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Neighbours Episode 2074 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2074 (Colin Taylor's first appearance)
Australian airdate: 27/01/94
UK airdate: 26/10/94
UK Gold: 12/10/00
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie is home from her holiday. Julie and Phil are going away for the weekend as Helen has won a prize in a raffle and given it to them. Hannah is going to stay with Helen, while Debbie and Michael stay at No.32 on their own. Phil warns them that there had better not be any trouble(!)
When Phil and Julie have headed off to Helen's, Debbie suggests to Michael that they have a party! Michael is feeling responsible though and says he's not going to let Phil down - no parties!
Danni is apparently sulking in her room and Brett goes off to talk to her. Cheryl tells Lou that she can't go out with him tonight as Danni is distressed. Lou says this is no problem, but then Cheryl says they can't go out *any* night as Danni won't accept it. Lou points out that Lauren pulled the same stunt last time they went out, but Brett and Danni will cope. She starts talking about Darren and how she lost him.
CHERYL: Now, if you're asking me to make a choice between my kids and you, well then I'm sorry.
Debbie is talking to Cody about having a pool party rather than a house party. They could hold it at Lou's place. Cody asks if Rick will be there and they start talking about Michael. Debbie thinks Michael is quite keen on Cody, he's been walking around with a big smile on his face for the first time in years!
Cheryl tells Brett and Danni that she's called things off with Lou. Brett is contrite and even Danni has the decency to look a bit guilty.
Rick is berating Cody for lying to him about Michael. She tells him not to pressure her. She still wants to go out with Rick, but she doesn't know what to do.
No.22, the following morning
Danni is being very civil to Cheryl this morning. Brett asks Cheryl if she's sure about dumping Lou. Cheryl says she'll bounce back.
When Cheryl has gone, Brett doesn't look convinced.
Rick is writing out a cheque for the money he owes Debbie. She asks him if they can hold a pool party this afternoon. Rick groans that she's going to invite Danni. Debbie warns Rick not to come between Cody and Michael.
When Debbie has gone, Lou comes in and tells Rick he's been dumped. Rick says he knows how he feels!
Julie and Phil are looking for their holiday bungalow. A man wearing socks and sandals comes over and introduces himself as Colin. Apparently he's also a guest and has visited many times. He offers to show them around, but Phil and Julie say they just want to relax by the pool. Colin says that would be a shame and they'd be missing out. They head off to find their bungalow.
Lou has come to tell Cheryl that her kids are walking all over her. He knows what pressure Cheryl is under, but she shouldn't give up her own life to please her kids. In five years, they'll be grown up and gone and Cheryl will be left on her own.
LOU: You're entitled to a life of your own. A life, hopefully, that includes seeing me.
CHERYL: I can imagine how they'll react to that, especially Danni! On the other hand...maybe they don't need to know.
LOU: Eh?
CHERYL: Well, they can't get upset over something they don't know about, right?
LOU: Are you suggesting we don't tell them?
CHERYL: Mmm- hmm.
LOU: That we...sneak around behind their backs like a couple of love- sick teenagers whose parents don't approve?
CHERYL: Mmm- hmm! Not forever. Just long enough for them to calm down and get to know you properly, so they don't feel threatened by you.
Lou isn't sure, but agrees to go along with it.
CHERYL: Besides, what's wrong with acting like a couple of love- sick teenagers? Might be fun!
They laugh and hug.
The pool party has begun and everyone is hanging out in the kitchen. Michael and Cody are mucking about.
They all head out for a swim. Rick tries to stop them, saying it's the hottest part of the day, but they all head off anyway. Rick decides to stay inside on his own.
Lou and Cheryl are having a glass of wine. They are talking about having codes and disguises to sneak around with(!)
Danni comes in and Lou quickly hides in the laundry.
Debbie comes in and invites Rick to play water polo, but he doesn't want to. She tells him to get over Cody as she and Michael are very happy together.
No.24 (outside)
Danni pushes Cody into the pool and she is not happy.
Phil and Julie are enjoying a relaxing time by the pool when Colin comes over. Phil is deeply irritated by him and even more so when Colin starts telling him about the history of the resort (convalescence for World War 2 soldiers).
Cody and Rick are putting a salad together and talking about Danni. Everyone comes in for food. Brett warns Danni to go easy on the sweet foods. They talk about Brett and Danni's old school. Danni tells them about the "Dare or Die" game.
Julie and Phil are having lunch and enjoying themselves.
PHIL: I wish I didn't have to go back to the office.
JULIE: We can't stay, as tempting as it sounds.
PHIL: Why not? Give me one good reason. Apart from the kids, the dog, the house and the business.
JULIE: Colin.
PHIL: Good reason. Still, maybe we've seen the last of him.
JULIE: Why do I find that hard to believe?
Everyone is playing "Dare or Die". Rick draws 'Run down Ramsay Street naked'. As a dare instead, they tell him to ring Wayne Duncan pretending to be Ms Stoner and ask him out on a date. He does, speaking in a shrill voice. Apparently, Wayne just asks him if he had a good trip to Hong Kong(!) Everyone laughs.
It's Danni's turn next. She draws "Skull a bottle of cordial". Brett draws, "Swim 20 laps".
Danni drinks the cordial and Brett looks concerned.
No.24 (outside)
Brett is swimming his twenty laps. Danni is not looking well. She goes off to sit down on a chair.
Later, Brett has finished his swim. He sees that Danni is ill and takes her off home looking very worried. Cody thinks it's all a big act, but Rick said her eyes looked strange.
Rick comes to see how Danni is and finds her injecting something. He looks shocked.
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