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Neighbours Episode 0449 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0449 (The Ramsay Street Olympics)
Australian airdate: 19/03/87
UK airdate: 27/07/88
UK Gold: 21/07/94
Writer: John Upton
Director: Andrew Friedman
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Gail Lewis: Fiona Corke
Summary/Images by: Barney/David
Jane trying to stop Mrs Mangel telling Paul about Disclosure.
Lassiter's Office
Mrs Mangel ignores Jane's efforts and the result is that Paul now knows she was the one who gave the story to the magazine. Paul questions whether she had considered the effect on Susan Cole, himself, or the Daniels Corporation. Mrs Mangel tries to justify her actions by saying she was grievously wronged by Scott. Paul asks her to explain how she was justified.
Coffee Shop
Mike is bringing in two cardboard boxes, one of which is marked, “Straws”.
Daphne asks if he's been training and he says he has, and yes, it was at the public pool. Daphne is indignant that Mike has to pay to go there when Scott can train in the Ramsays Pool anytime. Enter Madge.
MADGE (fraught): Drink, Daphne. Any kind. I've been pedalling that confounded bike. I don't know how I got roped into this race!
DAPHNE (walking round the counter): At least it's not costing you money, Madge.
MADGE: (looks very puzzled) What's that got to do with it?
DAPHNE: Mike has to pay to train at the public pool while Scott gets to train at your place, Scott-free!
MADGE: I don't know anything about that.
MIKE: (embarrassed): Err, do you want me to start unpacking these?
DAPHNE: This race is supposed to be a fun event, but everyone's so caught up! Anything for an advantage!
MADGE: Including me, I suppose?
DAPHNE: Well, aren't you?
MADGE: Well what about you?
DAPHNE: Well what about me?
MIKE: Daph, if you'll just tell me where to put these?
MADGE: Just because Des can't beat Jim Robinson, you've taken it as a personal affront! All I did was come in here for a drink! See you later. (She leaves in a huff)
No 24, where Henry is sitting at the table using a calculator
Charlene comes in through the back door on roller skates and crashes to a stop against the wall. She thinks he's doing the odds for the race, but he's working on this year's Melbourne Cup. Charlene sees the paperwork for the race and Henry has put Des's team with the better odds to win. She's surprised, but Henry justifies it by saying that Mike's a champion diver. Charlene says that's the point – he's a diver. Mike's a champion diver – Scott's the better swimmer. Henry says he's asked around and word is, Mike's the better in the pool, but he's tipped the Robinson team to win over all.
Enter Scott, who's been in the pool. He's wearing a most becoming (!) green swim hat He says they will need to be careful as the baton is a bit slippery. He tries to explain to Charlene about the odds – that it isn't personal – then Madge walks in. Henry calls on her to explain to Charlene, but Madge is adamant that none of the Clarke team have a hope, as they are going out there to win! An ecstatic Charlene gives her a bear hug.
Lassiter's, where Mrs Mangel is still trying to justify herself
MRS MANGEL (now seated) : So that was the situation when Mr Morris approached me. Your younger brother had written cruel lies about me in the newspaper and I was most dreadfully upset.
PAUL (getting to his feet): So you decided to get some revenge, is that it?
MRS MANGEL: Of course not!
PAUL: Then why did you do it? (Walks behind Mrs Mangel as Jane, looking anxious, moves out of the way) We actually had to buy out that magazine just to stop that story being printed (Leaning on the back of her chair)
JANE: (moves forward as Paul moves off) Look, Nan, there's no point in arguing …
MRS MANGEL: (interrupting) I'm perfectly capable of speaking up for myself! I was desperately short of money. Had no idea how I would cope. My mortgage repayments were due. I…
PAUL: Didn't I give you a pay rise to cover that? (Leans towards her) Well?
MRS MANGEL: Not then, you hadn't. Oh, I wasn't thinking straight. Then circumstances overtook me. I'm deeply sorry and ashamed. All I can do is ask you to forgive me.
PAUL: And let you keep your job?
MRS MANGEL: I'm efficient and most reliable, Mr Robinson. If you'll allow me one chance, I won't be found wanting.
PAUL: No. It's not on, Mrs Mangel. Don't you realise that you could have put us all out of a job? You've committed the cardinal sin in business You've bitten the hand that feeds. I'm sorry, but you've given me no choice but to terminate your employment.
A few minutes later in the office
Paul has just rung Gail to ask her to come in, and apologising for interrupting her weekend off, says he will explain when she gets there. Jane comes in, clutching a file and looking worried. She hands the file to Paul then says that as he has sacked her Nan, he should also sack her. She explains about the page from the Discovery file and Paul looks disappointed. He says he didn't think she would do something like that, and says that in such a cutthroat business, if he can't depend on his staff, he's sunk.
He reprieves her, however, saying he doesn't think she would do such a thing again, but if she does, she will be out, no questions asked. He then packs her off to take part in the relay, which he doesn't have time to attend now, telling her that Gail is on her way in. He wishes her luck and then asks, rather shyly, if he was nay help with the roller skating. She says he was, and she will try extra hard to win.
No 32, where Mrs Mangel is blowing her nose
Harold comes in, pauses, then says that Jim and Des have asked him to act as judge for the big race and he's agreed. Mrs Mangel, with her back to him, tells him that she can't imagine anyone more suitable. She is obviously upset and he asks if he can help, but Mrs Mangel tries to pass it off.
She tells him that she has lost her job as she and Paul didn't see eye to eye on a subject. Harold is a little shocked, saying he has heard that Paul can be a bit of a rough customer. Mrs Mangel asks him not to talk about it but that Paul did have his reasons. She calls him Mr Bishop, and Harold says, “Harold, Please.” Mrs Mangel says that Mr Bishop will suffice, as they don't want the neighbours gossiping, do they. Harold is quick to agree.
No 24
Jim is discussing the race, which is to start with the swimming. The boys are to take the batons from the side of the pool and hand them to the cyclists, who will do a set course. He's given a sheet of paper to Madge, who is looking at it every which way, trying to figure it out, till Jim tells her it's the map. The cyclists have to pass the batons to the skaters, who will skate to the entrance of The Oval where he and Des will be waiting for the batons.
Charlene asks if they get to do a victory lap and with a slight laugh, Jim says he hopes so. He explains that Harold will be the judge, and then makes the point that it is supposed to be a friendly match, and win, lose or draw, that is what it should be. Madge snorts and says she doesn't think Mrs Mangel sees it that way. The TeamRobinson members each expresses their determination to win, Scott saying that it's time Mike, who thinks he is a champion swimmer is brought down to size.
The Des Res where the Clarke team meeting is taking place
Also present, Harold Bishop, who is scrutinising something on a clipboard.
Des is happy that the swimming is the first race as Mike is sure to win it and give them a tactical advantage going into the cycling.
JANE: Well Nan's quite a good cyclist. She won heaps of prizes when she was a kid.
DES (sotto voce): Whenever that was.
He notices that Mrs Mangel is Missing, and Harold explains that's why he is there – to explain that Mrs Mangel might not be able to compete due to personal problems. Des is not happy and asks how she is to be replaced, to which Daphne replies there isn't a problem as she can do it – and she doesn't need wrapping in cotton wool. Des is protesting as Mrs Mangel walks in wearing a navy track suit, apologising for being late. Harold begins to question her but she says she is looking forward to the race.
Enter Helen, who hasn't, as suggested, come to spy, but to put forward some safety suggestions, which have already been put to the other team. Mrs Mangel and Madge are to wear cycling helmets while Jane and Charlene are to wear elbow and knee pads as well as head gear. Mrs Mangel and Jane agree with this and Helen concludes by saying that she is sure there will be no blood spilt.
No 24
Madge is tying her shoe laces and Henry is calculating the bets when Charlene enters with two motorcycle helmets! Madge asks what happens if Mrs Mangel refuses to wear it. Charlene says she will be disqualified as she plonks the best of the two on Madge's head, to protests about not messing up Madge's hair.
Madge spots what Henry is doing and is shocked about the amount of money he has taken on the race, and reiterates that she disapproves of gambling. Henry says it's her fault. All he intended to do was to run a small book for friends, but somehow the blokes at the Waterhole found out – now, how was that? Madge says she just mentioned it as a joke. Henry tells her the blokes don't think so and are all out the back ready to watch.
Harold comes in clutching two batons and mentions that there's a good crowd outside to watch the race. Madge is having problems being heard and tries to take off her helmet – with Charlene's help she succeeds. Madge thinks the helmets are a daft idea, but Harold says it was a good idea of Helen's. Madge asks how he knows it was Helen's idea, and he admits he was there at the team meeting, helping Mrs Mangel.
Madge picks up and this and Harold protests his innocence. Madge declares she'd better go and get on with it and walks out, colliding with Scott in the utility room. Harold comments to Charlene that her mother seems very worked up over the race. Henry asks if he'll make a bet and Harold protests that he is the referee. Henry says, “Quite.”
They leave, then Scott and Charlene grab a kiss before following them.
No 24, The Yard
Mrs Mangel approaches Henry and asks if the betting is confidential. He says it is, and she puts on a $100 bet for her team t win. Henry is surprised, but she explains that she is in need of some money and she has complete faith in her team. She turns down the offer of a bet on the swimming, Henry books the bet and she moves away.
Daphne and Jane are at the poolside to wish Mike luck. Des and Jim are at the Oval, warming up. Charlene takes the helmet to Mrs Mangel who declares that she won't wear such a monstrosity. Charlene says, she can always forfeit, and walks away, having won that round.
Harold calls the swimmers to their marks. Scott is wearing goggles with flapping straps and that awesome green swim hat. Harold starts the race. It's neck and neck till half way when suddenly Scott's almost a length ahead and sustains the lead to win by a full length, handing the baton on to Madge. Henry walks away, very dejected.
Two very wobbly cyclists set off as Jane and Charlene prepare for their skating. Henry admits he has a lot riding on the rest of the race as he's just lost a fortune on the swimming.
Daphne tells Jane just to do her best, because Des will carry it off. Jane says it's putting a lot of pressure on Des, but Daphne says he can handle it.
Lassiter's Office, where Gail and Paul are working
Gail is checking the paperwork for the convention as Paul frets and fusses behind her. She says that he picked a fine time to sack his housekeeper, and he says he wishes Mrs Mangel had kept her confessions till after the convention. Gail just wishes she knew the stock positions. Paul hands her a big file and says she can check things that way, and call the suppliers if necessary.
Ramsay Street, where the cycle race is coming to its close
Mrs Mangel is first to turn into Ramsay Street and to take the hard slope up to the finish. Madge isn't far behind as the others yell encouragement, but it's Mrs Mangel who hands on the baton first.
The girls skate off and Harold tells Madge it was a fine ride … there can only be one winner, though. Madge says she's going to the Oval as she wants to see the finish and pushes off. (Why isn't Harold getting down there, too?)
Lassiter's Office
Gail wants to know why Mrs Mangel was sacked, as she feels she needs to know the lie of the land. Paul tells her and Gail continues to quiz him for the facts as she has heard so much about Susan Cole – just gossip, y'know. Paul tells her that Susan was a wonderful girl and wanted to get married. He thinks maybe they should have done, but his first marriage was such a disaster, he couldn't. Gail responds that she has been there, done that…
Paul offers coffee and continues that Susan was very hurt, and then Mrs Mangel decided to feed it to the sharks, which Susan didn't deserve. Gail comments that she sounds nice. Paul agrees. Gail says, “Never again, eh?” Paul says he doubts it and asks about Gail, and she replies, “The same.”
PAUL: Sounds like a woman after my own heart.
GAIL: I'm not after anybody's heart. One disaster is enough for me.
PAUL: Well, if we're to get this work done before the convention, we'd better get our skates on.
The Oval where Des and Jim are waiting for the girls
The girls are skating together and somehow, Jane grabs Charlene's arm, Charlene drops the baton and it rolls down a drain. Charlene asks, “What now?” and Jane says just to keep going. She hands her baton to Des and Jim loses a precious minute asking where the baton is. Des sets off, but Harold tells Jim that he is disqualified – the rules say he must have a baton. An argument ensues while Des runs on, still wearing his full track suit, jacket flapping.
Mrs Mangel asks Henry for her winnings, but he says the race hasn't been decided. There's a mix up. She says that the Robinson team has been disqualified, so she wants her winnings. Henry replies that there is no clear result so there won't be a payout. He tries to give her the money back, but she says she doesn't want that – she wants her winnings. Two random extras look on with mouths open as he walks away, with Mrs Mangle still protesting.
She isn't the only one. Everyone else is arguing about the race when Des jogs up to Jim and asks if there's a problem..
JIM: Yes, I suppose you could say that. World War Three is about to break out in Ramsay Street.
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Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0449
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0449
Daphne Clarke, Mike Young, Madge Bishop

Charlene Mitchell, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0449
Charlene Mitchell, Henry Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0449
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0449
Nell Mangel, Harold Bishop

Jim Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0449
Jim Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson, Madge Bishop

Mike Young, Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0449
Mike Young, Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke, Jane Harris, Harold Bishop

Helen Daniels, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0449
Helen Daniels, Mike Young

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0449
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Charlene Mitchell

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0449
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0449
Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Henry Ramsay, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0449
Henry Ramsay, Nell Mangel

Mike Young, Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0449
Mike Young, Harold Bishop, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0449
Scott Robinson, Mike Young

Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke, Henry Ramsay, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0449
Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke, Henry Ramsay, Mike Young

Madge Bishop, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0449
Madge Bishop, Nell Mangel

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0449
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Mike Young, Daphne Clarke, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0449
Mike Young, Daphne Clarke, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Ramsay

Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0449
Charlene Mitchell, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0449
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0449
Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell

 in Neighbours Episode 0449

Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0449
Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0449
Mike Young, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0449
Nell Mangel, Henry Ramsay

Jim Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0449
Jim Robinson, Des Clarke

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