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Neighbours Episode 8843 from 2022 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8843
Australian airdate: 09/06/22
UK airdate: 10/05/22
Writer: Lisa Maroun
Director: Tenika Smith
Guests: Lucy Robinson: Melissa Bell
Corey Smythe-Jones: Laurence Boxhall
Karen Constantine: Amanda Labonte
- "Roll Up Your Sleeves" by Meg Mac
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Lucy firing Terese from her role as general manager
- Paul and Nicolette teaming up to bring down Glen
- Lucy telling Nicolette about Glen's ex, Karen
- Nicolette pretending she wants to start over with Glen
- Ned telling Harlow he doesn't know what he wants
- Corey offering his unwavering support to Harlow
- Amy getting upset when Ned says he's moving to Sydney
- Amy telling Toadie she thinks she might be pregnant
Number 30 Sunroom
Toadie thinks Amy needs answers right away and wants her to take a pregnancy test, but Amy's wary because she's not with Ned anymore. Toad reminds her she doesn't need to be in a relationship with Ned to co-parent. "I'm aware," Amy sighs, "I've done it with two ex-husbands." She just wanted this go-around to be different. Zara joins them, in a huff because Mackenzie wouldn't let her in to see Hendrix. She soon realises her mother is upset, though, and asks what's wrong.
Lassiters Hotel Penthouse
Leo looks stressed as he gets off the phone. He tells Paul and Lucy he might lose his liquor licence after an underage model got alcohol poisoning at the gin launch. Paul asks what "inept staff member" let it happen, and finds out that it was Kiri. Leo disappears to take another phone call, passing Harlow and Corey sitting near the chess board. Corey can tell Harlow's too distracted about Ned to play, so he suggests they go for a walk instead. Back at the dinner table, Lucy informs Paul that she's appointing him as Lassiters GM until they can recoup the overspend from fashion week.
PAUL: Do I actually get a say in this?
LUCY: I strongly believe that you used our business to crush Terese.
PAUL: You don't seriously buy into that do you?
LUCY: I know you, Paul. And when you are hurt you go in for the kill. So please, do not patronise me by denying it.
Paul knows Lucy's right and keeps his mouth shut.
Harold's Café
Nicolette happily brings out Terese and Glen's meals for them. Terese says that with Ned leaving she feels like she's lost her appetite. Nic says she's sad too, but she's also becoming full-time manager again when he departs.
TERESE: Oh, straight away?
NICOLETTE: No, tomorrow I'm taking a personal day (she glances towards Glen), but then I'll be back at the helm.
Nic returns to the kitchen. Glen reassures Terese she'll be okay when Ned leaves.
TERESE: I know, I'm just sick of all the kids leaving. Used to be a full house and now it just feels empty.
GLEN: I'm still there.
TERESE: Yeah until Barbara gets back from her cruise.
GLEN: Maybe there'll be an outbreak of gastro on the ship and she'll be quarantined indefinitely!
TERESE: (laughing along with him) Thank you! Thank you for wishing something horrible on someone to cheer me up.
Glen can't quite believe Nicolette got his order completely correct - he wasn't sure if their peacemaking was actually real. He takes a moment to visit Nicolette in the kitchen and thank her for making his order right.
NICOLETTE: You're welcome. And just so you know, I'll doubt I'll need to stuff up your order in the future.
Number 30
Now Zara has been clued in, Amy tells her and Toadie that there's no harm in waiting a few weeks to take a test. But Zara and Toadie think Amy should get onto it ASAP. Zara doesn't understand why her mum is resisting - they'll all support her if she doesn't want Ned's help. "I need to lie down," Amy sighs in response, figuring she might take the test in the morning. Once she's gone, Toadie and Zara decide to do a late night pharmacy run.
Vineyard Exterior
The next morning, Chloe arrives to find Leo having a heated conversation with Kiri about her not checking IDs properly at the gin launch. Leo crossly says that the vineyard can't afford to lose its liquor licence because of Kiri - or pay huge fines. Kiri is very apologetic and says she'll cover the costs. When Chloe approaches to pick up her wine order, Leo leaves Kiri to assist her. Kiri is mortified by what she's done and thinks Leo might fire her, but Chloe suggests they go for a walk to help clear her head.
Lassiters Park
Harlow meets Ned on the bridge, happy he's finally decided to speak with her. But she's shocked when Ned tells her he's got a one-way ticket to Sydney, and he's leaving that afternoon. Ned says he needs a change, but Harlow thinks he's just running away.
HARLOW: Ned I don't have that many people in my corner here.
NED: That's because us being together has brought out the worst in people.
HARLOW: Please don't tell me this is because of Amy's van.
NED: No, I know you didn't do it. Things have gotten ugly, Harlow. I don't know how we can build on that.
HARLOW: Well let me come to Sydney with you. Come on, a fresh start. No more tension, no more judgement.
NED: It won't work. You deserve better. I think we should just move on. I'd like our old friendship back.
HARLOW: (crushed) No, Ned - go.
NED: Don't leave it like this.
HARLOW: (getting upset) Ned, please go.
He reluctantly walks away from her.
Lassiters Hotel Office
Paul is not in the mood to deal with a visit from Nicolette, especially now he has to deal with all the GM tasks thrust upon him. One particular computer file is driving him crazy, but he's stunned when Nicolette solves his problems with a few clicks on the laptop.
PAUL: How'd you do that?
NICOLETTE: I'm not a gazillion years old. Now can I please have five minutes of your time because I think you'll be interested to know I'm going to Mallacoota today. Lucy told me that Glen's ex-wife, Karen, has a Café there. She has to know something about Glen and I'm going to get it out of her.
PAUL: Yeah except Glen and Karen don't speak. The only thing you'll get from her is something with kale in it. You're wasting your time.
NICOLETTE: Look, if you don't care about exposing your brother anymore, that's fine. I will do it without you.
PAUL: (scoffing) You need all the help you can get.
NICOLETTE: Says the guy who can't even open a spreadsheet.
She gives him a sassy look and walks out.
Number 22
Lucy thanks Terese for the lovely morning tea on offer, but Terese makes a not-so-subtle point that she knows how to look after people: "That's why I belong at the hotel." Lucy tells Terese she took no pleasure in firing her, and now she's got Paul acting as GM, which isn't pleasurable either. Glen walks downstairs and greets Lucy, but he can't stay and have a cuppa with them because he's heading to work. Lucy says she'll pop into the vineyard on her way to the airport later. Before he goes, Glen tells Terese to give him a call if she needs anything.
LUCY: You and Glen seem to be getting close.
TERESE: Oh, we're likeminded souls.
LUCY: Is that a code for something going on between you two?
TERESE: Come on, Lucy. We do have a connection, but it's too complicated to go there. And even if we did, Glen's going to be moving on soon so I guess it's just not meant to be.
Lassiters Hotel Foyer
Ned reminisces with Levi, saying they went through some pretty intense stuff together but he's glad they remained friends. "Always, mate," Levi says with a smile. Ned's glad to catch Paul on his way out of the elevator, letting him know that he's moving to Sydney today.
PAUL: Well that's a bit of good news I wasn't expecting.
NED: Look, I know I'm not your favourite person, and you've never been mine. But you have had my back over the years, and that means something.
Ned holds his hand out for Paul to shake, which he eventually reciprocates.
PAUL: (heading out) Good luck, Ned. And stay away from my granddaughter.
Levi spies Harlow across the foyer with Corey and asks Ned if she knows he's leaving. Ned says she does, then glances at her with Corey: "at least she has someone solid to lean on".
Number 30
Amy stumbles out in her pyjamas, yawning. Zara and Toadie immediately go into 'take the pregnancy test' mode, handing Amy the packet they bought last night. Amy tries to make a billion excuses again, but Toadie says he's going to withhold her coffee until she gives in, which she reluctantly does.
Vineyard Exterior
Glen asks Leo how close they were to losing the liquor licence. "Exceptionally close," Leo replies. "It's only due to our good reputation that they're just slapping us with a fine." He's still annoyed with Kiri, but Glen says it's an easy mistake that any one of them could have made. Glen soon makes Leo realise that he may have been too harsh on Kiri. When Chloe and Kiri return from their walk, Leo says he owes Kiri an apology.
LEO: I'm really sorry about how I spoke to you earlier, it was really inappropriate. Glen's alerted me to the fact that it could have happened to any one of us.
KIRI: But I compromised the vineyard.
LEO: It's fine. We just found out that we're not losing the licence, they're just giving us a fine.
KIRI: You can take that out of my wages.
GLEN: This isn't on you, Kiri.
LEO: No, you're part of the team. A really good part.
Kiri looks touched, especially because Glen went into bat for her too.
Mallacoota Café
Nicolette checks on her phone that she has the right Café and then asks a worker if Karen is on today, finding out she's speaking to the woman herself. Nicolette brings up the fact that she's Glen's neighbour and she thinks he might be in a bit of trouble. Karen says that Glen's always had personal issues, which she prefers not to get into, but Nic assures her she's aware of his addiction.
KAREN: Well then you'd know more than me. We don't talk anymore.
NICOLETTE: It's just that he's acting very weird around my friend Kiri. He's not hitting on her but he's being very possessive and clingy.
KAREN: When we were married we had friends who had a baby called Kiri.
NICOLETTE: Barb and Alan?
KAREN: Yeah! That's them. I think they went into tourism after we moved.
NICOLETTE: Yeah they used to run a retreat. But if you were all friends, then how come Kiri doesn't know who Glen is?
KAREN: Well we moved away just after Kiri was born and then we eventually lost contact with them.
Nicolette's eyes gleam with all this new knowledge.
Number 30
Amy shuffles out and lets Zara and Toadie know the test was negative (or tests plural as she took all of them just to be sure). She figures the nausea and exhaustion must've been from the break-up stress. "This is a good thing, right?" Toadie asks, taking in her downhearted expression. Amy's relieved, but she also bursts into tears and says she's a little sad too. Toadie quickly rushes over to give her a hug.
Vineyard Exterior
Glen and Lucy take a stroll through the vineyard and talk turns to Terese. Glen says he won't be going there with her, which Lucy says is a good choice. "Because even if he does the wrong thing, Paul is still our brother," she adds. Lucy can also see there is more than one positive thing in Glen's life right now, and Glen admits that Erinsborough is working for him.
LUCY: Terese said you were thinking of leaving. I think that would be a mistake. And a lot of other people would agree too.
GLEN: Not everyone.
LUCY: Who?
GLEN: Nicolette and I have had our problems.
LUCY: She was asking lots of questions when we were talking about you the other day, but she seemed like she didn't have any issues.
GLEN: (concerned) What sort of questions?
LUCY: Oh, just what you were like when you were married, what Karen was like, if we were in contact. I said no; I heard she was running a Café in Mallacoota. That's right isn't it?
GLEN: (uneasy) Yeah.
Leo joins them, happy he's caught Lucy for a hug before she heads home. Meanwhile, Glen stands there and stresses.
Lassiters Complex/Mallacoota Café
Paul exits Harold's and gruffly answers the phone to Nicolette. He's got no time for chit chat, but his interest is piqued when Nicolette tells him Glen and Karen used to be friends with the Durants: "Glen knew Kiri as a child". Feeling puzzle pieces fall into place, Paul says he'll call Nicolette back. He then quickly rings John Wong and leaves him a voicemail.
PAUL: I know you're screening my calls, but you listen carefully. Your business only exists because of me. I reckon you owe me so I'm cashing in. I want you to tell me the truth about my brother and Kiri Durant.
Ramsay Street
Ned packs his bags into the trunk of the taxi and turns to where Levi, Chloe and Terese are standing to wish him goodbye.
CHLOE: Erinsborough's going to be less pretty without you, Neduardo.
NED: I think that's impossible with you here, Chlo-ito. (Off Chloe's look) Still working on that.
They smile and hug one another. Ned spies Amy across the street and excuses himself to have one last chat with her. They make small talk and then Amy says she's sorry.
NED: You didn't do anything.
AMY: Yeah I did. I mean, it wasn't as bad as you or anything, but I certainly played a part. We just weren't meant to be. (She hugs him)
NED: Don't give up on your baby dream, okay? You're a wonderful mum, you deserve to experience that again.
She says bye and Ned goes back to his farewell trio, insisting that his emotions can't cope with anymore hugs. But Levi ignores his request, reminding him he's only flying to Sydney. "Takes me longer to drive to Frankston," he smirks, hugging Ned. Then it's Terese's turn for a goodbye.
TERESE: Listen I say this to all my kids: if you don't stay in touch you will feel my wrath at the next family reunion.
NED: (smiling) Yes ma'am. Love you.
TERESE: Love you.
Before he gets into the taxi, Ned sees Harlow down the end of the street with Corey and gives her a wave but she doesn't return it. He then gets a text from Yashvi, which says: 'I hear you're moving my way. Let's catch up xx'. Smiling to himself, Ned hops into the taxi while Levi, Chloe and Terese wave him off.
Vineyard Exterior
Leo finds Glen pacing around, looking stressed, and asks if he's okay. Glen says he's trying to work through something that he thought had been put to bed. He freaks out when he suddenly sees Paul walking with Kiri through the vineyard. Glen sprints over to them, yelling out for Paul. When he reaches them he realises Paul hasn't said anything yet - but that's only because Paul was waiting for Glen to join them.
PAUL: (gleeful) I think you should be the one who breaks the news, don't you?
GLEN: Don't do this, please Paul.
KIRI: Wait, what's going on?
PAUL: Haven't you ever wondered why Glen's always got your back, but he hardly knows you? Well, say hello to your dad.
Kiri tries to comprehend the bombshell that's just been dropped.
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Amy Greenwood, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8843
Amy Greenwood, Toadie Rebecchi

Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8843
Leo Tanaka, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Corey Smythe-Jones, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8843
Corey Smythe-Jones, Harlow Robinson

Terese Willis, Nicolette Stone, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8843
Terese Willis, Nicolette Stone, Glen Donnelly

Glen Donnelly, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8843
Glen Donnelly, Nicolette Stone

Zara Selwyn, Amy Greenwood, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8843
Zara Selwyn, Amy Greenwood, Toadie Rebecchi

Leo Tanaka, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8843
Leo Tanaka, Kiri Durant

Chloe Brennan, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8843
Chloe Brennan, Kiri Durant

Ned Willis, Harlow Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8843
Ned Willis, Harlow Robinson

Nicolette Stone, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8843
Nicolette Stone, Paul Robinson

Terese Willis, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8843
Terese Willis, Lucy Robinson

Paul Robinson, Ned Willis, Levi Canning in Neighbours Episode 8843
Paul Robinson, Ned Willis, Levi Canning

Amy Greenwood, Toadie Rebecchi, Zara Selwyn in Neighbours Episode 8843
Amy Greenwood, Toadie Rebecchi, Zara Selwyn

Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8843
Chloe Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Glen Donnelly

Chloe Brennan, Kiri Durant in Neighbours Episode 8843
Chloe Brennan, Kiri Durant

Karen Constantine, Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8843
Karen Constantine, Nicolette Stone

Toadie Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 8843
Toadie Rebecchi, Amy Greenwood

Lucy Robinson, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8843
Lucy Robinson, Glen Donnelly

Nicolette Stone in Neighbours Episode 8843
Nicolette Stone

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8843
Paul Robinson

Chloe Brennan, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8843
Chloe Brennan, Ned Willis

Ned Willis, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 8843
Ned Willis, Amy Greenwood

Terese Willis, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8843
Terese Willis, Ned Willis

Harlow Robinson, Corey Smythe-Jones in Neighbours Episode 8843
Harlow Robinson, Corey Smythe-Jones

Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8843
Ned Willis

Chloe Brennan, Levi Canning, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8843
Chloe Brennan, Levi Canning, Terese Willis

Leo Tanaka, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8843
Leo Tanaka, Glen Donnelly

Paul Robinson, Kiri Durant, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8843
Paul Robinson, Kiri Durant, Glen Donnelly

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8843
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Glen Donnelly in Neighbours Episode 8843
Paul Robinson, Glen Donnelly

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