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Neighbours Episode 1285 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1285 (Kerry Bishop is shot by duck hunters)
Australian airdate: 07/09/90
UK airdate: 23/10/91
UK Gold:07/10/97
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Amber Martin: Alison White
Michael: Richard Fitzgerald
Megan: Christine Satchell
Illegal Poacher: Brett Swain
Bouncer: Luke's Canine Actors
Summary/Images by: Dave (Slugger)/Icarus
Paul explains to Chrissie how in love he is. She's delighted. Delight soon turns to horror, however, when he says he thought he'd never fall in love again until Isabella walked into his life. Chrissie is aghast.
Chrissie is horrified, but tries to act unflustered. Paul met Isabella in a cocktail bar in Buenos Aires. Chrissie's claims of it sounding like a 'typical holiday romance' are brushed off by Paul. He knew he was in love the moment it came to say goodbye. Chrissie bursts into tears after Paul has gone upstairs to dream about Miss. Lopez.
...next morning...
Amber has come to tell Kerry that some out-of-season duck poachers are shooting by the lake. Kerry is upset and wants to help. Joe, however, is worried about his pregant wife. He isn't convinced by her claims that she will take things easily, reminding her of the time she was arrested. Toby, who is sitting on the floor, playing with little Sky, asks if he can join Kerry on the protest; he's concerned about the ducks. Kerry explians to him that he has to go to school: besides if he went with them he'd have to things he wouldn't like, such as "putting down" injured animals. Tobes is distressed, as he ponders how anybody could hurt harmless creatures. Joe reluctantly agrees to let his wife go, but makes her promise to be careful.
Paul's Office
Caroline has just been informed about Isabella and muses that she must be the cause of Paul's good mood. A gleeful Paul tells her that he didn't think he could find love again after Gail, but Isabella has changed his perspective. He's besotted with her. Caroline suspects that Paul is still "on the rebound", claims her boss refutes. Paul asks why Chrissie hasn't come into work again; Caroline suggests that she must still be sick. Adam comes into collect the limo keys. Paul is jovial, as he says that he's surprised Chrissie didn't know they were a couple. A fretting Caroline is crestfallen, proffering the possibility that the news might be the reason Chrissie stayed at home.
Harold and Eddie are discussing a new consignment of dresses Eddie is hoping to sell. Harold argues that nobody will buy from him after the previous disaster! As Eddie goes into the kitchen, Dorothy comes to the counter to pay for her food. Dot informs Harold that she has more information on Felicity Brent; Harold claims not to be intertested in idle gossip. Dorothy asserts that his attitude is folly. She thinks Madge will be interested even if her husband isn't: it's a big bad world outside 'the cloistered confines of The Coffee Shop.'
Chrissie is asleep on the sofa when Caroline comes home. Caroline asks her twin if she's angry about Adam. Chrissie claims not to be bothered -and she means it. Caroline is guilty about breaking their agreement. Chrissie, however, drops the bombshell: She's really broken their promise and become romantically attracter to Paul. She is distraught now that he has fallen for Lopez.
Caroline is still comforting her sister. She speaks a lot of sense: by idealizing Isabella Paul can get over Gail without having to do much about it. She avers that Paul's infatuation with Isabella will soon fizzle out. Chrissie thanks her twin for consoling her.
Harold asks how Joe is getting on with Amber nowadays. Joe says that things have settled down. He got a shock when Eric turned up in his "whistle" though. Harold is perplexed by such cockney-rhyming slang, a point which amuses Eddie and Joe.
Kerry and Amber arrive and ask if Joe could pick Tobes up from Madge's later. Harold is reticent about Kerry going to the protest, so he suggests that Joe accompnies them. Amber is amanable to the proposition, welcoming the extra body. Off trot two protesters and Joe Mangel.
At the marshes, they wade through swamp lad, where they meet some of Amber's friends, who are part of an activists group. A woman arrives with an injured duck. Joe is informed that they have a vet with them, who will try to help the duck, otherwise "they know what to do". On that note, the leader trudges off to show them the land they have to cover.
The twins speculate that Paul seems to be making plenty of calls to the Argentine consul. Chrissie can't believe that Paul has fallen for a cocktail waitress: she thought he only went for high-powered business-women, like Gail. That's why she was trying to be more like Caroline. Caroline doesn't want to be referred to thus, because it sounds 'cold.' One can only hope she wasn't suggesting that Gail was "cold"! Chris says that she meant the efficient, brainy type. Her twin reassures her, suggesting that Paul will probably want somebody different this time, considering that his previous marriage failed [Audience collective sigh.] Nonetheless, Caroline isn't sure Chris should be going for Paul, as he can be difficult at times.
Paul bursts in gleefully. He's been able to pull a few strings and Isabella will have a passport within a week. He's sorry that the house will be cramped and apologises for the short notice! Chrissie, in particular, is horrified, that Miss Lopez is coming to stay with them.
Chris asks if Paul would have picked up that she was upset. Caroline says that he wouldn't have noticed if they'd both turned blue, he's so infatuated with Isabella. She goes on to say that they'll have to tell Paul that they don't want Isabella living there; Chris is worried that Paul will realise that she likes him, if they do that. Caroline doesn't fancy her sister's chances now: Isabella being in Argentina was one thing; this is something entirely different. Chrissie is more defiant, however, at least buoyed that she'll know about the competition.
The Marshes
Kerry spots some shooters and wades over to confront them, with Amber and Joe following behind. The men laugh at the "greenies", but Kerry is unperturbed. She says that they are barabaric and that they often wound the birds, rather than killing them, which results in a slow, painful death. The hunters simply laugh. Amber pipes up that the police are on the way and the men will soon be arrested as they are shooting out of season. The hunters' spokesman chortles that they'll just have to kill more ducks before they arrive. A distraught Kerry says that they've already injured and killed dozens of birds. The speaking hunter tells them to get lost and hurls a beer can in their general dircetion. Joe challenges him, wondering what sort of man speaks like that to women. He threatens to cave the shooter's head in. 'Just try it,' comes the retort, as a rifle is cocked. As they depart, Joe tells Kerry that you can't get through to morons like that. Amber is concerned that they at least try to save more of the injured ducks before they go.
Tobes is darting about, deperately trying to help. His endeavour backfires, however, when he spills coffee on Dorothy whilst trying to remove her cup. Harold apologises, but Dot is happy that it was merely an accident. Talk turns to Felicity Brent. Harold launches into a sermon about gossiping. Dot clearly hasn't got much time for this, telling Harold 'woe betide him if Madge finds out that he hasn't informed her and she is caught out.'
After Dorothy has left, Tobes apologises for spilling coffee on her.
Harold: (mumbled) Pity it wasn't full
Tobes: Pardon, grandad?
Harold: Thanks heavens it wasn't full.
As they go into the kitchen, Harold is slightly concerned that Kerry hasn't returned yet. He conjectures that good causes are all well and good, but not at the expense of your family. Toby asks if he and Sky are neglected. In a lovely moment, Tobes says that he is proud of what "mum" does. Harold is spurred by this and agrees: most people forget about the world's problems as they are too immersed in their own. He concludes that he is proud of his daughter.
The Marshes
Kerry is extremely distressed as another bird falls from the sky. Tearfully, she tells Joe that she has just had to kill two more birds. Police sirens can be heard and amber says that they must be close. At this point Kerry wanders off. As she does so, Joe tells Amber that this isn't healthy for Kerry or the baby and says they shouldn't be there. As she continues walking, Kerry is suddenly shot and collapses into the marshes. A horrified Joe rushes after her, staggering through the mud, continually losing his balance. As he reaches her, he realises that she is bleeding profusely. Joe screams and cries in anguish as he cradles Kerry in his arms.
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Christina Alessi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1285
Christina Alessi, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Christina Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1285
Paul Robinson, Christina Alessi

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Amber Martin in Neighbours Episode 1285
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Amber Martin

Toby Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1285
Toby Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Caroline Alessi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1285
Caroline Alessi, Paul Robinson

Caroline Alessi, Adam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1285
Caroline Alessi, Adam Willis

Harold Bishop, Eddie Buckingham, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1285
Harold Bishop, Eddie Buckingham, Dorothy Burke

Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1285
Christina Alessi, Caroline Alessi

Joe Mangel, Amber Martin, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1285
Joe Mangel, Amber Martin, Kerry Bishop

Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel, Sky Bishop, Eddie Buckingham in Neighbours Episode 1285
Harold Bishop, Toby Mangel, Sky Bishop, Eddie Buckingham

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1285
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Illegal Poacher in Neighbours Episode 1285
Illegal Poacher

Harold Bishop, Dorothy Burke in Neighbours Episode 1285
Harold Bishop, Dorothy Burke

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1285
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1285
Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1285
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1285
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

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