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Neighbours Episode 1552 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1552
Australian airdate: 29/10/91
UK airdate: 26/10/92
UK Gold: 13/10/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rehearsal Venue
Phoebe, Josh and Todd are practising lines from play to help Phoebe out. Todd keep taunting Josh.
The Boutique
Glen comes to see Gaby, who hasn't had a lot of trade today. He's brought her a nice cake and a cup of tea. Gaby is a bit fed up because since Caroline is away, she's had to do the book-keeping. Gaby can't understand why she's in the red and Glen offers to take a look.
Guy has come to see Dorothy. He's heard what Brenda did and he's come to apologise - Brenda means well, but she gets things "a bit out of whack" sometimes. Dorothy tells him that steroids are dangerous. Guy says he's finished with the steroids now and he's learnt his lesson - besides, he'd be the best person to stop someone taking them, as he knows from personal experience that they're bad news. Guy begs her not to dob him in to the council and she says she'll have to think about it.
Rehearsal Venue
Phoebe is practising her lines when the boy playing the Beast (George) comes in as well as a few others. They start to rehearse, but Trish (playing Beauty) keeps missing hers. Dorothy rolls her eyes.
Glen is looking through the books. Brenda comes in to put some more money down on the dress she has on lay-by and gives them $20. While she's there, she looks at some earrings but says she has enough on paying off the dress.
When Brenda has gone, Glen tells Gaby that she's got too many things on lay-by. She's got the dress marked as sold - but actually it's on layby - that's why she's in the red.
Rehearsal Venue
Trisha and George are making a mockery of the rehearsals. Dorothy calls a break and asks Trisha for "a word". Trisha storms out, saying she's resigned. Dorothy tells Phoebe that she'll have to take over the part.
GEORGE: Not freaking Phoebe! I'd rather pash on with one of her snakes!
Coffee Shop
Dorothy comes in for some cakes and drinks for the play cast. Brenda apologises for trying to blackmail Dorothy this morning, but Dorothy has decided not to dob Guy in to the council. Brenda is very grateful and says the cakes are on the house.
Rehearsal Venue
Phoebe is telling George off for not taking the play seriously - he has the most speeches in the next scene. He starts going over his lines. Josh is watching him very closely.
Suddenly George starts laughing and telling Phoebe they should switch parts and that she's the booby prize. Josh snaps and starts shouting at George to shut his mouth.
GEORGE: How touching! Anderson's prepared to fight for the freak, just like in the play!
Josh manhandles him outside for a fight.
Coffee Shop
Guy comes in and tells Brenda he's got a second interview for the job! He thanks he for all her help and gives her a present - it's the earrings from the boutique.
Rehearsal Venue
Phoebe is reading Beauty's part very nicely. When the time comes in the scene, Beauty and the Beast kiss. The Beast gets a bit carried away and Dorothy has to intervene(!)
DOROTHY: I know it's a tender moment, but I don't think the Beast actually needs to ravish Beauty!
Then she's shocked to find that it's Josh under the Beast mask. She wants to know where George is.
The Boutique
Gaby is shocked that she's overspent on materials. Glen suggests she goes for some cheaper clothes so people can actually afford to shop there. Gaby isn't keen on this and says that the higher priced items have a bigger margin.
They decide to go for dinner. Gaby's purse is empty, so she takes money from the till to pay for it.
Todd is on the computer, talking to a boy called Fred. There's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy, come to see Josh and Phoebe. She wants to know what happened with George, but finally concludes that he doesn't want to be in the paly without Trisha - George has withdrawn.
DOROTHY: Since Josh was such a keen stand-in this afternoon, I think he should have the part!
JOSH: Mrs Burke, I can't act! You'd be very embarrassed.
DOROTHY: Nonsense! You'd be excellent in the part. I know a young man who was recently the toast of Erinsborough. Unlike George Pathis, this young man won't let me down. He was quite an uninhibited performer as I recall!
<<1551 - 1553>>
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