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Neighbours Episode 5515 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5515 (Oliver Barnes departs)
Australian airdate: 08/08/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Sienna Cammeniti: Erin McNaught
Nicola West: Imogen Bailey
Ty Harper: Dean Geyer
Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
Donna Freedman: Margot Robbie
Josh Taylor: Liam Hemsworth
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Lara
Dec walks in on his surprise 18th birthday.
Carmella and Oliver share a kiss.
Oliver tells Rebecca he kissed Carm; she tells him that Carm can't handle more than friendship right now.
Dec sees Nic and Steve kissing; Miranda realises what's happened.
Didge knows there's something going on with her parents.
Number 24
Becca is sitting at the party, all tense, and Paul approaches her, wondering what's wrong. She's waiting for Oliver, as she promised Dec that all the adults would be out by nightfall.
PAUL: "Where's Ollie?" Sounds like a good name for a kids' book.
Rebecca tells Paul that Oliver got her and Carmella a room at Lassiter's for the night, so they can sleep and the kids can party on. Paul flirtily offers to upgrade them to a better room; Becca flirtily accepts. He even more flirtily suggests they get away from the noise to talk about it; she warns him not to get ahead of himself.
Ringo is practising his best Terminator moves, much to Rachel's delight.
Outside Number 24
Nicola sits sulkily outside on the veranda, and upon seeing Paul and Bec she quickly brings a tissue to her eyes, despite there being absolutely no tears there, whatsoever. Rebecca tries to talk to Nic, but she's not keen to respond, until she admits that she had a fight with Miranda, and Miranda's never, ever going to forgive her.
REBECCA: Shock me. Miranda's not an ogre. I'm sure whatever's happened, she's gonna get over...
NICOLA: I kissed Steve.
REBECCA: You what? You kissed Steve?
NICOLA: We kissed each other. I'm in love with him.REBECCA: Ah...that's your sister's husband. Nicola? And Miranda is my friend. How could you do that?
Nicola stroppily strops off, because, you know, nothing's ever her fault. Paul wonders what the big deal is - it was just a kiss. Rebecca reminds him that he has no idea of what cheating actually is, and she flounces away in her flouncy dress to see Miranda...
Number 26
...who is folding clothes in the next scene. Actually, I say she's folding them...when the camera pans out it's apparent that she's pulling out Steve's clothes from an ironing basket and flinging them across the room.
Rebecca comes in.
REBECCA: Nicola told me.
MIRANDA: The girl has no shame.
Miranda says she threw out Nic's stuff, too - they can have a his 'n' hers pile. Rebecca tells her to set a match to the clothes if it makes her feel better, and also says she was able to forgive, but she could never forget Paul's infidelity. Miranda picks up a shirt of Steve's and remembers when he wore it fishing. She collapses on the sofa in tears, Rebecca by her side.
Number 24
In the kitchen Angus is moping that Rach's friends don't like him. She says they'll grow to love him.
Donna turns up because Ringo invited her, and she's brought Josh as her date, which Declan is just thrilled about.
Elle asks Johnny Depp Ty if he's seen Oliver; he hasn't.
Because Oliver is here, at Charlie's, on the phone, when Rebecca comes in - the Stepford Wife outfit has gone. He tells his mum that he's been head hunted by a hotel chain in New York, and he's taken the job. He's flying to London tonight to see Sebastian to organise wrapping things up in Aus, and then he'll fly onto New York.
Rebecca thinks Oliver's being incredibly selfish - he said that Carmella meant the world to him, and what about Declan?? Oliver says he plans on taking Chloe and Carmella with him (does she get a say in that?!), and Bec clearly isn't very pleased about her son's behaviour.
Ramsay Street
Didge sits on the side of the road, dejected. Declan comes out with Hummingbird Cake - he got it especially for her.
DIDGE: So what's the moral of the story...you're not completely self-centred?
He persuades her to eat it, and he tells her that he loves her. He didn't want her to see her dad and Nicola the way he did, but he knows he shouldn't have protected her from it. Didge responds that it's a really good cake.
She also wonders how she goes about speaking to her mum - she's treated her so badly...but she doesn't have t wonder for long because Miranda is on her way over. Declan makes a quick exit, after helping Bridget up. Miranda tells Didge not to be too hard on her father, but Bridget just wants things to just go back to the way they were. So does Miranda. They hug.
Number 32
Libby and Lucas are sharing Indian food and seemingly enjoying both it and the company. Libby tells Lucas that there's this guy (Dan) who she thought was into her, and it's all very awkward, so she was glad to leave the party to be with him.
Ramsay Street
Dan has pulled up in his car and pulls a bag out of the boot. Steve comes over: he has a question to ask.
STEVE: If something good starts from somewhere bad, is it still okay?
DAN: Mate, you and Miranda look like a good thing to me.
STEVE: No, no, no mate, I'm talking about...hypothetical, here...
DAN: Oh. Okay. Sorry. Hypothetically. If it works out, I don't think it matters where it starts from. Plenty of relationships are shaky to begin with. And it might actually make things stronger if you really have to work from the beginning.
STEVE: I've never looked at it that way.
DAN: You and Miranda are one of the strongest teams around.
Dan advises Steve that the past is the past, and he shouldn't throw away now for something that happened years ago. Steve isn't sure he can trust his wife anymore, so Dan tells him to either decide to trust her and move on - or not.
The General Store
Oliver wants to know why Carmella can't go with him. She won't go because she doesn't want to lose all sense of what Marco meant to her. (Quite why, I'm not sure, given that the guy she was going to spend the rest of her life with only died weeks ago...) Carm tells him to make his own choice about what he does.
Rebecca tells Oliver that just because Carmella isn't ready for a committed relationship that he has to run away to New York - is he doing this for her or himself?
Bec tears up - she's only just found him, and now she's losing him again. He tells his mum that he'll buy her a ticket to go and visit him.
Elle comes in still in her party outfit of a nurse - apparently Bec called her - and Oliver tells Elle that he's leaving tonight. Tears in her throat, she wonders when he's going and why he didn't give any warning. He thinks it's for the best, and she thinks she should give him something to remember her by.
She kisses him.
And then she slaps him.
ELLE: Have a good flight.
Number 24
Ty's band start singing. Sienna comes home for her overnight bag, horrified at the mess and the number of people; Declan tells her not to tell his mum. Josh compliments Didge on her devil outfit, and the normal clothes she's now changed into. Jealous Declan tells Donna to go sort out her date, so she goes over and dances suggestively in front of him. Didge doesn't look very happy at her behaviour.
Declan turns around to see Oliver there, and they go to his bedroom to talk. Cut to moments later when Oli's obviously passed the news on.
Oliver compliments his little brother on his inner strength, and for being there for Bec before he was. He also asks Dec to keep an eye on Chloe and Carmella for him. They hug each other goodbye.
Ty asks Rachel to sing with the band - Angus misinterprets him, and thinks that Ty's cracking onto her, so he gets all protective.
As they sing Unforgettable (love that song), we flash to:
Number 32
Libby and Lucas kiss over the washing up.
The General Store
Carm sits, cradling Chloe. Oliver comes in and kisses them both goodbye. He leaves; Carmella cries.
Steve sits morosely. He takes his phone and goes to call 'Home' then changes his mind.
Ramsay Street
Dan stares at number 32. Stalker.
Number 32
Libby and Lucas kiss at the fridge. Magnets scatter.
Number 24
The song wraps up, and Angus and Rach make cutesy eyes at each other.
Ramsay Street
Steph pulls up in her car, and Dan comes over, asking for five minutes with Lib. Steph tells him he's too late, but Dan sees Lucas' bike, and recognises the helmet. Dan storms into the house.
Number 32
Steph calls out to warn Libby as Dan storms in, and good job, too, as Libby is quickly pulling on a top in the kitchen. Dan tells Libby that Lucas is trouble, and lunges for him, but Libby and Steph separate the two men. Libby tells Dan to get out.
Dan leaves, and Lucas pulls Lib into a hug...although she does look up at him momentarily, questioning what Dan had said...
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Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5515
Paul Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier, Nicola West in Neighbours Episode 5515
Rebecca Napier, Nicola West

Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5515
Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, Elle Robinson

Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5515
Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5515
Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes

Lucas Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5515
Lucas Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy

Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5515
Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5515
Oliver Barnes

Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5515
Rebecca Napier, Oliver Barnes, Elle Robinson

Josh Taylor, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5515
Josh Taylor, Declan Napier, Bridget Parker

Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5515
Declan Napier

Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5515
Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes

Ty Harper, Angus Henderson, Rachel Kinski, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5515
Ty Harper, Angus Henderson, Rachel Kinski, Bridget Parker

Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5515
Ty Harper, Rachel Kinski

Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5515
Oliver Barnes, Carmella Cammeniti

Dan Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5515
Dan Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald

Dan Fitzgerald, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5515
Dan Fitzgerald, Steph Scully

Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5515
Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald

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