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Neighbours Episode 5565 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5565 (Dan Fitzgerald proposes to Libby Kennedy)
Australian airdate: 17/10/08
UK airdate:
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Robyn Lovell- Patricia Pitney
Kelly Katsis - Katrina Milosevic
Summary/Images by: ~Em~/ShadowDan
- Toadie telling Kelly that Callum seems really happy in his new place
- Ringo telling Donna he wants their first time to be special
- Kelly believing Toadie to be gay and Steph not correcting her
- Zeke walking in on Ringo and Donna
- Libby asking Dan to move in with her
Number 30
Dan mopes into the house and sits down in the lounge room where an equally mopey Toadie is not really listening to anything Rebecca says to him as he turns Callum's Nintendo DS around in his hands. Rebecca gives up and goes to make coffee. Dan tells Toadie he thinks he's just made a serious mistake. Well, er, yeah. Probably.
Number 32
Libby is carpet sweeping the floor when Steph and NewCharlie™ arrive home. Steph wants to know what Lib is after.
LIBBY: How would you feeeeel....theoretically....
STEPH: Theoretically.
LIBBY: That's what I said. About the idea...
STEPH: Or the theory?
LIBBY: Shut up. Of Dan possibly, maybe, moving in with me. With us. Maybe.
Steph becomes rather preoccupied with the washing on the airer while Libby rambles on about how he's there all the time anyway and that he cooks/defrosts etc etc blah blah blah. Steph asks stonily if she's already asked him. Libby assures her than no no no, yes, she has. Steph is rather affronted that she didn't ask her first. Or rather, as we see as she turns her attention back to the washing, she pretends to.
STEPH: And what did he say?
LIBBY: (quietly) He said yes.
STEPH: Sorry?
LIBBY: He said yes.
STEPH: Oh I see right, so you expect us to share a house with two men. Well, four if you count Charlie and Ben...five! Including Harvey.
Steph carries on keeping Libby on concerned tenterhooks for a while longer until she tells them it's about time they got their acts together and gives her a hug.
Number 30
From the House of Skirt back to the House of Trouser Toadie is trying to convince Dan that he hasn't made a mistake and in fact, this is great news. Dan is concerned that after Callum going Toad might need some company.
TOADIE: No, the sooner you're out of here the sooner I can start to bach it up. Er, you did say "yes" didn't you?
Dan twists his face and looks generally more awkward that usual while Toadie tells him he can't get cold feet back out now! Dan says he isn't getting cold feet.
DAN: It's just that Steph's there and Charlie's there...(He's forgetting Ty.)
TOADIE: Then move in here.
DAN: Then you're there.
The phone rings. Toadie answers it and assumes it's his client's husband trying to unsettle him. Obviously. Rebecca thinks that that idiot needs to get a life. I'd forgotten she was even there. They decide to see how he likes the sound of an engaged tone.
A field in Ballarat
Callum stands dejected as he cancels a call and puts his phone away.
Number 28
Zeke tells Ringo they need a system to stop barging in on one another, and avoid a repeat performance of the previous night. Karl and Susan walk in and Susan is interested to hear what the system they're planning is for. Zeke quickly lies that it's for the shower, because they always want to use the shower at the same time. Karl suggests they set their alarms for different times. Susan can't believe they need a system to sort that out. Of course it's not just that, says Ringo, it's also for washing Audrey. Smooth boys, really smooth. Susan thinks that from the glimpse of the diagram she got, it seems like a very complicated apparatus for washing a dog. Time for the boys to leave to do an assignment then! Susan calls them back. There will be no systems.
Boys: (tranced) No systems.
They retreat towards the bedrooms.
RINGO: How does she know?
ZEKE: Jedi mind tricks. She's gone to the dark side.
Ramsay Street
Message: Ringo
Just had the hottest idea. Standby for details.
Donna grins to herself and send the message. Elle appears behind her and wonders what's so secret that she needs to sneak outside to do it. Just boring kid stuff, according to Donna. She asks if Elle is going to work yet. In fact she's very interested in Elle's work schedule which arouses Elle's suspicions. Donna maintains that she's just being an interested friend. Elle wants to know what she wants.
DONNA: I was just going to drop by, like friends do, so you don't get bored.
Elle caves in and tells her, then asks where she's off to. Donna is off to the hospital to see Didge. (Why is Didge at the hospital?) As she runs off Lucas pulls up, he's popped by for private cheerleading lessons, or rather, he's friendless and was hoping for a sympathy cup of coffee. Elle agrees but it will cost him, they're about to play bad cop.
Ringo calls Donna and wants to know where she is. She says she's not far and to look down. There are rose petals on the floor leading a path to the only room in the hotel. Ringo follows the route and enters the room to be greeted by Donna in her cheerleading gear. She does a little pom pom dance around him and he loves it.
DONNA: You said you wanted this to be special.
RINGO: It is, you're here.
She asks if he's ready. He is. They kiss.
Number 30
Dan's had a text from Libby to say she's making room in her wardrobe and find out when he's going over. Toadie tells him that it's crunchtime, but to remember that "chicks dig honesty". Dan disengages the phone as he might need to call from his hospital bed. It immediately rings and Rebecca answers saying the caller has reached the Erinsborough Police Station.
Field in Ballarat
CALLUM: huh?
Number 30
Rebecca informs the caller that they are tracking their call.
Field in Ballarat
Callum is confused and panicked and says he's got the wrong number and cancels the call.
Number 30
REBECCA: Callum?!
Toadie snatches the phone off her and calls to Callum but he's already hung up. They realise it was Callum all along. The phone rings again. Toadie assumes it's Callum and tells him not to hang up. The voice at the end of the phone says...
Field in Ballarat
ROBYN: It's Robyn Lovell. His aunt. Have you been speaking with Callum?
Toadie wants to know if everything's ok. Robyn thinks they'd better talk.
Elle and Lucas follow the rose petal road to the only bedroom. Elle busts into the room but evidently finds Donna and Ringo in flagrante and hastily leaves again in horror. Lucas is finding it all very amusing and is glad that at least someone is getting private cheerleading lessons. Elle shouts a them to get themselves together because she'll be going back in in two minutes!
Number 32
Libby excitedly tells Dan that she's cleared part of the wardrobe and two whole drawers, which was no mean feat. She notices Dan is looking a bit awkward and asks what's wrong. Dan tells her he thinks they should take a bit more time and not rush in, he's just delaying things a bit. He does want to move in together, he just thinks they should wait a bit. He wants it to be a big deal. Libby angrily replies that it is a big deal for her and for Ben.
DAN: I know, it just seems like popping across the road into another share house seems a bit trivial.
LIBBY: And what would be untrivial?
DAN: Maybe moving into our own place.
LIBBY: Maybe?
Dan thinks that Ben needs stability. Libby agrees, stability like people sticking to their word. At that moment Susan arrives with the traditional "his and hers" dressing gowns which always seem like such a hoot on Ramsay Street. She realises it's not really the time for such hysteria.
Donna and Ringo are sitting on opposite sofas with Elle standing between them, Lucas bouncing up and down in the background. There's a knock on the door and Elle calls for Susan to come in.
SUSAN: I got your message.
ELLE: It's a disgrace isn't it?
SUSAN: Oh well, had to happen sooner or later. And I'm sure they were very careful.
Donna cringes and reminds them they're still in the room. Elle asks how Donna can be taking it all so calmly. Susan says it could be worse; it could have been in the back of a stolen police car. Ringo sits stoney faced. Donna doesn't know what the fuss is about, they've told Elle they'll pay her back for the room. Elle tells them to wait outside.
DONNA: You're not my mum!
ELLE: Right now young lady.
Susan assures Elle that she'll talk to Ringo, and advises her not to be too hard on Donna, she thinks she's going to be in for some interesting times. Elle worries that she's turning into her mother. Elle and Lucas leave, with Lucas wanting to know more about Elle's mother. Back in the room, bow chica wah wah, Susan sees the pom poms and has an idea...
Number 28
Karl arrives home and calls for Susan.
SUSAN: I'm in the bedroom.
KARL: Are you coming out?
SUSAN: I don't think I can.
KARL: What? Are you ok?
SUSAN: I don't know doctor, you might have to come and give me a check-up.
A bare arm holding a pom pom appears from out of the bedroom. Karl throws the post he was looking through on the floor.
KARL: Give me an S!
Steph tells Toadie that she'll do everything she can. Toadie tells her to be quick because Robyn (this time last week known as Denise) will be back any time. All rather cryptic, I know. Kelly arrives, which is handy because Toadie was about to call her about Callum. She says she'll grab Dan, who is moping at the bar, but Toadie says not to as he has enough on his mind. He's thinking about moving in with Libby. Kelly, obviously still think Toadie is gay, hugs him and tells him that she's really sorry and that men are just the worst. Toad looks a bit puzzled, and then realisation dawns but before he can do anything about it, Kelly's off for the white wine, drink of homosexuals, apparently. At the bar Kelly ignores Dan, orders drinks, then calls Dan a pig. Steph bursts out laughing, but Dan is confused.
STEPH: Obviously word's got out that you've dumped your boyfriend for a single mum.
Sobering up, Steph asks when Dan's bringing his stuff around, and Dan tells her he won't be moving in and mentions that Libby is a bit upset.
STEPH: A bit upset? What you raise her hopes and then you dump her.
DAN: She knows I love her.
STEPH: And that makes it alright does it?
Dan tells her that it's his problem and he'll fix it.
Number 28
Ringo is sitting on the sofa, obviously waiting for a talking to as Susan and Karl are in hushed discussion in the kitchen. Karl gets ready to have a man-to-man chat and Susan hastily removes pom pom streamers from the back of his shirt! Karl assumes that Ringo and Donna will be recompensing Elle for the room. He also expects that they discussed at length the development of their relationship. A pained looking Ringo assures him that they did and yes! They were also careful. Karl is glad to hear it. The phone rings and Susan answers, going into the bedroom. When she's out of sight Karl sits down with Ringo and hands him a fifty. Ringo is puzzled and Karl explains that it's to go towards the room. Ringo picks another small bit of streamer off Karl's shirt and looks a bit queasy when he realises what it is.
KARL: Go team.
General Store
Rebecca brings coffees over to Toadie and Robyn and asks after Callum, mentioning that Toadie really misses him and that he's such a good mentor etc. Toadie sends her away and apologises to Robyn. Toadie asks how Callum is and agrees with Robyn that he's a handful. Robyn says he's refusing to eat and Toadie asks if she's tried the Rocky Road technique. He asks why she's there and she explains that things aren't working out. Rebecca butts in again and Toadie fends her off again. Toadie says that it was always going to take some time for him to readjust, but Robyn knows he'd much rather be with Toad.
Number 30
Callum asks his aunt why they're back at number 30. She explains that she thought he'd better come back and have a look so he can properly make up his mind as to where he wants to be.
CALLUM: Why? Toadie doesn't even want me here.
TOADIE: That's not true mate. I only gave you up because I thought you deserved better than me.
CALLUM: You were right.
TOADIE: I was an idiot. You belong here.
Robyn encourages Callum to go inside and talk, and ask he climbs the steps, Steph, Charlie, Mickey, Ringo, Susan, Carmella and Kelly all come out with a cake and shout "Surprise!" and tell him they missed him. Cal asks what the cake is. It's Rocky Road so he might have some before he heads back.
Inside at the party, Callum wants to know what it's all in aid of. Toadie explains it's a welcome home party, but Callum points out that he hasn't even asked him to come home yet and he hasn't said yes.
TOADIE: Ok then, well, Callum Jones, I officially invite you to return to your former abode, Number 30, Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, aka "The House of Trouser". Will you condescend to do us the favour?
TOADIE: It means I'd become your legal guardian.
CALLUM: What, so you'd have more power over me? That sucks, I'll have to think about it.
Toadie looks downcast and goes to join everyone in the lounge room who are all going gooey over Chloe. Until Callum comes in dressed in Toadie's lawman gear.
CALLUM: OI! Lawman!
TOADIE: I hear you baby-face.
CALLUM: Word on the street is, you want me to stick around. There'll have to be changes.
TOADIE: Oh, you've got a list of demands have you?
CALLUM: Twenty bucks a week more pocket money, an hour later bedtime and a TV in my room. Do you hear me lawman?
TOADIE: Renegotiate!
CALLUM: That's my final offer. Cross my path again and you're dead-meat!
And he leaves again. Everybody laughs and congratulates Toadie. Dan arrives home and asks for Steph and Carmella's help. Ooo.
Libby wants to know why she's being frogmarched into the empty bar. Steph gives Callum and Mickey the signal and they pull down the "Well Done Dingoes" sign to reveal (with Disney Wand sound effect) a lit up "Marry me Libby" sign. She looks at the sign with a lump in her throat and turns to find Dan.
DAN: Libby, I want to wake up next to you for the rest of my life, but I don't want to see my flatmate, or even my girlfriend. I want to see my wife.
He gets down on one knee and asks the killer question, with a pretty good ring.
DAN: Libby Kennedy, will you marry me?
LIBBY: Damn straight, I will!
He slides the ring onto her finger and everyone (yeah, they were all there hiding, btw) cheers. They kiss. More cheering and loving, proud looks between Karl and Susan. More kissing ensues.
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Rebecca Napier, Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5565
Rebecca Napier, Dan Fitzgerald, Toadie Rebecchi

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5565
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5565
Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5565
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5565
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5565
Susan Kennedy

Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5565
Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5565
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5565
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5565
Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5565
Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5565
Donna Freedman

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5565
Ringo Brown

Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5565
Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson

Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 5565
Callum Jones

Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5565
Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Toadie Rebecchi

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5565
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5565
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

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