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Neighbours Episode 0785 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0785
Australian airdate: 05/08/88
UK airdate: 13/11/89
UK Gold: 03/11/95
Summary/Images by: Graham
Henry telling Jane that he thinks he's found her Uncle Joe!
Coffee Shop
Henry tells Jane that he knew she'd be anxious, so he zipped straight round! Jane smiles that it's terrific! She then asks Paul if, as it's only 8:30am and they don't officially start until 9am... Paul sighs that there's a pile of paperwork that needs doing - and how long is it since she's seen this Uncle Joe, anyway? He adds:
PAUL: What's so important? You'd think he had a gun at your head or something.
JANE (murmurs shiftily): You're right. It's a silly idea...
Paul repeats that he doesn't understand: why is it so important? Jane replies quickly that he's family, that's all - she'll go and see him at lunchtime instead. She asks Henry to come with her and he smiles that he wouldn't miss it for the world! Paul warns Jane that she's got one hour only for lunch, but Jane insists that there's no need to worry. Paul, however, retorts:
PAUL: Oh, I think there *is*. Look, this guy's probably the Phar Lap of yarn- spinners, and I know family reunions, Jane: hours of Auld Lang Syne and sentimental hogwash, if you don't mind me saying so. Why don't you just leave it until after work?
Jane insists that she'll watch the time. She and Paul then stand up to head to the office and she tells Henry that she'll see him at lunchtime.
No. 28
Des is sitting at the table, reading the paper, while Bronwyn moves Jamie's playpen and comments that the little one probably slept right through last night's excitement. Des smiles that he reckons all babies are born with jetlag: whenever adults are trying to go to sleep, they wake up! The doorbell rings suddenly and Bronwyn goes to get it. She finds Sharon on the step. She invites her in and Sharon walks over to Des and thanks him for helping out last night. She adds that she's really sorry everyone worried so much, but she was quite OK. Des accepts the apology and goes to check on Jamie. Left alone with her sister, Bronwyn looks at Sharon and muses:
BRONWYN: You wouldn't *want* something...?
SHARON: Come on, Bronny, you told me you were going to ring dad this morning.
BRONWYN: Did I, now?!
She then admits:
BRONWYN: He doesn't want you staying in Erinsborough.
Sharon sighs that she *knew* she should have rung him herself; *she* would've got round him. Bronwyn, however, goes on:
BRONWYN: He also reckons you're as useful as a ring- barked tree on the farm! - so he'll let you stay for as long as I reckon I can handle you!
Sharon exclaims that that's unreal! Des rejoins them and welcomes Sharon to Ramsay Street! Sharon beams that life's going to be so much more exciting there. She adds:
SHARON: I mean, Jane's been to America and everything! *I'm* going to go to America! I'm going to meet Sean Penn and he's going to ask me out on a date and call around to pick me up in a big white limousine with six doors and a television in the back!
Des says to Bronwyn:
DES: Yep. Er, meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, do you want to enrol her in Erinsborough High today?
Bronwyn nods that she'll take care of it. Des also warns Sharon to keep on- side with Mrs. Mangel. With that, he heads off to work. Bronwyn tells Sharon that their dad is sending down a bit of cash, but he doesn't have much. Sharon says she'll get that organ fixed for Mrs. Mangel. Bronwyn, however, says coolly:
BRONWYN: I mean this, Shaz: play up on me and I'll have you back in Narrabri faster than you can spit, all right?
SHARON: I'll be good - I promise.
Bronwyn doesn't look convinced.
No. 24
Henry is sitting working at the kitchen table when Madge emerges from her bedroom, wearing her outfit for the pub, but she tells Henry that she's decided to take a risk and wear the male version of the costume as a protest. She adds:
MADGE: The female version shows broad acres of flesh. I've tried to explain it to Paul but he can be so damn stubborn at times.
HENRY (laughs): What about *you*?!
MADGE: I'm not being stubborn, I'm fighting for a principle: a little bit of respect for *me*, as a person.
Henry stands up and tells Madge that something's missing. He then grins and suggests that maybe it's the sheepdog! Madge mutters:
MADGE: Henry, for heaven's sake, I'm supposed to be a barmaid, not Madam Lash!
Henry then smiles that the outfit's great. Madge sighs that Paul seems to have lost his sense of humour lately; usually he can take a joke, but she just hopes that the outfit isn't pushing him too far. Henry asks her who else is going to stand up for her if she doesn't stand up for herself. He adds:
HENRY: Paul's got a few hassles right now, but he's pretty reasonable most of the time. When he sees how deeply you feel about it, he'll meet you half way.
MADGE: That's what I'm counting on.
Driveway of No. 26/Ramsay Street
Jim and Todd emerge from No. 26 and head towards Jim's car, Todd saying as they do so that that Nick bloke's OK. Jim nods that it seems to be turning out that way. He adds:
JIM: Perhaps we should've been more friendly with him in the *first* place?
TODD: Yeah - then I wouldn't've had to break up with Emma.
JIM: Oh - that's the only reason you changed your mind, is it?
TODD: Oh, not really. He's pretty weird; you've got to get used to him.
JIM: Yeah, well, he's prickly because he's had such a tough time of it - but those types can often make the best mates.
TODD: I hope so. I really want to get back with Emma, and that might help.
JIM: Well, play it cool, that's the main thing. Stay friendly; don't hassle her.
With that, Todd walks off down the street. Sharon calls out to him suddenly and joins him, asking if he was out looking for her last night as well. Todd replies that *everyone* was. He then asks Sharon if she got into any trouble. She replies:
SHARON: Not much. The people here are really nice - that's why dad's letting me stay.
She then adds that that's *one* hassle out of the way - but she's got to get some money, as she's flat broke and she should help Bronny. She adds that she really needs that job at the Coffee Shop... Todd tells her:
TODD: You'll get it - then all *your* hassles will be solved...
SHARON: What is it?! Not that girl again?
TODD: Yeah - Emma.
SHARON: Why don't you buy her a present? Girls *love* presents.
TODD: Like what?
SHARON: I don't know.
She puts her hand up to brush her hair behind her ear, and exclaims as she does so:
SHARON: Earrings! Everybody *loves* earrings!
Todd murmurs that that's a great idea, but *he* hasn't got any money either. Sharon suggests that maybe they can *get* some, and she asks Todd if he can play a musical instrument. Todd starts to say that he's got a mouth organ at home-. Sharon interrupts and tells him to meet her at Mrs. Mangel's at lunchtime. Todd asks why. Sharon just says:
SHARON: Look, do you want to earn some money or don't you?
TODD: Yeah, course I do.
SHARON: Well, I've got the way to solve all our problems.
TODD: What is it?
SHARON: See you at lunchtime!
With that, Sharon walks off, leaving Todd looking puzzled!
Outside the Office of the Daniels Corporation
Jane heads out of the office just as Paul walks up. He comments to her that she's away right on the starting gun, isn't she! Jane asks how his meeting was, and he mutters that it was a couple of young guys trying to play heavy: they want to vary the contract on the shopping centre development. Jane comments:
JANE: You're looking tired.
PAUL: Yeah, last night certainly didn't help. You know I normally flag about mid- afternoon; today it seems to have come early.
Jane tells Paul to make sure he has some lunch. Paul reminds her that she's only got an hour. As he goes to head into the office, Jane remembers something and says:
JANE: While you were out, Rosemary 'phoned from New York and she wants to investigate some local companies; some pastoral development company.
Paul groans that he hopes it's not urgent, but Jane tells him that by the way she spoke it sounded like it might be. Paul asks why she wants it *now*, when he's in the middle of the Udagawa factories. Jane says she'll do what she can to help. With that, she goes to head off. Paul reminds her again that she's only got one hour.
No. 32
Sharon opens the front door of No. 32 and Todd comes in with his mouth organ. The two of them head into the lounge room and Todd asks Sharon what her big idea is. Sharon declares:
SHARON: We're going busking!
TODD (uncertainly): Busking...?
SHARON: We're going to Lassiter's. We'll make trillions!
Todd tells Sharon that he can't *play* his mouth organ, but Sharon shrugs that the secret of busking is just to enjoy yourself. Todd sighs that he'll look like an idiot, but Sharon insists that he won't. Todd then asks about Paul: there's no way he's going to let them. Sharon tells him:
SHARON: *I'll* take care of that. See, I've got everything we need: a hat for people to throw money in, two puppets and two of these.
She throws Todd a Sloppy Joe, explaining that she used to wear it on the farm in Narrabri. Todd mutters that they're going to look like a couple of dags, but Sharon retorts that that's the point: they want to look really poor, then people will give them more money. Todd points out:
TODD: We haven't even practiced! Buskers have to rehearse.
SHARON: We'll rehearse and perform at the same time. Simple!
TODD: We haven't even got an *act*!
SHARON (sighs): Fair dinkum, Todd! *I'll* do a story with the puppets, *you'll* play the mouth organ.
TODD: I told you I can't *play* this [he indicates the mouth organ].
SHARON: Just make noises. I'll do the rest. Come on.
With that, the two of them head out.
Lassiter's complex
Paul is sitting at a table outside the Coffee Shop. A plate of uneaten sandwiches is on the table next to him, which he's ignoring because he's busy adding up some figures on some sheets of paper. Jim walks over suddenly and tells Paul that he was just coming to see him: he thought they might have lunch together. Paul, however, sighs that he hasn't even got time for his sandwiches; there's a mountain of work to do and it's resting in his head. Jim warns him that he's pushing things too hard. Paul looks up suddenly and notices Madge emerging from the Waterhole in her male outfit. He mutters:
PAUL: Oh, will you look at *that*?
JIM: I think she looks quite good!
PAUL (tersely): I hope you're going to keep that opinion to yourself, dad. That [he indicates Madge's outfit] is a direct attack on my authority.
With that, Paul marches over to Madge and asks her angrily what the hell she thinks she's doing. Madge replies:
MADGE: It's a compromise. I mean, there's been so much kerfuffle about the *other* uniform-
PAUL (sharply): Madge, there hasn't been any kerfuffle except with *you* - and taking the mickey isn't going to cut the ice with me.
MADGE: Nobody's taking the mickey. I think this looks rather smart. What do *you* think, Jim?
Jim, however, says he's sorry, but it's between her and Paul. Paul snaps:
PAUL: I'm only going to say this once, Madge: go and put on your colonial dress - the *proper* one.
MADGE (salutes sarcastically): Oh, anything you say, sir!
With that, Madge storms off. When she's gone, Jim warns Paul quietly that he's stressed out and it's starting to show. He suggests that, after lunch, he take twenty minutes and walk around the lake. Paul exclaims that he's got a million things to do, but Jim tells him that walking will only make them better. Paul sighs that maybe he's right.
No. 24
Jane has turned up at No. 24. Henry goes and sits down at the kitchen table, saying it's a good job he had a mate in the union. Jane, however, tells him that she's in a hurry, and so Henry stands up again. He then asks Jane how her grandmother took the news that she wanted to see Uncle Joe. Jane doesn't respond. Henry presses:
HENRY: You did *tell* her...?
JANE: There was no point.
HENRY (warily): I don't know... she's got some pretty strong feelings about this.
JANE: Well, so have I. I agree she'd expect to be told, but her mind's closed; she'd only tell me not to go.
HENRY: You should talk to her. I mean, this guy had a gun. He sounds like a pretty heavy dude.
JANE: The gun's from *ages* ago.
HENRY: Maybe he hasn't changed?
JANE: So you don't want to go, is that what you're saying?
HENRY: Hang on - give me a break, will you? I'd just like to know what it is we're letting ourselves in for, that's all.
JANE: Henry, there is a gun at our place and I want to get rid of it. Now, if I can get Joe and nan talking again, then terrific - he is her son after all; and I know what it's like when you can't talk to your parents. But if there is any hitch at all, if we can't fix it we'll walk away. I just want to get it done.
Henry puts on his jacket and suggests they get started.
Lassiter's complex
Sharon is using a couple of glove puppets to tell a story to an admiring audience of four people! Todd plays the occasional notes on his mouth organ as she speaks! Des wanders over and watches as Sharon finishes telling the story and the audience bursts into applause! One woman says:
WOMAN: Bravo! Thanks, kids, I really enjoyed that. Nearly as good as Crocodile Dundee!
She puts some money in the hat. The audience walks off and Des puts some money in the hat as well, smiling as he does so that he likes a bit of initiative! He then asks:
DES: What's with the Sloppy Joes?
SHARON: Oh... Todd's keeping his school uniform clean.
DES (muses): And it doesn't hurt to look impoverished...?
He then asks if Paul knows. Sharon looks down at the ground and Des realises that she hasn't asked his permission. He suggests that they'd better do it straight away, as he's been in a pretty bad mood lately. Sharon nods that they *will*. With that, Des walks off, leaving Todd to tell Sharon that they'd better go see Paul. Sharon, however, retorts:
SHARON: And what if he says no?
SHARON: By the time we find him and ask, lunchtime will be over. How about I meet you after school and we can ask him about tomorrow?
TODD (hesitantly): I don't know, Sharon...
Sharon, however, just tells Todd that they're missing out on customers. With that, she walks over to some people nearby and starts the 'Todd and Sharon Puppet Show' again!
Lassiter's complex
A while later, Sharon and Todd are sitting counting their money and realise they've made $6.75. Todd says he'd better be getting back to school. Sharon, however, spots a group of people approaching and says:
SHARON: Just once more!
She starts telling the tale again - but Paul and Jim come round the corner suddenly and spot them. Looking furious, Paul dashes over to the kids, grabs their arms and demands:
PAUL: What the hell do you two kids think you're doing?
TODD: We're sorry, Paul.
PAUL (snaps): This is an international hotel, not some street corner.
SHARON: We were going to ask - honest.
PAUL: And you expect me to believe that, do you? You *know* busking isn't allowed here.
SHARON: We *didn't* know - *really*.
Jim suggests that they get to the bottom of this. He asks Todd why he isn't at school and Todd explains that he needed some money to buy Emma a present. Sharon adds that *she's* got to pay for Mrs. Mangel's electric organ and they didn't want to bludge off other people. Jim takes the hat and tells the kids that there'll be no more. He then adds that *he'll* deal with Todd. Paul turns to Sharon and tells her curtly:
PAUL: And you... you and I are going to go and have a talk with your sister.
Outside Joe Mangel's house
Henry and Jane pull up in Bertha on a road outside a house. The two of them climb out and walk up a long path. They reach the house and Jane rings the bell. They wait a few seconds, but there's no answer. A woman's voice calls out suddenly:
WOMAN: Looking for that Mangel bloke?
JANE (calls back): Yes, we are. Have you seem him today?
WOMAN: Sorry, love.
Jane and Henry walk back to the pavement, where the woman is standing, and she asks them if they're from the parole board. Henry asks if Joe's on parole, but the woman just says:
WOMAN: Wouldn't be surprised. Rude, you know. Never talks to a person. Sleeps all day, out half the night.
HENRY: What doing?
WOMAN: Well, that's for him to know and us to wonder about, isn't it?
HENRY: What are his mates like? You know - the people who drop in.
WOMAN: Oh, common types; rowdies. Not nice young people like *you*!
JANE: Do you know what sort of work he does?
WOMAN (exclaims): Work?! *Him*?! He wouldn't understand the *meaning* of the word.
Jane thanks the woman and she walks off. Jane then starts heading back up towards the house.
No. 28
Bronwyn is sitting on the couch at No. 28 when there's a sharp rapping on the front door. She goes and answers it, and Paul pushes Sharon inside and says sharply:
PAUL: You and I are going to have to have a talk, Bronwyn.
Bronwyn warns Paul that Jamie's asleep, but Paul ignores this and, raising his voice, indicates Sharon and snaps:
PAUL: You are going to have to learn to keep this kid in line. First of all I'm up half the night scouring the streets looking for her with the rest of the neighbourhood; and then I find her busking in front of my hotel, looking like something from the slums of Calcutta. It's just not on, Bronwyn.
Bronwyn tries again to tell Paul to be quiet, but he just hisses:
PAUL: I *said* it's not on.
Sharon starts to explain that she was trying to raise some money. Paul snaps:
PAUL: Not off my guests you're not. Now, the next time, I'm going to call the police - and I mean it. I'll be watching you.
With that, he storms out. Sharon looks at Bronwyn and grins nervously:
SHARON: I guess he's upset!
Bronwyn retorts that he's got every *right* to be, by the sound of things. Sharon insists that she was only trying to *help*. Bronwyn snaps at Sharon that she never seems to *think* - but that's going to change: their dad rang again. Sharon says quickly that she's not going back to the farm - she *hates* that place. Bronwyn, however, explains:
BRONWYN: He told Aunt Edie about our plans. He reckons she's not impressed. She's coming down to sort things out.
SHARON (gasps): Aunty Edie...?
BRONWYN (looking worried): Yeah.
SHARON (murmurs): Gee...
Outside Joe Mangel's house
Henry walks down the path. Jane follows him, sighing:
JANE: Come on, Henry.
HENRY (retorts): Jane, he sounds like an active crim. He's got all the earmarks, and guns mean heavy.
JANE: The gun's from *ages* ago.
HENRY: You heard what the lady said!
JANE: That is just neighbours gossiping. Henry, nan did exactly the same thing to *you* when you first moved into Ramsay Street - or don't you remember?
HENRY: That was different.
JANE: Why?
HENRY: I'm not Joe Mangel, am I?!
JANE: The man's my *uncle*; he's not going to do anything to *me*.
HENRY: Look, all that's besides the point. He's not here, is he, so come on, let's go. We can decide what to do later.
All of a sudden, loud music starts blaring from the house, and Jane tells Henry that Joe must have been asleep and just woken up. She heads back up towards the house. Henry tells her that he's got bad vibes, but Jane retorts that he's a panic merchant; she hasn't come all this way for nothing. She adds that Henry doesn't have to come with her. She reaches the door and goes to knock. Henry joins her and says:
HENRY: I'm not going to let you meet him on your own.
JANE: Henry, I have to sort out all this gun business once and for all. It's as simple as that. We'll just have to take a chance.
With that, Jane rings the bell and she and Henry stand there waiting for an answer...
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Paul Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0785
Paul Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0785
Des Clarke, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies

Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0785
Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0785
Jim Robinson, Todd Landers

Todd Landers, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0785
Todd Landers, Sharon Davies

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0785
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Todd Landers, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0785
Todd Landers, Sharon Davies

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0785
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0785
Madge Bishop

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0785
Paul Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0785
Henry Ramsay, Jane Harris

Des Clarke, Sharon Davies, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0785
Des Clarke, Sharon Davies, Todd Landers

Sharon Davies, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0785
Sharon Davies, Todd Landers

Sharon Davies, Paul Robinson, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0785
Sharon Davies, Paul Robinson, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0785
Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0785
Paul Robinson, Sharon Davies

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0785
Bronwyn Davies

Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0785
Jane Harris, Henry Ramsay

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