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Neighbours Episode 8251 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8251 (Chloe and Pierce's wedding)
Australian and UK airdate: 09/12/129
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Paul making a move to settle the lawsuit.
- Karl confirming that David needs a transplant.
- David reassuring Aaron that there is no immediate threat.
- Hendrix kissing Chloe!
- Chloe and Pierce talking about what Hendrix did.
- Hendrix deciding he's not going to his dad's buck's night.
- Pierce disappointed that Hendrix isn't at his buck's night.
- Roxy urging Hendrix to go to the bucks night to start build bridges with his dad.
- Hendrix hearing his dad's speech (at the buck's night) and walking away.
- Chloe unloading her woes onto Elly.
- Karl finding a note from Hendrix saying he's heading back to Sydney.
Number 28
"This can't be happening!" Pierce declares after he reads the note Hendrix left. The K's seem surprised that Pierce isn't going to follow the lad to Sydney, as he thinks some time to cool off with his mum would be best. Susan tries to call Hendrix, but just gets his voicemail. Pierce then gets a message on his phone and tells them that Hendrix hasn't left Melbourne yet, so he rushes out the front door but tells Karl that the wedding plans remain the same, he will leave it all in his hands.
KARL: Does that make me best man?!
Number 24
Elly is doing her best to calm the bride down since it's her wedding day... that is until Pierce walks in to inform them that Hendrix has done a runner! We now know what the message was - Hendrix has used Pierce's airline points to book a flight that leaves in a couple of hours, so Pierce plans to go to the airport to get him. Chloe is okay with him detouring there - they will meet at the venue and she will bring the suits.
"Don't freak out," Elly says to her friend once they are alone in the house again.
CHLOE: Amazing has just turned back into disaster!
ELLY: Just don't get ahead of yourself okay?!
CHLOE: We're this close to the wedding and I've no idea if the best man or the groom will even show up!
Chloe now wonders if they need to postpone the wedding, but Elly pleads that she lets Pierce sort it out and she can concentrate on sorting out the wedding stuff.
CHLOE: Just fake it until we make it.
ELLY: Definitely!
CHLOE: What if we don't? This whole thing might not even happen.
Elly doesn't have an answer this time, so settles instead for giving Chloe's arm the sympathy rub!
David jokes with his husband that he is just continuing the trend of turning up to a wedding in a wheelchair as Aaron slowly dresses him for the occasion. Aaron is already thinking the worst (that David might need a hospital) which he is sure won't happen and instead tries to get Aaron's focus onto Chloe (since he's her man of honour) and any help she needs. "She'll text me if she needs me," Aaron says, so therefore David is his top priority!
Road somewhere
Pierce jumps on the Skybus heading to the airport and finds what he is looking for... Hendrix (he tracked him down via his phone). The lad is still very peeved at his dad and isn't getting off the bus, so Pierce takes the seat opposite where Hendrix is sat.
HENDRIX: Don't you have a wedding to get to?
PIERCE: Not without you.
Panton Hill Winery
Terese is very impressed with the wedding venue as she and Paul arrive for it. After turning down a glass of bubbles from a passing waiter, Paul asks if she is going to be able to cope with folk having alcohol (she will get through it) and he promises that they can leave any time she wants.
David looks already like he wants to be back in his hospital bed but think that is more to folk continually asking how he is including Karl who has just spotted them. From the look on Aaron's face when Karl informs him that he is now the best man, he is totally unaware that there is an issue with the wedding!
Road somewhere
Pierce is having a hard time trying to get through to Hendrix that he does care while they wait for the bus to leave. Hendrix thinks it's all an act and brings up seeing his dad at the buck's do having the "time of his life" without him there. As their conversation progresses, Hendrix lays into his dad about him being an absentee dad and now he's about to marry Chloe, they can go off and have a family together, so it will be like he "never existed."
Choosing his words carefully, Pierce admits he was a "shocker" of a dad but is "trying to make up for that," although does get in that the lad hasn't "always made it easy."
HENDRIX: You think it was easy when it was my birthday and you didn't bother to call? Or when I had a cricket match, or a school play and you didn't show up? Or when I was getting picked on at school and I didn't have anyone? YOU'RE MY DAD! You're meant to be there for me.
PIERCE: I don't know what else to say.
Pierce's mobile starts ringing, and Hendrix assumes its Chloe calling, so tells his dad to take it because "I have a plane to catch."
Commercial break later, we're back with the pair and Pierce pleading for Hendrix to listen to him. "I wish that I could go back and do better," Pierce begins with but knows he can't, however tries to get it through to the lad that he's "here now." "I've heard it all before," Hendrix nonchalantly replies back to his dad.
PIERCE: It's my wedding day and I'm with you! Alright, I want us to have a proper relationship and that starts with you being my best man.
HENDRIX: You just want us to look like a happy family in all the wedding pictures!
PIERCE: No, I want us to *be* a happy family.
And as if to back that up, Pierce cancels his phone again.
HENDRIX: Of all the days to show up, your timing sucks!
PIERCE: I'm not kidding about this alright. Everything else can wait. I'm not going anywhere unless you come with me.
HENDRIX: Chloe must be freaking out. Just go dad, you're better off without me after what I did.
Pierce tries to reassure the lad that the three of them can work thought it "as a family." Hendrix points out to his dad that the bus is about to leave, so Pierce goes to get his phone to tell Chloe that he won't be there!
HENDRIX: As if you would stand Chloe up at the alter!
PIERCE: (serious) For you, yes!
As if backing down, Hendrix says "Chloe doesn't deserve that," but Pierce is sure "she'd understand."
PIERCE: I'm not going back there without you.
Number 24
Elly arrives back and is surprised to not see Chloe ready, but she replies "what's the rush" because Pierce isn't answering her calls and thinks he is fighting a losing battle trying to convince Hendrix to return.
ELLY: Hendrix needs to pull his head in!
"He does," Chloe agrees, but then adds that she knows "how it feels to watch the person you love marry someone else."
CHLOE: And look how that turned out! Maybe it's karma!
ELLY: That was not your fault.
"I get where he's coming from," she says but then isn't amused it's happening on her wedding day!!! Elly tries to reassure her that Pierce will sort it out, so she gets the "wedding that you deserve."
CHLOE: Do you think so?
ELLY: Absolutely!
"Now go get ready!" Elly orders but Chloe is still standing there when Susan arrives, shocked that the lass isn't ready as the cars are due any minute! "It's a long story," Chloe begins but Elly tells her to go get ready, she will fill Susan in.
Panton Hill Winery
Karl can't but help get a dig in at Paul that he's no longer "top dog" at Lassiters having done the deal with Pierce, but Terese points out that between the pair of them, they are the majority shareholders.
Meanwhile, Finn is curious as to why Bea is somewhat quiet, and she puts it down to reassessing things in her life (putting Finn first). "I know you're always there for me," he sincerely replies back to her with before declaring his love to her and so she feels it "every minute of every day."
Now he's finished talking to Susan on the phone, Karl heads to where Aaron and David are to suggest they tell folk that there is going to be a delay, especially since they've not heard from Pierce. David isn't amused to hear that Aaron has been ignoring his sister, so reminds him that both he and Karl are doctors and so Aaron should instead concentrate on his sister!
DAVID: She's the one that needs you today.
Aaron rushes out to greet his sisters arriving car. "You look amazing," he says to her as it comes to a stop and lets her know he's up to speed with what is going on and she's to tell him whatever she needs.
AARON: Your man of honour is here.
CHLOE: At this point, I'd settle for knowing when my groom will arrive, but I guess you can't help with that?
"Actually I can," Aaron says to her as he turns around to see a taxi pull up at the venue! Pierce rushes out of the taxi and wants to apologise to Chloe, although Aaron stops him as he isn't allowed to see the bride before the ceremony! They do manage though to communicate with each other (without seeing each other) so Chloe knows that Hendrix has been found and Pierce where the suits are!
Aaron quietly says to Chloe that while Hendrix is here, he doesn't look too happy, so she tells her brother that she will speak to him. "The bride wants a word," Aaron tells Hendrix before guiding him to her and moving off himself.
CHLOE: Glad you changed your mind, we both are.
She then acknowledges that today won't be easy for him and is about to give him a get out clause, but he stops her to say, "I want to be here."
Chloe looks rather happy as she watches Hendrix walk away from the car to join his dad.
The strains of George Ezra's 'All my love' being as we see the guests stand up as Aaron escorts his sister down the aisle. "Good luck," he says to her before taking the bouquet from her and standing aside. "You are perfect," Pierce says to his bride-to-be as Susan begins.
SUSAN: Beloved friends and family it is with great pride and joy that I welcome you to the wedding of Chloe and Pierce.
With the strains of 'Once' in the background, it's now vow time beginning with Pierce.
PIERCE: Ever moment we spend together, I will love you, adore you and I will do everything I can to make you the happiest woman in this world.
CHLOE: After so many adventures, and so much uncertainty, I have never felt safer, more loved, more where I belong than I do with you.
There is a brief pause in the proceedings - Aaron is all teary and David passes onto him a handkerchief to much hilarity from the gathered guests!
Susan then asks for the rings; which Hendrix presents to both Chloe and Pierce.
Pierce doesn't say anything as he places the ring the Chloe's ring finger, but she does before she puts his one on:
CHLOE: And my promise to learn and grow with you for the rest of my life.
Susan is next with the important part of the ceremony.
SUSAN: Chloe and Pierce, it is my great honour, to pronounce you husband and wife!
Hendrix doesn't exactly look too happy as Pierce kisses his bride as the rest of the guests (including the silent Kyle and Toadie) clap and cheer the newly-weds.
The lad is at least smiling for the photos though when we return to the wedding.
Standing aside, Karl admits to Elly that he wasn't sure Pierce would be able to get Hendrix back for the wedding. Elly agrees and can see that Hendrix doesn't look comfortable either - the smile is off now the photo has been taken.
KARL: Sure in time they'll work through their issues.
ELLY: Yes, I think it's a little bit more complicated than you know.
Karl looks quite curious as Elly walks away after what she's said and focus then turns to the main wedding party as Aaron goes to send some photos to his brothers ahead of the wedding being repeated in Adelaide! Chloe tells her brother-in-law that Mark is going to get himself tested too, so the feeling is it's only a matter of time before someone is a match for David.
Meanwhile, Pierce sincerely thanks Hendrix for being part of his special day, declaring it the "first memory as a family... but not our last." "Yes, me too," the lad replies before then thanking his dad for coming after him. "Come here," Pierce says to the lad before the pair hug it out.
It is now the reception and Kyle asks Toadie if he's feeling as weird as he is about being here...
KYLE: If this wedding was a week ago mate, we wouldn't have scored an invite!
Toadie admits he is relived it's all done and dusted and there is no bad blood with Pierce and Chloe. "What about those two?" Kyle asks, pointing towards where Paul and Terese are and Toadie replies he is hoping that the foundation will smooth things there.
Meanwhile, Aaron comes to sincerely thank Elly for sorting Chloe out, admitting that he "dropped the ball a bit." "You were worried about David," Bea points out, and Elly was more than happy to help, plus it kept her mind off Claudia being in town - everyone is curious to know how long she will be in town for. "And how involved with bubs will she be?" Aaron asks but Elly isn't sure yet.
Building on what he said to Kyle, Toadie and Finn are over sucking up big time to Terese, reassuring her that she is going to be a fantastic asset for the foundation. After the Robinson's head off to get fresh drinks, Toadie spots Finn looking at Elly and explains that Terese is the better person for the position than Elly.
Despite the inclement weather, the newlyweds have gone for a walk outside among the vines. Chloe is curious to know how her husband talked Hendrix into coming back. "I was honest, and he got a few things off his chest too," Pierce explains and agrees with his wife that they hopefully have "turned a corner." In the spirit of honesty, Chloe admits that she wasn't sure today would actually happen and even Pierce admits he was "cutting it pretty close!"
CHLOE: Closest shave I've ever seen, but we made it!
Pierce apologises for stressing her out however she adds that they are in it together. Chloe then goes into her bag and gives him her welcome to the family pressie - a pair of rainbow diced cufflinks!
PIERCE: Death by dice!
CHLOE: Exactly!
"I love them," he exclaims, and Chloe add that the dice also symbolise that "love is a gamble."
CHLOE: And I totally won!
PIERCE: We both did.
Back inside at the reception, Susan chats to Finn about when he will be next seeing his mum (he isn't sure) but warns him against getting too disappointed although he thinks she has changed after losing Shaun. "I hope you're right," she finishes with.
Meanwhile, when Aaron returns with a drink for David, he is immediately concerned over how pale he is. David admits to feeling a bit light headed so Aaron yells for Karl to come over, despite saying "it's not a big deal, I just might need to call it a day." Karl readily agrees with David that he's overdone it and goes to call the hospital to say he's heading back. Toadie volunteers to drive (Kyle wanted too but David reminded him he hasn't a licence) and the pair head off after David orders Aaron to stay and party with his sister.
Karl catches Hendrix trying to order an alcoholic drink and gets the bar staff to change it to a soft drink, before telling the lad that he knows why he took off. Hendrix doesn't look too impressed at his dad blabbing and is even less amused to find out that it was Elly who told Karl! Offering the lad some advice, Karl knows that he couldn't help fall in love with Chloe but it's up to him to choose to not let it affect his relationship with Pierce. "I'm dealing with it," the lad admits, which Karl is pleased to hear and is hopeful that the chats they've already had have set the ball rolling. "Plus you've got Adelaide too," Karl adds but the lad is refusing to go because he "can't do it again." Hendrix is adamant too that he isn't going back to #24 either!
Coming up on Neighbours
- Leo is back!
- Claudia and Finn arguing over the baby.
- Elly suffering some pains.
- Kyle wanting to start a family now with Amy.
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Pierce Greyson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8251
Pierce Greyson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8251
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan

Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Pierce Greyson, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Pierce Greyson, Hendrix Greyson

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
Karl Kennedy, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Hendrix Greyson, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Hendrix Greyson, Pierce Greyson

Chloe Brennan, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8251
Chloe Brennan, Elly Conway

Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Finn Kelly, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Finn Kelly, Bea Nilsson

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8251
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy

Aaron Brennan, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
Aaron Brennan, Chloe Brennan

Hendrix Greyson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
Hendrix Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Chloe Brennan, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
Karl Kennedy, Chloe Brennan, Aaron Brennan

Finn Kelly, Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8251
Finn Kelly, Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway, David Tanaka

Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8251
Kyle Canning, Toadie Rebecchi

Chloe Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Chloe Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Pierce Greyson

Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8251
Chloe Brennan, Pierce Greyson, Susan Kennedy

Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8251
Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy

Pierce Greyson, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Pierce Greyson, Hendrix Greyson

Toadie Rebecchi, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8251
Toadie Rebecchi, Kyle Canning

Aaron Brennan, Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway in Neighbours Episode 8251
Aaron Brennan, Bea Nilsson, Elly Conway

Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Finn Kelly, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8251
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis, Finn Kelly, Toadie Rebecchi

Chloe Brennan    , Pierce Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Chloe Brennan , Pierce Greyson

Susan Kennedy, Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8251
Susan Kennedy, Finn Kelly

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8251
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson in Neighbours Episode 8251
Karl Kennedy, Hendrix Greyson

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8251
Karl Kennedy

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