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Neighbours Episode 2183 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2183 (Michael Martin returns; Doug Willis has an operation)
Australian airdate: 29/06/94
UK airdate: 28/03/95
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Sam Kratz: Richard Grieve
Vikram Chatterji: Nigel Rodrigues
Summary/Images by: Sal
Recap Unavailable
Underneath Number 24
Sam reveals that his mate, Simmo, must've taken Lou's packed up belongings with Sam's own stuff. Lou tells him to get it back. Sam reckons he can make a call and fix it right up.
LOU: There's a phone in the house. Use it!
Sam runs off, with Lou yelling after him that his valuable ceramic pig is a collector's item and he wants it back by tonight. Danni gets a fit of the giggles at this, which doesn't impress Lou at all!
Number 28
Doug and Pam are packing for his stay in the hospital. He reckons he's got so much stuff, he must be staying in there for a month. She grabs a beer off him - she's not impressed! Doug whines about going in tonight. He's extremely worried and thinks that the surgeons are going to hack into him. Pam tries to reassure him.
PAM: You won't feel a thing afterwards.
DOUG: No. Only during it.
He frets that his doctor might be an alcoholic and Pam makes him feel better by giving him an early birthday present - a cricket book (Merv Hughes) to read, and she packs his favourite pyjamas - the ones with the fire trucks on them! He worries that he might die and Pam tells him to stop reading 18th century medical journals - there's nothing to worry about. He sends Pam to warm up the car - he needs the loo again.
Vikram and Julie are putting out magazines. Vikram points out that some of the comics are torn and Julie puts them to one side for the hospital to have as Hannah considers herself too grown up to read comics. Vikram says that his sister is the same. Julie thinks it's a shame that Hannah's in such a hurry to grow up. They start to reminisce over various toys and when Hannah comes in, she's extremely scornful reckoning that they sound like they're in kindergarten.
Number 24
Sam's on the phone and he's receiving bad news off Simmo. He orders him to find Lou's stuff even though Simmo has no clue as to where it is. Danni is highly amused because Cheryl had told Brett and Danni to get rid of the worst of Lou's junk for when they move into Number 22 but Sam's already done it for them - Cheryl's going to love them! Sam's still bothered by it - he thinks Lou is a good bloke and he doesn't want to take sides in some family row. He tries to ring Marlene for her to help sort out the situation, considering that she got him into it in the first place but she doesn't answer. He angrily grabs his motorbike helmet and storms out to track her down. Danni reckons that she can't wait to meet Marlene.
Number 26
Hannah's watching television in the living room and Phil wanders in reading a newspaper. He distractedly calls Hannah 'Button' and she doesn't respond.
PHIL: What's wrong?
HANNAH: Hannah. My name's Hannah.
He apologises and tells her that it's taking him a bit of getting used to. Hannah's upset at how he and Julie keep treating her like a little kid, as if she's going to stay that way forever. She's irritated at how she can't make her own decisions, such as which movies she watches or what clothes she wears. She's also annoyed that Debbie gets paid for her work at the newsagency, but Hannah works just as hard and only gets lollies and a magazine once in a while. Phil tells her to cut down how much time she spends there, but Hannah doesn't want to do that. He explains that it's illegal for him to pay someone under the age of 12. He decides to set up a clothing allowance system, where time spent at the newsagency will turn into clothing credits - she can choose her clothes and then he'll pay for them. Hannah's stoked at this.
Hospital - Cheryl's Room
Lou's annoyed that his irreplacable stuff has disappeared and Cheryl's being extremely sympathetic. Danni tells him that he should try and get it replaced.
LOU: There's no point. They don't even make those Elvis mirrors anymore.
CHERYL: They don't? Oh, that's a pity(!)
LOU: And the pig. I don't think I'll ever get over losing that pig. And my set of erotic chess pieces went as well!
Cheryl tries to stop from laughing and sends him out to get a vase for her flowers.
LOU: I'll kill that Sam of yours if he doesn't get my stuff back.
CHERYL: I'll kill him if he does!
Lou leaves. Cheryl thanks Danni for what she's done but Danni now doesn't find it funny. She feels guilty because Lou really likes his stuff and whilst Cheryl's got all of her stuff to fill the house, Lou won't have any of his favourite things. Cheryl asks whose side she's on!
Hospital - Ward
Doug is being sent down for surgery. He's on a trolley and he's been heavily sedated.
DOUG: (giggling and slurred) Whooops! Keep the boat steady, captain!
PAM: You ok, Doug?
DOUG: Ok Doug! Ok Doug? You ok, Pam? You ok too?
Pam tells him that he's going to be ok. He says he feels very ok. They kiss and he's led off, still chattering away.
Number 24
Sam slams the phone down - still no luck with Marlene. Danni suggests that maybe she and Simmo are out looking. Sam says that it's not likely and all he's found out is that the stuff is on a train to Kalgoorlie. Danni's amused by the situation - but Sam isn't.
SAM: Why do I have to feel responsible for that old rogue?!
SAM: No, Nan.
She reminds him to get a suit for the deb ball. He's annoyed that she's going to make him go through with it. Danni tells him that if she had a choice, she'd be going with her boyfriend but he's stuck in the middle of nowhere so they're going through with it. She reminds him about dance practice that afternoon and Sam warns her that her blackmailing might come back on her if she pushes it too far. Lou enters and asks where his stuff is.
SAM: Wheels are turning, mate.
LOU: Well, they should be spinning. I don't see my stuff anywhere!
Sam tells him not to worry and that his stuff is as good as back. Lou points out that he said that yesterday.
Number 26
Phil and Julie are dancing in the living room. Julie says she's looking forward to the ball and that she's pleased that she doesn't have to share him with Debbie. He says that she'll have to spare him for a couple of dances with Hannah. They start discussing her growing up and Julie is annoyed that Phil's agreed to the clothing allowance system as there's no real difference to paying her cash. Phil tries to get her to see that he's just trying to make Hannah feel better, but Julie reckons he's indulging her.
JULIE: What's next? Make-up? Car of her own? Dating older men? We'll have the first 10 year old good time girl in Ramsay Street and it'll be your fault!
PHIL: Now you're being ridiculous!
They good naturedly bicker about it and Phil tells her that Hannah has to grow up sometime but Julie's reluctant to let go.
JULIE: Good heavens, when I was her age all I was interested in were Barbie dolls and cartoons on the telly.
PHIL: That's not how Helen tells it! According to her, you had your first kiss at exactly Hannah's age now - down by the lake!
JULIE: Oh, well, if I did, I shouldn't have!
They laugh and start larking about. As Julie tries to point out that Hannah doesn't need to grow up so quickly, Phil continues to mess about and kisses her repeatedly to shut her up!
Hungry Bite
Mark's working on the breakfast delivery service and Danni's sceptical that even though it looks yummy, people probably won't pay. Mark reckons that it'll be fine and he'll expand in the future into different areas, not just breakfast. He says he can pay out for a van as per Dave's idea for a food van and justify the expense if he uses it for deliveries afterwards. He says he's cheesed off with being stuck in the Coffee Shop. Danni is rapt by the idea and starts planning a world takeover! They shake hands on going into partnership.
Number 26
Hannah emerges from Phil and Julie's bedroom wearing one of Julie's bras over her t-shirt, stuffed with socks and trying to walk in Julie's high heels. Julie walks in and is extremely unimpressed!
HANNAH: Mum, when can I have a bra?
JULIE: When you have something other than socks to put in it!
She tells her to take it off but Hannah protests that Miranda has bras already. Julie tells her that if Miranda and her mother keep filling her head with nonesense, she'll stop her playing with Miranda. She tells Hannah that she's just a little girl and she shouldn't be in such a hurry to grow up. She says that some day she'll look back and realise that these were the best years of her life.
HANNAH: If these are the best years of my life, the rest are going to be really BORING. I might as well go and veg out in an old folk's home right now!
Hospital - Ward
Doug is still heavily sedated but he's had his prostrate operation. Pam is fussing over him and tells him that he'll be fine now and shouldn't feel any discomfort. Doug says that he feels nice but tired. She kisses him and he goes to sleep.
Hungry Bite
Lou is picking at his food miserably and Danni tells Mark it's because he's missing his pig. Danni suggests putting cooking facilities onto the van so that he can drive and she can cook but he reckons it's too expensive and impractical - they'll have to be based at the Hungry Bite. Danni thinks that cold scrambled eggs won't go down well but Mark says they'll set up a microwave or something. Danni isn't impressed! Lou's lost his appetite and is clearly upset over his stuff - he can't claim on the insurance because it's all sentimental value.
LOU: I suppose I could learn to live without it. Maybe, maybe even the Elvis mirror. But that ceramic pig, y'know. I know it sounds dumb but that's family. Lauren won it for me at a school fayre when she was a kid.
Danni looks very concerned.
Hannah and Julie enter and Hannah is pleading with Julie about something.
HANNAH: Dad, will you PLEASE tell Mum that I'm old enough to wear a bra?
PHIL: (drops the pen he's holding in his mouth) A BRA?!
Hannah reckons that if she can't have a bra, she should be able to have her hair done for the ball like Debbie.
JULIE: See what you've started! Now she wants to be Elle MacPherson.
PHIL: I don't think Elle wears a bra much, does she?
JULIE: Philip, this is not a joke!
Hannah wants her ears pierced and Phil refuses. Hannah persists in begging and Vikram "helpfully" chips in that in his culture even very young girls get their ears pierced. Julie tells Hannah that she's too young. Phil tells her to wait for a while but then Hannah suggests lipstick instead!
Hungry Bite
Danni's got a book out of the library to show Mark - it's about building a hay box cooker. She says that it's easy to do and cheap. Mark looks thoughtful and Danni tells him that anything he sticks in there will remain hot. He tells her that she's a genius. She asks for her pay from last week so she can pay for her expensive hairstyle for the deb ball. He agrees and lets her go early. She starts telling him that the hay box scheme is environmentally sound too but he says that he's already sold - she shouldn't over play it! She says that she's been doing a bit of that lately.
Phil is trying to get Julie to listen to him, but she's in a rush because she needs to get to the hairdresser. He's insistent that they sort out the problem with Hannah and Julie tells him that it's simple - he just needs to stop filling her head with foolishness! They argue about whether the should loosen the reins on Hannah.
VIKRAM: I think perhaps if you both calm down, you might-
PHIL: Vikram, we really don't need your opinion.
JULIE: This is a family matter.
VIKRAM: Well, it's nice to know that you both agree on something!
The pair stop and apologise to Vikram. He says it's ok - he's not a parent yet and Phil asks him what he would do if he was. He says he'd let Hannah dress like an adult for the ball tonight as it's a special occasion. Julie tells them that Hannah's definitely not going to wear a bra and takes $50 out of the till for her hair! Phil sighs.
Number 30
Sam and Mark are looking at Mark's model boat. Sam's quite critical of the glue that Mark has used and how many millimetres out he is. Mark reckons he's an expert and offers him a beer. Sam declines saying he needs to go and get a suit for the ball and Mark warns him that Danni may have bought him a buttonhole and that the ball is really special for girls - he might need to do the same. Mark tells him to get some shoes as well and offers him a lift to help out.
Number 24
Danni's had her hair done but seems a bit down that no-one will appreciate it and she starts chatting to Lou about his lost belongings. He doesn't think he's going to get them back. She gives him a present - it's a pig ornament. She tells him that it's not the same as the one he lost but he's stoked at the thought. There's a knock at the door and Danni goes to answer it. Michael is standing there with a suit draped over his shoulder.
DANNI: Michael! What are you doing here?
MICHAEL: Well, I'm taking you to the ball.
Lou looks over sharply as the pair embrace.
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Danni Stark, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2183
Danni Stark, Sam Kratz

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 2183
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2183
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2183
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2183
Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark

Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 2183
Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Philip Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2183
Philip Martin, Julie Martin

Mark Gottlieb, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2183
Mark Gottlieb, Danni Stark

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2183
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Pam Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 2183
Pam Willis, Doug Willis

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2183
Lou Carpenter

Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2183
Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Sam Kratz, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2183
Sam Kratz, Mark Gottlieb

Danni Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2183
Danni Stark, Lou Carpenter

Michael Martin, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2183
Michael Martin, Danni Stark

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