her off and Danni and Packo come back, asking Cody how Sassy took the news.
Deb Ball Hall
Stonie and Sassy are presented and Anne boasts about how they're both involved in music and how their band will be playing later. Sassy glares at Stonie and Stonie looks a bit sheepish. Cody and Rick are next to be presented. They end up standing next to Sassy, who is still clearly furious. Rupert Sprod is next and Pam makes her excuses because of Doug being in hospital. Phil reckons he's gone into hospital to get out of dressing up! Pam asks if he'd be able to see the videotape and Phil agrees. She leaves.
Number 28
Gaby and Annalise are eating junk food and are lusting after a man on the television. Gaby tells Annalise that Mark will make a great father but Annalise says she wants a career and that kids just stuff it up. Gaby says she thought the same but look at her now!
ANNALISE: Nah, I'll never get myself pregnant like that.
GABY: Thanks a lot!
Deb Ball Hall
Anne announces Debbie and Brett. Julie, Philip and Helen look as pleased as punch. Julie comments on how beautiful she looks. Macca, who is standing next to the Mayor, tells her that she looks beautiful. Debbie doesn't say anything and walks off with Brett. The kids who've been presented are chatting and Stonie tells Sassy to cool down. She reckons the entire school is laughing at her. Danni and Michael are next to be presented. Philip asks if it's ok that Michael's back and Julie says it's fine - it's only for a short time and it's a special night. Michael and Danni join the others. She thanks him for being there for her and he tells her he wouldn't have missed it for anything. They kiss and Lenny and Packo are presented. Gough and Hannah are smiling at each other on the stage.
Number 30
Gaby and Annalise are watching the credits of the film, trying to find a good name for the baby. Annalise reckons Oswald is a good name - or Chuck. Gaby isn't keen after all of her morning sickness! Pam arrives back and tells them that Doug is ok, although he's sorry that he missed Cody's debut. Annalise and Gaby reckon that they'll be having a great time.
Deb Ball Hall
Anne tells the couples to get ready for their dance. Helen says they look like angels. As they start to dance, Sassy tells Cody that her hair looks like a cat puked in it. Cody and Sassy start to argue over Sassy being dropped from the band and it soon descends into a scrap. Sassy pushes Cody and Rick and Stonie start to fight. Michael wades in between them to stop it and the entire dance falls apart. Brett worries that he should do something, but Debbie warns him not to. Another guy comes past him, pushes him to the ground and he slides across the floor.
Anne orders them to stop fighting, but the girls are pulling at each other and the lads are having a huge fight. Amusingly, Phil keeps on filming the debacle until Julie tells him to do something! Brett begs not to be hit by the lad who's got him around the neck - he wears contacts. Phil runs into the middle of the lads who are fighting and drags them apart. Macca dives into the middle of the girls and pulls Sassy out. Danni spots that Cody's dress is ripped and Cody is gutted because it's Pam's wedding dress. She tells Danni that it's the worst night of her entire life.
<<2183 - 2185>>
Gough O
Gough O'Hara, Cody Willis, Debbie Martin, Mary Cochrane, Anne Teschendorff

Sam Kratz, Danni Stark, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2184
Sam Kratz, Danni Stark, Michael Martin

Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2184
Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin

Danni Stark, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2184
Danni Stark, Michael Martin

Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2184
Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Michael Martin

Gaby Willis, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2184
Gaby Willis, Cody Willis

Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2184
Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark

Rick Alessi, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 2184
Rick Alessi, Michael Martin

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Julie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2184
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Julie Martin, Helen Daniels

Michael Martin, Rick Alessi, Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Cody Willis, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2184
Michael Martin, Rick Alessi, Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Cody Willis, Debbie Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2184
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Saskia 'Sassy' Patterson-Smythe, Leanne 'Packo' Packington

Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2184
Julie Martin

Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Helen Daniels, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 2184
Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Helen Daniels, Pam Willis

Gough O
Gough O'Hara, Hannah Martin

Saskia 'Sassy' Patterson-Smythe, Debbie Martin, Cody Willis, Danni Stark

Saskia 'Sassy' Patterson-Smythe, Stonie Rebecchi, Cody Willis

Gough O
Gough O'Hara

Gaby Willis, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2184
Gaby Willis, Annalise Hartman

Danni Stark, Michael Martin, Cody Willis, Rick Alessi, Saskia
Danni Stark, Michael Martin, Cody Willis, Rick Alessi, Saskia 'Sassy' Patterson-Smythe, Stonie Rebecchi

Cody Willis, Rick Alessi, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2184
Cody Willis, Rick Alessi, Stonie Rebecchi

Michael Martin, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 2184
Michael Martin, Rick Alessi

Cody Willis, Saskia
Cody Willis, Saskia 'Sassy' Patterson-Smythe

Rick Alessi, Michael Martin, Stonie Rebecchi, Rupert Sprod in Neighbours Episode 2184
Rick Alessi, Michael Martin, Stonie Rebecchi, Rupert Sprod

Michael Martin, Rick Alessi, Rupert Sprod, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2184
Michael Martin, Rick Alessi, Rupert Sprod, Stonie Rebecchi

Andrew MacKenzie, Saskia
Andrew MacKenzie, Saskia 'Sassy' Patterson-Smythe

Danni Stark, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2184
Danni Stark, Cody Willis

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