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Neighbours Episode 1550 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1550
Australian airdate: 25/10/91
UK airdate: 22/10/92
UK Gold: 09/10/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy's car
Dorothy and Helen are driving along. Helen is grilling Dorothy for details of why she was in jail, but Dorothy won't say.
Brad is doing push-ups, while Doug advises him that he should have a scientific plan to win. Brad says he just needs the $500 prize money to get his business up and running. Doug tells Brad he'd better eat a lot of carbohydrates to build himself out. Pam is in a corner working on some accounts. She moans at Doug for not writing the cheque stubs up properly.
Glen comes over looking for Gaby, but she's working late at the boutique. Brad is surprised to hear that Glen is running in the race tomorrow. Glen reckons he's fit enough to beat Brad.
Guy has got an interview for the job. He's pleased, but worried they'll want him to do a full physical - he'd still have steroids in his system. Brenda tells him that Lou called to wish him good luck with the race.
Brad has woken Pam up by mixing a smoothie in the blender. He reckons it's a secret power potion with wheatgerm, honey and chopped liver(!)
PAM: You know, Brad, I see some horrible sights down at the hospital, but nothing turns my stomach like your smoothies!
Brad asks Pam for tips to relax before the race. Pam suggests meditation.
PAM: Just get into the Lotus position and let your mind go completely blank, you shouldn't find that too hard.
Doug comes in and Pam moans at him about the accounts again. Doug advises Brad to watch out for Glen in the race - he could be a dark horse.
Helen has had a call from Jim, who is loving Japan. Dorothy drops around to pick up her washing powder, but Helen holds it to ransom, telling her she can have it back when she tells her about the jail sentence(!)
HELEN: Now, the truth, or you'll never see your washing powder again!
Dorothy is not amused and says she's not ashamed about what happened, just embarrassed. Eventually she swears Helen to secrecy and says she'll tell her - she was in jail for possession of a drug called Indian Hemp. It was the 60s and she was at a peace rally. In any case, it was her first time and she only managed half a puff before the police nabbed her(!) Helen starts to laugh and Dorothy warns her that it mustn't get out - it wouldn't go down too well with the council, or at the school.
Pam is looking for receipts for a cheque for $150. Doug is being very evasive about it, and there's only a "B" on the cheque book. Doug asks Pam to give Brad a lift to the race. As he heads off, Pam asks him again about the cheque, and asks if the "B" stands for "Bet". Doug finally admits that he did have a reason - for something private.
PAM: What are you up to?
DOUG: I don't want to discuss it anymore. As I said, it's private.
He stomps off, leaving Pam bemused. Then she starts to worry that the "B" stands for "Brenda"
Coffee Shop
Guy has had a good interview and he's feeling positive about it. He's ready to do the race now. (He has apparently made a miraculous recovery from his steroid addiction!)
Doug comes in and tells Brenda he wants them to be friends again - they could play darts or have a few beers. She reluctantly agrees. They argue about whether Brad or GUy will win the race!
Race Start
Brad, Glen and Guy are at the starting line of the "12th Annual Erinsborough News Cross Country Event". They count down from five and then they're off. The spectators cheer. Doug comes up and Pam starts grilling him about the cheque again. He says it's none of her business.
Brad is out in front with Glen and Guy following closely behind, as well as some other competitors. Glen trips and hurts his wrist, but soldiers on.
Coffee Shop
A lady called Val is helping Brenda out at the shop this afternoon. Pam comes in and tells her she's got an embarrassing question to ask her about a cheque with the initial "B" on the stub. She assures her that it's not "B" for Brenda, and Doug hasn't cashed a cheque there either. Pam apologises and says Doug is being very secretive about it.
Brad is still out in front, with Guy close behind. They both race for the finish line and Guy just makes it. He cheers and Brenda hugs him. Brad is very disappointed and said he didn't realise Guy was so close to him - he's gutted. Brenda rushes off to phone Lou to tell him the good news. Glen hasn't finished yet and Helen looks very worried.
Dorothy pops around for a cuppa and Pam sees a letter for Doug from a Barbara Dougal who lives near the guesthouse. She's very suspicious. She's wondering if Doug is having an affair - he's been so sneaky later. She decides to open the letter and Dorothy offers to help her with a steam iron.
DOROTHY: Isn't it a marvellous age we live in!
Pam is reading the letter. "Dear Doug, thanks for the cheque, it came in very handy. I'm sorry you're out of the guesthouse now because I miss having all you boys around. Anyway, I've been a bit busy lately, but I've got plenty of spare time now, so I promise to get in touch soon. Thanks again for the cheque, I know I'm expensive, but I'm definitely worth it. All my love, Barbara. PS I hope your wife hasn't found out."
Pam is very angry and says she'll throttle Doug.
Glen finally arrives back, holding his arm. Helen rushes up to him to help him. Brenda has rung Lou to tell him about Guy's win and he's thrilled. Guy heads off to the presentation ceremony.
GUY: I still can't believe I won, Bren. I know it's not exactly the Olympics, but have you any idea how long it is since I won anything?
Brad comes up to Guy looking very cross and tells him he's cheated by taking steroids. He's broken the rules, and giving them up a few days ago doesn't count - Guy has used the steroids to build himself up.
BRAD: Sorry, but I'm asking for tests.
Guy tells Brenda what's happened and says he'll be disqualified for sure. If the council finds out he won't get the job, either.
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