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Neighbours Episode 5708 from 2009 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5708 (Susan offers to be a surrogate mother for Libby and Dan)
Australian airdate: 10/06/09
UK airdate:
Writer: Fiona Wood
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mum - Alicia Bellete
Dad - Paul Bellete
Baby - Charlize Bellete
Summary/Images by: LauraFace
Libby choosing Steph's health over having another child
Sunny admitting she lied to Zeke about telling her parents they were together as she hasn't yet told them.
Sunny backing out on telling Zeke the truth
Declan fighting with Harry
Bridget and Declan getting married.
Bridget throwing the bouquet as her parents and Rebecca appear to find they've gotten married without them.
Number 26
Everyone is in silence as Miranda slams down everything for dinner. She's not happy about the wedding and as Bridget is her only daughter, Miranda says she should have been there. Bridget says that with the way Miranda's going on about her relatives not being there, she's glad she wasn't there. Miranda says Bridget's selfish and doesn't consider other peoples feelings.
BRIDGET: Why does everything have to be about you?!
She storms off into her bedroom and Rebecca gets away from the drama and goes to work. Declan comes in with a plate of food and Bridget says that they should have called them from the church. Bridget's worried about how long she'll hold it against her. Declan asks if she's hungry and snatches the plate from him, saying she's starving.
DECLAN: Is there anything else I can get you?
BRIDGET: Chocolate orange mud cake with whipped cream?
DECLAN: From Harolds? Argh!
They have a giggle and Declan says he'll go but only because its their wedding night. He goes off and Bridget stops him at the door and tells him he's the best husband ever.
Dan is talking to Libby but she's busy watching a couple with their baby, smiling at the baby's behaviour. Dan get's her attention and says he's been thinking about the whole baby thing.
Number 28
Karl asks where Zeke and Sunny are going and Zeke replies that they're getting hitched. He then seriously says that they're going to play pool at Charlie's. Susan asks Zeke if he's done all his homework, which he has, and Dan asks if Sunny has, considering that she has an extension on her English analysis.
STEPH: It must suck for you guys, having all these teachers around.
ZEKE: It certainly does!
Susan and Karl tell them to be back by nine and they leave. Susan notices Libby and Dan, once again, whispering to each other and wants to know what about. Dan tells them that they've decided to go ahead with the surrogacy. Steph's overjoyed whereas Karl's the complete opposite. He says he doesn't want them to go to America to pay some moron to do it but Libby and Dan say they'd have to borrow a lot of money for that.
DAN: But if things don't work out here...I know you think it's extreme, Karl.
KARL: Damn right, I do!
LIBBY: What other choice do we have?
KARL: Well, for starters-
Karl jumps and Susan accidentally-on-purpose brushing the hot coffee pot again his arm and 'apologises' to him.
Number 26
Miranda and Steve are discussing how the wedding reception would be the world record for the shortest and smallest. Miranda says she knows it's not about her but she'd have given anything to have been there. Bridget comes in returning the plate from her room and asks if they have spare time over the week to go to a sale and get something for Tadpole. Miranda looks at Bridget's wedding rings and quickly goes to check if Mickey's lights are off. Bridget explains to her dad that it simply felt right to get married there and then. Steve understands and says he and her mum will get over it. Bridget's surprised to find that's he feels the same way.
STEVE: I would have been so proud walking you down the aisle.
BRIDGET: Yeah, but Dad, you know I was never going to be up for one of those frilly white weddings.
STEVE: I know that.
Steve hugs Bridget and she tells him she loves him and he tells him she loves her.
Zeke asks Sunny if she's going to tell her folks that she was a bridesmaid but she says most likely no as they'd ask too many questions. Sunny says they're conservative. Zeke compares them to Karl but Sunny says way more so than Karl. Zeke thinks it's amazing Sunny's parents are cool about them and Sunny gives an uneasy "yeah" in reply.
Lucas walks in and asks Harry if his sister knows he's here, but in a silly way. Harry moodily replies what it has to do with him and Lucas says he was just asking. He says that Sunny and Zeke would love a challenge but Harry says he'll wait.
Back to Zeke and Sunny, Zeke wonders why her parents sent her to Australia if they're so strict. Sunny says it's good for her English which brings Zeke to ask how she went with her English analysis. Sunny says she managed and asks to go home as she's really tired.
Declan walks in, passing Harry and Harry tries to be friendly and asks if he's still up for tomorrow. He has to remind Declan of the detention and Harry's simply being friendly but Declan simply replies with "whatever" and walks off. Harry looks affected and hurt by this. Declan asks Zeke and Sunny if they've seen Rebecca.
Declan finds her and says he's really sorry about the wedding and he loves her. Rebecca comments on how he tried to stop Paul leaving the country says it all. Declan says he hates Paul for leaving her and it proves what kind of a man he is. Rebecca says he's not that bad. He's trying to find the Ramsay Kids' father. Rebecca tells Declan that Paul's still in the country and Declan thinks that she has to dob Paul into the police and if she won't, he will. Rebecca won't let him do that and Declan wants to know why. Rebecca says it's because she loves him the same way she loves Bridget.
Number 26
Bridget sits down next to Miranda and Miranda hugs her. Bridget says Miranda was right, they were selfish. Miranda say that she was upset but Bridget says it's still true. Bridget says that she wants a wedding reception in her house, Miranda should buy the dress, being the mother of the bride, and she should also organise it as she's really good at that. Miranda's happy to know that. Declan walks in to see them hugging.
In their room, Declan says he doesn't mind if it makes her mum happy and Didge knows Rebecca will love it. Bridget notices he's got something on his mind and Declan says it's just stuff to do with his mum and Paul. But he doesn't want to talk about it and says that they're going on their honey moon. He gets Bridget to stand up on the bed and says it's a cruise ship for them and they can go wherever they like. Bridget suggests Tahiti and Declan turns on the imaginary autopilot. They're now walking along the ship's deck and Bridget spots an imaginary dolphin.
DECLAN: I think it's a herd of dolphins.
BRIDGET: You mean a pod.
DECLAN: If we are pretending, it can be whatever I want.
BRIDGET: Oh look, an island! With coconut trees!
They start discussing the big feast they're going to have on board the ship. Aw, to relive childhood.
Number 28
Zeke brings Sunny kimchi toast and asks why she's doing her essay still. Sunny says that she's just looking over it. Susan walks in and brings home Audrey. She gives him to Zeke and Susan tells Karl that Steve wanted to know if the phantom pooper had been around since Audrey's been away. Karl asks when they should meet for lunch but Susan asks to take a rain check and says Libby wanted to have lunch for some mother-daughter time. Karl agrees for lunch tomorrow.
Erinsborough High
Zeke's surprised to hear that Miranda, Steve and Rebecca haven't gone ballistic and have calmed down and Declan tells him there's a reception tonight. Harry turns up and glares at Declan. Declan moodily asks what his problem is but Harry simply walks off. Zeke wonders what Declan has done but Declan doesn't know. Zeke tells him to cut him some slack, he's been through a lot. Sunny turns up and Declan remembers her extension on the English analysis. He complains about it being the three way comparison and he and Zeke being discussing it. Sunny realises she made a big mistake in her analysis as she thought it was a two way comparison. She tries to get her work back from Fitzy, but fails.
Harold's Store
Libby is alone doing paperwork and Karl walks in calling her a lunch stealer and that he's been dying to eat in the place he and Susan were having lunch. Libby doesn't know what he's talking about and Karl finds that Susan never made plans with Libby to have lunch. Karl gets suspicious and asks Libby to find out what's going on but Libby doesn't want to spy. Karl says that ever since she hid her MS from him, Karl tends to get worried. Libby then agrees but she's sure there's nothing to worry about.
Number 28
Libby walks in whilst Susan is looking through recipes for Bridget and Declan's wedding reception and Libby asks what's going on about lunch. She explains Karl's worried that her MS has come back and she's hiding it but Susan says it's nothing like that at all. Susan won't tell Libby why she's lying to him because she doesn't want to say anything to anyone until she has her facts straight. Libby wants to know what the facts are about, in a cheeky manner but Susan's not telling her but reassures her that she's not doing anything bad. Libby's just going to have to trust her.
Erinsborough High
Dan is giving back the English analysis' and Zeke asks the class average, which was 72% and Zeke got 90% which he's happy about. Suny receives hers as Dan asks for Bridget but she's at the toilet. Sunny is checking her score as Zeke finds that Bridget has 92%.
ZEKE: (To Sunny) What did you get? 98? 99? (Sunny ignores him) Come on, it can't be that bad.
Sunny walks to Fitzy's desk, not happy.
SUNNY: There must be a mistake, you've failed me.
DAN: There's no mistake, Sunny.
SUNNY: I'm an A grade student.
DAN: Not on this essay. You didn't read the question properly.
Sunny's flustered about it and Zeke asks her if everything's ok. Sunny then shouts at Dan in Korean, ripping up her essay. She walks outside, crying.
Elsewhere, Declan and Harry are on gum detention and Harry again starts to talk to Declan commenting that what they have to do is so gross. Declan says it's his fault that they're doing it because Harry didn't stay away from the play. Harry's fed up and walks out of detention. Declan asks where he's going.
HARRY: Who cares?
Dan comes down and asks Declan if he's seen Sunny but Dec says to ask Zeke. He then notices Harry's gone and asks where he is. Declan simply says "who cares?" and says the guys a pain. Dan tells Declan to pack up and he'll deal with Harry.
Harry is shooting some pool and Lucas offers him a game. They're about to play when Dan walks in telling him to go back to school. Lucas says to let him finish the game but Dan's worried how the board will see it. Lucas tells Dan to give him some space but Dan ignores him.
Erinsborough High
Dan tells Harry that if Harry misses any of his detentions he'll send a letter he's written to her. Harry leaves as Sunny walks in, wanting to talk to Dan. She says she's sorry for criticizing her fail grade. Dan says it's obvious she's under pressure and suggests they talk to Karl and Susan. She immediately objects, knowing they'll tell her parents. Sunny's desperate for that not to happen and tells him that she'll no longer be distracted and so Dan agrees to keep it quiet.
Number 26
Declan and Bridget are standing in front on a chocolate éclair mountain. Declan goes to take one but Bridget slaps his hand away. She then wanders off and Declan seizes his chances to eat them. Bridget tells her mother her dress looks good on her and Miranda thanks her for making her buy a new one. Bridget is amazed they managed to organise the wedding reception within a day. Check in the background, we see Declan munching on the chocolate éclairs, checking Bridget doesn't catch him eating them. He freezes when Bridget looks around, wide eyed and nearly caught!
Steph asks Libby about Susan's secret as they prepare food in the kitchen. Libby says that as long as her health's ok then that's all that matters. Steph comments on how Susan wouldn't let anyone else be so sneaky.
In the lounge, Steve announces that they have a presentation to make. Mickey presents a pillow with two wedding rings their parents bought for them. Steve then explains how the ceremony's going to go: he's going to walk Bridget from her bedroom, along the hallway and they exchange their rings in front of everyone. Miranda asks if it's too over the top. Bridget says it is but she loves it.
Number 28
Sunny is typing up her essay again and Zeke urges her to go to the wedding reception. Sunny says she'll go later but Zeke's insistent. Sunny stands up and says that she and Zeke can't go out anymore. Zeke's grin is gone when he learns she can't study when she's with him. Zeke argues that she only failed one assignment and that he can help. He mentions her parents are cool with it, but he doesn't know that they don't know, which makes Sunny feel guilty. She says she's sorry and walks away to her room, leaving Zeke heartbroken.
Number 26
The Parkers are taking pictures as Karl brings more dishes to Susan as she's washing up. He gets in her way and says that she's avoiding him and wants to know what's going on but she says that it'll have to wait until they get home. Karl's about to make a scene and as he's about to get everyone's attention, Susan gives in and admits she went to see the doctor. Karl immediately thinks the MS is back but she reassures him that it's not. Susan reveals she wanted to see if she could still carry a child. She wants to be the surrogate for Libby and Dan.
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Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Mickey Gannon, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5708
Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Mickey Gannon, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5708
Bridget Parker

Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5708
Libby Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald

Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5708
Zeke Kinski, Sunny Lee

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5708
Susan Kennedy

Steve Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5708
Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Bridget Parker, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5708
Bridget Parker, Declan Napier

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5708
Zeke Kinski

Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5708
Sunny Lee

Lucas Fitzgerald, Harry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5708
Lucas Fitzgerald, Harry Ramsay

Dan Fitzgerald, Sunny Lee in Neighbours Episode 5708
Dan Fitzgerald, Sunny Lee

Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5708
Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker

Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5708
Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Mickey Gannon

 in Neighbours Episode 5708

Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5708
Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5708
Karl Kennedy

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