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Neighbours Episode 1549 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1549 (Joe Mangel, Melanie Pearson and Sky Bishop depart)
Australian airdate: 24/10/91
UK airdate: 21/10/92
UK Gold: 08/10/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh and Phoebe come in through the back door to find Helen painting. Helen tells them that Todd and Lucy come in terrified, babbling something about coffins and corpses(!) Josh says they were both expecting weird, so that's what they gave them.
JOSH:(to Phoebe) Some music?
HELEN: Not too loud, thank you very much.
JOSH: We won't wake the dead!
Josh congratulates Phoebe on her performance tonight. Phoebe enjoys playing parts - sometimes she picks a character and pretends to be them all day.
JOSH: Why didn't you audition for the school play?
PHOEBE: Beauty and the Beast? And what part should I have auditioned for, the Beast?
JOSH: Aw, don't be silly, Phoebe.
PHOEBE: Well, they certainly wouldn't have cast me as Beauty.
JOSH: I think you're very attractive.
PHOEBE: No, I'm not, I'm just plain. Even my mother tells me that my face is interesting. When your own mother says that, you know exactly where you stand.
Josh looks shocked.
While Brenda is doing the washing, she finds some more steroids in Guy's jacket pocket. She confronts him and he casually says he can't train and gets depressed without it. After the race, he'll stop. Brenda is very worried - she's been reading up and steroids are even worse that she thought. Guy says he can't do cold turkey before the race, he wouldn't be able to train properly.
BRENDA: If the officials knew you were taking these, they wouldn't let you race, would they?
GUY: Nah.
BRENDA: OK, then. If you keep taking them I'll report you.
GUY: You wouldn't do that.
BRENDA: Try me.
She says she'll help him through the bad times - he can do it.
The Airport
Dorothy has finally found Toby, crying on a bench. He explains that he doesn't want Joe to see him crying. Dorothy comforts him and says they have to leave as Toby's grandmother is very ill. Toby says they won't want to leave if they see him crying, so he decided to hide. Dorothy reassures him.
JOSH: Mrs D, tell me honestly, what do you think of Phoebe's looks?
HELEN: Well, she's not unattractive, but I think she could make much more of herself.
Josh explains about encouraging Phoebe to audition for the school play. Helen agrees she could help do something with her hair and a bit of makeup. Josh asks if he can bring Phoebe around after school tomorrow and Helen agrees, but that Josh shouldn't get his hopes about the play.
Guy is ranting at Brenda for blackmailing him but she is unmoved.
GUY: Would you really dob me in?
BRENDA: Like a shot.
Guy says he could just take the pills on the sly, but Brenda says it'd be more than obvious from Guy's mood swings.
BRENDA: I've got you in a corner Guy, and I'm not about to let you out.
Guy reckons that the effects of steroids are exaggerated, but Brenda tells him to stop trying to get around her - it won't work.
The Airport
Joe and Melanie's flight is on its last call. The lady on the information desk tells them they must go through Immigration immediately and board their plane. Just then, Dorothy rushes up with Toby.
TOBY: I wanted to get you this book to read on the plane as a going-away present.
JOE: You nearly gave me a heart-attack as a going-away present!
Joe and Toby hug and Toby insists he hasn't been crying.
JOE: You are the most fantastic son in the world.
TOBY: And you're the best Dad...and Mum.
MELANIE: Oh, Tobe.
They all hug together.
Finally, Joe, Melanie and Sky approach the Immigratio gate. Melanie is crying with happiness because Toby called her "Mum". Joe thanks Dorothy for everything. Then they go through the gate.
JOE: See you, Tobe! Bye! See you later.
Toby waves back, trying not to cry.
No.30, the following morning
Toby slept quite well in Ryan's bed last night. He's surprised to hear that Joe and Melanie will only be half-way to London by now. Dorothy suggests that they have a look at some of her book about Europe - and she can cook on a theme as well.
Guy and Brenda are asleep on the sofa. Brenda stayed up with Guy watching a video. Brenda says she'd better get to the shop, but Guy doesn't feel up to it. She says she'll have to get someone to cover for her in that case, so she can be with Guy all day.
Dorothy pops around to see Guy. She's got an advert for a job in the Erinsborough News - as a Recreational Officer. She thought Guy might be interested and she'll get some more information about it from the Council. Brenda says Guy had better get on to the job straight away - he's got to fight his withdrawl depression.
Josh has dragged Phoebe around. She's not sure she wants to be in the play, but Helen says it's all about confidence. She's not sure she's good enough, but Helen encourages her.
Brenda has delivered Guy's application for the job. She says they have to prepare him for the interview now, but Guy's depression has really taken hold. He moans on about bad relationships that he's had. He reckons he's a failure in his father's eyes. His father has always been tops in sport and business, but Brenda reckons Lou has two divorces behind him and he's struggling to keep his head above water. Lou just isn't very good at expressing his emotions. GUy admits that he started running to impress his father. Brenda says he can do it without the steroids.
BRENDA: Once you get out the other end, you've got to start living for yourself. You're not Lou Carpenter's son. You're Guy Carpenter, someone who doesn't have to do anything to impress anyone.
She hugs him.
Phoebe comes around nervously to see Dorothy about auditioning for the play. She has on a nice dress and necklace and earrings. Her hair is down and her glasses are nowhere to be seen.
DOROTHY: Phoebe, come in. Don't you look nice!
Dorothy has already cast most of the parts. Phoebe is very nervous and isn't sure she'd be any good.
DOROTHY: I try to be as kind as possible. But if there's no glimmer of talent, I'll tell you so. No point in false hopes.
DOROTHY: On the other hand, if you do have talent, I'll tell you so, but I don't want you to let it go to your head.
Phoebe has learnt a speech from Beauty and the Beast to read for Dorothy. It's the part of Beauty, but only because it has long speeches. Dorothy says she's already cast Trish Longley as Beauty, but she'd like to hear Phoebe's interpretation. Toby sits there quietly, watching on.
Phoebe stands up.
PHOEBE: Um...it's the bit near the end. When the Beast tells her she's leaving because he's so ugly?
DOROTHY: Yes, I know it.
PHOEBE: Sir, you call yourself a monster because of your outward appearance. But I have come to know you. To know your nobility. Your warmth of gentleness and generosity. You are no monster. You're a more complete man than any I have ever known. So I beg of you, do not send me away. Let me stay with you. In the hope that I too, might perhaps gain some small measure of your inner grace.
Dorothy and Toby are very impressed and clap. Dorothy offers Phoebe the part of Charity, Beauty's sister. Also, she'd like Phoebe to understudy Beauty because as she said earlier, the part of Beauty has already been given to Trisha Longley. Phoebe says that Trisha is very beautiful.
DOROTHY: Yes, very attractive. Although I do think she lacks a little inner grace.
TOBY: I thought you were terrific!
Phoebe looks pleased, although still shy.
Josh is pacing.
HELEN: Josh, anyone would think *you* had to audition!
Helen suggests that he start his homework, but he reckons he can't concentrate(!)
Finally, Dorothy, Phoebe and Toby come around. Phoebe tells Josh and Helen the good news about being cast as one of Beauty's sisters and understudying Beauty too! Phoebe is very chuffed, and so are Helen and Josh.
In the kitchen, Dorothy tells Josh that Phoebe did much better than Trish Longley, but unfortunately she'd already cast the part of Beauty. Dorothy and Helen head off to the supermarket, but Toby says he wants to stay behind to talk to Phoebe about snakes(!)
Guy is sitting on the sofa in his dressing-gown, depressed. He can't see the point of doing the race now. Brenda encourages him, saying he's in great shape. She doesn't think Guy is a quitter. Guy agrees to give it a go, but he can't train now. Brenda advises him to go to bed and have a really good sleep - he'll feel better in the morning.
Outside the Supermarket
A woman stops Dorothy and calls her "Dorothy McLachlan" Dorothy recognises her as Meredith Taylor - a friend from 20 years ago. Dorothy introduces her to Helen. Meredith's mother-in-law lives in Erinsborough now and they chat about what's going on in their lives.
MEREDITH: The years have certainly rung some changes!
DOROTHY: Yes, I suppose they have.
MEREDITH: Nobody would believe that we were the same two who shared a jail cell!
HELEN: Jail?!
DOROTHY: I've never told anybody about that.
MEREDITH: Oh, I'm sorry.
DOROTHY: It's alright, Helen's a good friend.
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