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Neighbours Episode 0786 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0786 (Joe Mangel's first appearance)
Australian airdate: 08/08/88
UK airdate: 14/11/89
UK Gold: 06/11/95
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jane and Henry standing outside Joe Mangel's house, waiting for him to answer the door.
Joe Mangel's house
Henry tells Jane nervously that he's done time with blokes like this; if Joe thinks they're hounding him, that'll be the end of it. Jane just retorts that she's not going to sneak away *now*. The door opens suddenly and a roughneck- type guy demands:
MAN: What do ya want?
JANE: You're Joe Mangel, aren't you?
MAN: Whatever you're sellin', I'm not buying.
JANE: No, we're not selling anything-
MAN: I'm not in the market for religion, either. Buzz off.
The man goes to shut the door, but Jane says quickly:
JANE: I'm your niece! Jane Harris.
The man opens the door again and, staring at Jane, says:
JOE: Yeah? Yeah... last time I saw you, you were knee high to a grasshopper. Yeah, you're like your mum. Jane, eh?
Joe then turns to Henry and asks him who *he* is. Henry replies slightly nervously that he's Henry Ramsay: just a friend helping out. Joe turns back to Jane and says coolly:
JOE: You're my niece. So what?
JANE: I want to talk to you. It's about the family.
JOE: Look, as far as I'm concerned I haven't *got* a family, love, so we got nothin' to talk about. Ping off, both of ya.
With that, Joe slams the door shut. Henry murmurs to Jane that they tried. Jane, however, grits her teeth and retorts that Joe's not going to get away with it. She starts hammering on the door.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Helen is sitting at her desk in the office, commenting to Paul - who has a huge pile of files in front of him - that he's not making much of an impression on his backlog and asking if she should call Gail. Paul, however, snaps that if Gail could be spared from the hotel, he'd have her in there *with* him. He adds angrily that Jane's taking an extended lunch hour when he needs her... He then apologises, telling Helen that he'd be in a worse jam if *she* wasn't there helping him. Helen says:
HELEN: Paul, it probably isn't the time to offer you some home truths, but I'm going to anyway.
PAUL (mutters): Gran, I have not got *time* for this.
HELEN (ignoring the protestation): At best, you are going to start making bad decisions - and hurting a few relationships to boot. At worst, you could be heading for a breakdown.
PAUL: Look, work *has* to get done.
HELEN: That's fine, darling, but you're not coping with the pressure. Now, if you took half an hour away from all of this to relax-
PAUL: Look, I have *been* through all of this with dad. I *have* walked around the complex, I *have* relaxed...
He then mutters that he's sorry, and he asks if they can just drop the subject. Helen tells him that she has a relaxation and meditation tape at home. Paul, however, retorts that if she really wants to help him, can she stay back this afternoon? Helen replies that she can stay until 3pm, but then she has to go shopping. There's suddenly a knock on the door and a woman comes in and hands Paul a fax, telling him that it just came through from New York. Paul reads it and then lets out a groan. Helen queries:
HELEN: Bad news?
PAUL: Yeah... Rosemary. That pastoral development investigation: she wants it completed - yesterday, if possible.
He throws the fax up in the air and leans back in his chair, looking frustrated.
Coffee Shop
Scott heads into the Coffee Shop and asks Harold for one rabbit- food special! Harold looks at him darkly and mutters:
HAROLD: Rabbit food, eh?
SCOTT (chuckles): Well, no offence, but...
HAROLD (tersely): Oh, right, yes, innocently enough said, but there lies the problem, doesn't it?
Scott looks at Harold blankly and Harold explains that he's about to offer him two slices of crusty wholemeal bread, enclosing a delicious variety of nature's bounty, bursting with vitamins and goodness, but people call it 'rabbit food'; they would rather have a processed cheeseburger. Scott laughs that you can't change the way people think! Harold, however, exclaims:
HAROLD: You, a budding journalist, would say that? I'm disappointed!
He goes on that he wants to reclaim the minds of the youths of Erinsborough - and he's convinced that the best way to do that is to revitalise the local Scout movement: once the healthy minds are in, fast foods are out! Scott declares:
SCOTT: The first Erinsborough Scouting troop founded in 1952 by H.J. Powley!
Harold smiles that he's impressed! Scott explains that he knows heaps of stuff about that: he's doing the cops and then the fire brigade and he's got all the community bodies covered then. He adds that the article's getting way out of hand, but Harold smiles that it'll do him good to keep busy. Looking suddenly glum, Scott says:
SCOTT: I really miss her, Harold.
HAROLD: Oh, cheer up - I'm sure your transfer will come through. You *did* get a hopeful reply to one of your applications, didn't you?
Scott nods that one of the editors he applied to said he'd call and they could have a chat. Changing the subject, Harold asks Scott if he could deliver the afternoon tea order to the office next door, as he doesn't want to take the chance of going out and bumping into Mrs. Mangel: she almost bit his head off this morning. He adds:
HAROLD: You know, I think having the Davies girl staying with her might be proving to be too much.
SCOTT: Actually, it's not only Bronwyn and Sharon... *Jane's* been off the air, too. I asked Henry about it and he said, "Family problems, mate. My lips are sealed."
Joe Mangel's house
Jane is pacing along the verandah outside the house, saying loudly so that Joe can hear inside:
JANE: I think it's pretty pathetic for a grown man to be sulking inside his house because he's too gutless to speak to a member of his own family.
The front door flies open suddenly and Joe marches out, snapping at Jane:
JOE: I've had you. I've had *both* of you.
Jane, however, retorts:
JANE: Don't you even want to know about your mother? Your *own mother*. Haven't you got any feelings at all? She had a heart attack three months ago.
JOE: Oh *did* she? Well, she's of an age when that sort of thing can happen, isn't she.
JANE: Is that all you can say?
JOE: I'm not a hypocrite. I haven't seen her in a dozen flamin' years and a dozen more will suit me fine. Is that why you came here, is it? To take the long- lost son back to the grieving mother? How well do you think you know her?
JANE: I *live* with her.
JOE: Yeah, well, you know her all right - unless you're stupid. Look, twelve years ago she expected the worst in me; she went looking for it and she found it. You're not doing the old dragon any favours looking for *me*.
With that, he goes to march back inside. Jane, however, calls after him:
JANE: There's a gun in the house!
Joe stops in his tracks and turns to look at her. She goes on:
JANE: She tried to hide it when granddad left. She's terrified of it; she won't talk about it. It's *your* gun, isn't it, Uncle Joe?
Joe stands there staring at Jane.
Coffee Shop
Nick walks into the Coffee Shop and heads over to the counter. Harold tells him that he's still thinking about the job and he'll let Nick know when he's made up his mind. Nick, however, explains that he just came in for a milkshake. At that moment, the shop door opens again and Emma comes in. Harold asks her how Todd is, but she replies:
EMMA: Todd *who*?
She joins Nick at the counter and he offers her a milkshake, which she accepts. She then notices Scott sitting at one of the tables, and she says hi to him. Scott muses:
SCOTT: Todd who, huh?!
EMMA (flatly): That's right.
Scott then looks at Nick and grins that he didn't recognise him without his spray can. Nick snaps back:
NICK: You having a shot?
Scott, however, just smiles:
SCOTT: When you write a letter to Santa Claus, why don't you ask him for a sense of humour?!
Outside Joe Mangel's house
Joe lifts up a bag of cement in his front yard and tells Henry to make himself useful. Henry picks up another bag, but as he does so Jane warns him that he's going to be late for his shift at Lassiter's. Henry just tells her that he's not *leaving* her there. Jane says she can catch a cab. Henry asks her warily if she's sure, and Jane insists that she is. Henry drops the bag of cement into Joe's ute, which is parked in the road, and tells Jane to let him know when she gets back. Joe tells Jane:
JOE: Should go with him - cabs cost money.
JANE: It's only family now. I'll go when I learn the truth.
JOE (mutters): She had the right idea: put the gun back in the hole and bury it.
JANE: Whatever you did... whatever happened between you two, can't you just bury that as well?
JOE (firmly): No.
JANE: You know, I never had much respect for my mother, but when nan had a heart attack, she came. She came all the way from Hong Kong.
Joe mutters at Jane that her mother came for the *bucks*. Henry drives off and Jane and Joe watch him go. Joe then says tersely:
JOE: When you wave the word 'family' around, I reckon it should *mean* something. *We* don't *qualify*. Don't get me wrong - I've got nothin' against your mother. We were different: she was always after her best chances; good luck to her, I got no grudges *there*.
JANE: But you're not going to tell me about the gun?
JOE: Bury it.
JANE: I want you to come and see nan. Come on - won't you even *think* about it?
Joe climbs into his ute and retorts:
JOE: Look, the last time I saw you, you were just a little kid. Considering the odds, you turned out all right.
With that, he starts the ute's engine and drives off, leaving Jane standing in the road watching him go.
Coffee shop
Emma is sitting at a table with Nick, asking him what they're going to do afterwards. Nick, however, tells her tersely to finish her milkshake. She apologises. Helen comes in, loaded down with bags, and Harold muses that she's still feeding the 10,000, is she?! She asks him if the lamingtons she ordered are ready. Todd comes in suddenly and spots Emma sitting with Nick. Nick calls over:
NICK: Hey, Todd, why don't you grab a seat?
TODD (bitterly): Why don't you drop dead?
He marches over to the counter as Nick taunts:
NICK: I guess when you're a born loser-
TODD (angrily): Listen, mate, you say one more-
Helen interjects and tells Todd and Nick that that's enough from *both* of them. Nick then stands up and tells Helen that he'll take her bags for her, as he's got to drop off some stuff for his grandma anyway. He picks them up and then calls over to Emma to come on. The two of them head out. When they've gone, Harold says to Helen:
HAROLD: You know, I had my doubts about that boy, but the more I know him, the more I'm impressed.
Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Jane is sitting talking on the 'phone to Henry, telling him that she got back all right. Paul emerges from the office and Jane tells Henry quickly that she's got to go. She hangs up and Paul mutters that it's nice of her to find the time to drop in. Jane says she's very sorry - she'll stay back late and make up the time. Paul retorts:
PAUL: You bet you will.
He goes on tersely:
PAUL: Listen, Jane, you know we're swamped at the moment; you know I'm counting on you. If you want to pick and choose your working hours, you find a boss that can afford it.
JANE: I *said* I was sorry.
Paul just heads back into the office dismissively. The outside door opens suddenly and Henry comes in. Jane tells him that she can't talk to him right now. Henry, however, exclaims that she can't leave him in suspense: what about the gun? Jane replies that Joe wouldn't tell her - although he *did* tell her a few things she *didn't* want to hear. Henry comments that Joe doesn't want to know; she should just leave it at that. Jane, however, says:
JANE: Henry, I *like* him. I know that sounds crazy after the way he was, but I honestly think if he and nan just talked things out...
Henry tells Jane warily that she's playing a very dangerous game here. At that moment, Paul emerges from the office again and says coolly to Jane:
PAUL: Afternoon tea, is it?
He then tells Henry that Jane has got work to do. Henry backs off and heads out. Paul glares at Jane before returning to the office.
Back yard of No. 26
Emma is sitting in the cubby house in the back yard of No. 26, playing a handheld computer game. She hands it to Nick and tells him that it's his turn, but he only fiddles with it momentarily before going to hand it back. Emma says she thought he *wanted* to play it, but he retorts that it's kid's stuff. Emma says quickly that *she* doesn't like it either. Todd appears outside suddenly and snaps:
TODD: Hey - who's got my game?
NICK (holding up the game): You mean *this*?
TODD (coldly): So you're a thief as *well*?
EMMA (snaps): Todd, you take that back. You said I could borrow it any time I *wanted* to.
TODD: That was *before*.
NICK (in a mocking voice): That was before...!
Emma climbs out of the cubby house and hands the game to Todd, telling him that she and Nick don't need it - it's kid's stuff. Nick emerges from the cubby house and taunts Todd:
NICK: Why don't you go and watch television? Sesame Street should be on about now!
TODD (to Emma): Hanging around with deros, now? Look, I thought you had more sense-
NICK (snaps): Apologise, junior.
TODD: What - you gonna make me?
EMMA (sighs): Oh stop it, both of you.
NICK (to Todd): You call me a thief, I ought to spread your face.
TODD (retorts): Oh try it, bigmouth.
NICK: You're asking for it...
TODD: Big man with a spray can. All the little kids at kindergarten could do a better job than-
NICK (snaps): If you weren't such a little runt, I'd *do* it.
Todd lunges at Nick suddenly and pushes him to the ground. The two of them start struggling. Emma cries at them to stop it, but Nick rolls over so that he's on top of Todd, who snaps at him to get off. Nick holds Todd's arms down on the ground and taunts:
NICK: Do you want a paper bag so you can fight your way out of *that*?!
Back yard of No. 26
A few moments later, Scott and Helen run across the lawn and Scott separates Nick and Todd, asking them angrily what they think they're doing. Helen demands to know who started it. Nick retorts that they're just mucking around, but Helen asks him if she thinks he's a fool. Nick tells her that it just got a bit out of hand; no one's hurt. Helen asks Todd if he has anything to say. Emma steps forward, though, and says meekly:
EMMA: I think it was *my* fault.
Helen suggests to her that perhaps it's time she went home, and she heads off. Nick says he's going to go as well, and he climbs down from the cubby house and walks off. Todd climbs down and Helen says to him curtly:
HELEN: Do you want to give me *your* version of it?
Todd doesn't respond, and so Helen tells him to go and clean up. Left alone with Helen, Scott grins:
SCOTT: Keeping up a great tradition: certainly been a lot of skin lost in *this* backyard, huh?!
HELEN: Hmm... you *and* Paul - and even Julie on occasions! Don't remind me - talk about déją vu!
SCOTT: No harm done.
HELEN (warily): If that's the end of it...
SCOTT: Gran, you're taking it too seriously!
HELEN: Am I? Thanks to you and Paul, I've been educated into how stupidly boys behave when they become involved with girls...!
SCOTT (looking surprised): *Emma*? I thought Nick would be too *old* for her.
HELEN: I think he's only encouraging her to stir Todd - and succeeding...
Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Paul emerges from the office and tells Jane - who has lots of papers on her desk - that if she had something else planned for tonight, she doesn't have to stay back; she can make it up another time. Jane insists that she'd rather get it done, but Paul tells her:
PAUL: Jane, I am trying to apologise.
JANE: I know - and for a start, I was in the wrong, so there's no need; and secondly, I *would* rather get this done - I'd feel a lot better.
She then adds that, if it's time for apologies, she's really sorry that she snapped at him before. Paul tells her that she needs to relax more - he knows where she can get these fabulous meditation tapes! Jane says she's sure they'll feel a lot better once they get the company investigation off to Rosemary. Paul, however, tells her that that's *next* week's work. Looking surprised, Jane comments that she thought it was *urgent*. Paul says:
PAUL: Jane, Rosemary has been *swamping* me with work lately. She can wait: those invoices are a priority.
Changing the subject, Paul then comments that, judging by the length of Jane's lunch hour, he gathers that her trip was successful. Jane muses that it depends what you call successful. Paul warns her that looking for somebody like that can be pretty dicey. Jane says:
JANE: I did *see* him again - my Uncle Joe - and I *would* like to get to know him better, but I don't think that can happen: you see, he hates the rest of my family.
PAUL: Ah. Sorry.
JANE: The sad thing is I think nan still feels the same way about him - but maybe he's right: some things *are* better off buried...
No. 24
Scott is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen to the editor of the newspaper in Brisbane, telling him that he doesn't anticipate being in the same position in six months' time. Henry comes in as Scott tells the editor that he might give him a call anyway. He hangs up and Henry comments that he smells an interstate call. Looking glum, Scott just asks Henry if he can put the kettle on. As Henry does so, he says sympathetically:
HENRY: Perry White doesn't want Clark Kent, eh?
SCOTT (sighs): Six months before there's a position vacant as a cadet.
Henry asks Scott what he's going to do. Scott comments that there are heaps of *other* papers in Brisbane. He goes on, though, that he was *relying* on this guy: it's a big paper. Henry remarks:
HENRY: Newspapers are newspapers.
SCOTT (sighs): On the Erinborough News, what do I get? Flower shows! On a city paper, I get to cover big stuff, you know?
No. 26
Helen is in the kitchen, talking on the 'phone to Jim and telling him that she'll heat up dinner for him when he gets home. She hangs up as Todd comes in, and she tells him that Jim's going to be late. Todd asks her if she told him about the fight, but Helen replies that she didn't, because if she told him over the 'phone he might blame Nick. She adds:
HELEN: You know, I don't believe you'd let him take the blame if it wasn't his fault.
TODD: He borrowed my game and I did my block. I threw the first punch.
HELEN (muses): The game... so *that* was the reason? *Emma's* been spending a lot of time with Nick lately...
TODD (shrugs): It's a free country.
HELEN: So it is. Todd, if you have any more objections to Nick staying here, I want to hear them - *now*.
TODD: It's not just Emma. Well, he sprays garbage all over the fence outside the workshop and what's he get? Superstar treatment. I know what would happen if it were *me*.
HELEN: Look, I know this may sound boring, but we're trying to help someone who's having a tougher time than *we* are, so I'd appreciate a little more tolerance while he's here, thank you.
TODD: Yeah, whatever you say. What about today?
HELEN: That's up to Jim - but I think you'd have a better case if your homework's done.
Todd then asks in concern if Jim will ban him from the school excursion to Lion Park. Helen assures him that he won't do that. Todd adds that they're supposed to pay for it tomorrow... Helen rolls her eyes and asks Todd to get her handbag from the lounge. As he does so, he tells her that the cost is $5. He hands the bag to Helen and she opens it, but she then says in surprise:
HELEN: Where did you find this?
TODD: On the coffee table.
HELEN: That's where I put it when I came home, so what have I done with my purse?
TODD: Well, you couldn't have *lost* it: your handbag was closed.
He then adds that *he* didn't take it. Helen assures him quickly that she's not suggesting anyone *took* it. Todd, however, says:
TODD: Nick came back this afternoon with a whole stack of stuff for his grandma. I thought he was supposed to be *broke*...
Looking suddenly worried, Helen asks Todd to go and look out the front and see if she's dropped it out there. As Todd heads out, he reminds Helen that Nick *was* standing right next to her in the Coffee Shop when she paid Harold for the lamingtons. Helen stands there looking worried.
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Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0786
Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0786
Joe Mangel, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0786
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0786
Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson

Joe Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0786
Joe Mangel, Jane Harris

Nick Page, Harold Bishop, Emma Gordon in Neighbours Episode 0786
Nick Page, Harold Bishop, Emma Gordon

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0786
Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0786
Jane Harris, Joe Mangel

Emma Gordon, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0786
Emma Gordon, Nick Page

Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0786
Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0786
Todd Landers

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0786
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay

Todd Landers, Emma Gordon in Neighbours Episode 0786
Todd Landers, Emma Gordon

Todd Landers, Emma Gordon, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0786
Todd Landers, Emma Gordon, Nick Page

Todd Landers, Scott Robinson, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0786
Todd Landers, Scott Robinson, Nick Page

Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0786
Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0786
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0786
Scott Robinson, Henry Ramsay

Todd Landers, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0786
Todd Landers, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0786
Helen Daniels

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