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Neighbours Episode 2073 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2073
Australian airdate: 26/01/94
UK airdate: 25/10/94
UK Gold: 11/10/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Alan Coleman
Guests: Claudia: Helen Hopkins
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody and Michael tells Michael that she does like him. Pam and Doug come in. They are bickering about what to watch on TV tonight. Cody and Michael decide to head over to No.26.
Annalise isn't happy and says that Mark is trying to avoid commitment with her. He assures her that's not the case and they kiss.
There's a knock at the door and it's the new housemate - her name is Claudia and she is carrying a dog called Sammy. Mark assures her that it isn't a problem as they have a big garden for the dog. Annalise grudgingly admits to Mark that Claudia seems OK.
Cheryl and Lou are having a good time while Danni and Brett glower at them. Lou heads off and now it's time for Cheryl to confront Danni and Brett. She tells them how disappointed she is in them and that she's not going to put up with their nonsense. If they can't accept Cheryl having a life of her own, they'll have to go back to boarding school.
Rick is unexpectedly back from Hong Kong and has got Lou a present.
LOU: What's this then?
RICK: It's an abacus - it's like a thousand year old computer.
LOU: Got one of those in the car yard, mate!
Rick has also got Lou's money and he reminds him to pay the kids their money back too. Rick is looking forward to seeing Cody. Lou says he hopes he's not too late - Cody and Michael have been seeing a lot of each other lately.
Cheryl wants Danni and Brett to apologise to Lou. Danni flat- out refuses.
CHERYL: All I want is for you kids to accept that I've got a right to my life. Is that really so much to ask?
Brett looks suitably ashamed, but Danni is defiant.
Brett has comes round to see Lou (it's late at night and Lou is in his dressing gown). He tells Lou he's sorry and Lou accepts this. Brett says he saw Lou with the old lady in the Coffee Shop, buttering her up to sell her a car. He wondered if Lou was basically a gold digger. Lou says he couldn't care less about Cheryl's money - he's interested in her. He assures Brett that he'll prove it over time.
Mark and Claudia are getting on well and Annalise is pouting. Apparently Claudia is an art director and works on TV commercials. She tells Mark she can get him some work as a food stylist - she's got a job coming up with six French chefs.
No.28, the following morning
Doug is looking for his cereal, but it's run out. He moans that Cody has been ages in the shower, and then moans again when she comes out and Gaby goes into the bathroom.
Rick comes round and gives Cody the present of some pyjamas. Rick asks her if they're still going out as he's heard she's been hanging out with Michael. She tells him that she and Michael are just friends.
Annalise has arrived at Mark's place early and is still in a bad mood. Claudia is heading off to work - with the dog in tow. Annalise notices that the dog is wearing a string of pearls.
Gaby and Cody are talking about Rick and Michael. Gaby says Cody will have to make up her mind between them. Doug moans that the house is "overrun with women"(!)
Cody resolves to talk to Michael today.
Ramsay Street
Mark pops over to see Lou. He asks him for advice about Annalise. Lou tells him that Annalise needs a lot of reassurance and wants someone who can really care for her.
Doug comes over and Lou tells him that he had a great date with Cheryl last night. Doug says he's envious of Lou's bachelor life - he's up to his neck in women(!)
Coffee Shop
Annalise is moaning to Cheryl about Mark's boarder. Gaby comes in and tells them about a flatmate she had who was awful. Maybe Annalise could be awful to Mark's boarder. How nice.
Cody and Michael are going out to a movie.
Annalise is tidying up in No.30 when Claudia comes in. She tells her that Mark is very houseproud to the point of OCD(!) Also, she says that Mark is just pretending to like her dog and intimates that he had a hand in killing the cat of a previous housemate(!)
Coffee Shop
Lou invites Cheryl out for dinner tonight. Danni glowers.
While Cheryl is at the counter, Lou tells her that he hopes she's not planning any more jokes.
DANNI: It wasn't a joke, it was dead serious. We don't want you going out with Mum.
LOU: I think it's up to Cheryl to decide who she goes out with. Don't declare war on me. Danni, I don't scare easy.
Doug comes in and is dismayed to find that they're having salad for dinner. He angrily tells them that he wants meat.
Coffee Shop
Michael tells Rick in conversation that he and Cody are going out.
Claudia is acting rather weirdly and tells Mark that she is going to find somewhere else to live. She tells him that he should be reported to the RSPCA and then storms out. Mark is flabbergasted and Annalise puts on an innocent face.
Cheryl is off to dinner with Lou. Danni starts to cry and says that Cheryl is forgetting about their father. Cheryl says that she'll never forget Danni's father, but it's time to move on.
Lou comes in to pick Cheryl up.
DANNI:(tearfully) Please don't go.
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