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Neighbours Episode 1551 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1551
Australian airdate: 28/10/91
UK airdate: 23/10/92
UK Gold: 12/10/98
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Alister Smart
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Race Venue
Guy and Brenda panic. Brenda drags Brad off and tells him what a terrible time Guy's had getting of the drugs. Brad agrees to let it know for now, but he's not making any promises.
Brad and Doug come in. Brad tells her he came second and Pam hands Doug his mail. Brad tells Pam that Guy won. Pam is very angry and says that Guy should be disqualified, like the Olympic athletes. Brad isn't sure what to do. Pam decides to cook him a nice meal to cheer him up and heads off to the shops.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy is trying change the oil in her car with help from Toby who is reading from the instruction manual! Pam walks by and asks Dorothy how Toby is getting on without Joe. Pam says Doug is being very cool about "B" and not giving anything away. They chat about the race and Pam blurts out that Guy "had the race won before it ever started". Dorothy looks concerned.
Helen is fussing over Glen, who is wearing a sling. Gaby has come over to see how he is and also fusses over him. She decides to go and see if Pam has any ideas.
GLEN: She means well.
HELEN: I'd say she has you just where she wants you!
Gaby comes in with a parcel from Doug that's just been couriered to him - from Barbara Dougal again. Pam looks it over and wonders what it could be.
Guy has got his trophy, but it seems a very hollow victory as they'll never know if it was the drugs or not. Brenda says it was one stupid mistake and they can put the trophy around somewhere. Guy feels very bad about it. He says he'll try to make things right with Brad.
Dorothy has come around to talk to Brenda. She eyes the trophy and tells Brenda that she knows Guy was taking steroids. Brenda insists that Guy has stopped now. Dorothy says that she'll have to tell the council - Guy can't possibly get the recreation officer job now.
BRENDA: We all make mistakes. Give him another chance, Dorothy.
DOROTHY: I'm sorry. It's out of the question.
Gaby is back and is fussing over Glen again. Glen doesn't look too chuffed but goes along with it. He tells her to sit down and relax. So they start kissing.
Brad opens the door to Guy. He tells Brad he should have won the race. Brad says he's decided not to dob Guy in. Guy gives Brad the trophy, but he doesn't want it. He also wants to give Brad his $500 prize-money. He insists that Brad takes it. Brad thanks him - there's still been no leads on who did the theft. They shake hands and agree to be friends again.
Dorothy and Helen are chatting about Guy and the steroids. Dorothy is being very harsh about Guy, but Helen is more moderate - she doesn't approve, but young people do make mistakes. She's shocked to hear that Dorothy is going to report Guy to the council - apart from this, Guy is an excellent choice for the position. Anyway, Dorothy has a drugs past too(!) and thinks she's being hypocritical. Toby overhears this last bit from the kitchen and looks a bit shocked.
Gaby has brought Glen some food. She answers the door to Guy. Gaby glares at Guy and tells Guy pointedly that Glen needs to rest. Glen is quite surprised at her attitude.
GABY: There's something about Guy Carpenter that bothers me.
GLEN: Oh, Guy's OK.
GABY: I don't trust him.
Coffee Shop
Brenda serves some schoolkids and then chats to Toby at the counter. The kids start smoking and Brenda tells them off, and then throws them out. Toby starts talking about pot and Brenda says he'd better not let Dorothy hear him talking about drugs.
TOBY: No, she used to smoke it herself. I heard her telling Mrs Daniels.
Brenda looks thoughtful at this piece of information.
Doug still hasn't opened his parcel and Pam is eyeing it from across the room. Then she decides to open it herself. Doug creeps out as she does so, and it turns out to be a beautiful sweater. Doug explains that it's a present for Pam - Barbara Dougal is an old lady living near the guest house, who knits. Pam hugs him, and runs off to try the sweater on.
Brad gives Doug a cheque to pay him back for the money he lent him. He's also grateful for what they did for him in getting him out of Bargee.
Gaby pops around to cook breakfast for Glen. Glen tries to hide and then tells Gaby that he just wants to get better on his own(!) Gaby is quite offended that Glen thinks she's rubbish nurse, but she agrees to go back to work. They have a pash before she goes.
Brenda is on the warpath and has come to see Dorothy. Dorothy tells her that she has no choice but to tell the council about Guy's steroid-taking.
BRENDA: There's an old saying. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Dorothy is confused.
BRENDA: We all have our little secrets. I'm wondering what the council would say if they knew the school principal smoked dope.
DOROTHY: I beg your pardon?
BRENDA: I think you heard me. I tell you Dorothy, if you throw a spanner in the works for Guy, I'm going straight to the school board. I think they'd be pretty interested to hear about the skeletons in your closet, Mrs High-and-Mighty.
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