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Neighbours Episode 6083 from 2011 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6083 (Donna Freedman departs for New York)
Australian airdate: 26/01/11
UK airdate: 23/02/11
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Leigh 'Nick' Nixon - Brian Vriends
Jade Mitchell - Gemma Pranita
- "Everythings Illuminated" by Nerina Pallot
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Jade promising Sonya she'll keep her secret about Callum
- Donna warning Andrew to tell Tash the truth
- Andrew panicking and telling Tash he loves her
Number 32
Natasha gleefully informs Summer that her bandages come off in two weeks and that Andrew will want to celebrate with her, "because that's what you do when you love someone". Needless to say, Summer's quite taken aback to learn that Andrew's dropped the "I love you" bomb.
Number 28
Karl, Susan and Nick look on in amusement as Donna turns the lounge room into her own personal wardrobe while she packs. Andrew calls in to speak with Donna and the adults give them some space. Andrew tells Donna off for interfering with his relationship and says that the sooner she's out of his life and wrecking someone else's, the better.
Number 22
Paul tells Andrew that Summer's left him about a hundred messages on his phone, but Andrew says he'll call her back later. Paul catches up with Declan in the kitchen for a chat about Rebecca. He thinks they've finally turned a corner and hopes that Declan can accept that too. Declan just gives him a "whatever" and walks off.
Number 28
The packing saga continues as Nick picks up a doll, wondering what on earth Donna wants with it in New York. Donna says that Sunny gave it to her.
DONNA: She was a Korean exchange student that stayed here. I kissed her once, but only as a friend. Her and Zeke were together, and then she wrote me these letters as Ringo and...
ZEKE: No more stories! Pack!
Nick then wonders what Donna wants with old tracksuit pants, but Donna sadly says they were Ringo's. She's upset because they were going to explore New York together and now she'll be all alone. Zeke reminds her she'll have Elle, but Donna says she'll be on assignment when she arrives. Nick gets his thinking face on.
Number 30
The gang arrive home from dinner and Toadie coaxes Callum into heading off to bed. Jade comments on how well the boys get along and Sonya says Callum couldn't have scored a better dad. Sonya apologises to her sister for giving her such a hard time initially and says she's glad she stayed in Erinsborough.
The next morning, Toadie dumps a bag full of laundry on Callum's lap and says he needs to do something about the smell. Callum is resistant to do his own washing at first, but when Sonya playfully threatens to wash everything in girly lavender soap, he grabs the bag and heads off to the laundry. Jade is amazed Toadie didn't have to yell, but Toad says that only happens when bribery fails. He tells Jade that since she's staying with them she'll be on "Callum duty" as well, but Jade smiles and says "bring it on".
Later that morning Jade plonks down next to Callum on the couch while he's playing a zombie game on the Wii. Jade inadvertently does the annoying 'ask the person that's playing twenty questions' thing, causing Callum to get distracted and lose the game. Sonya joins them and Jade suggests they play a game of soccer down by the lake, smilingly telling "Cally- Wal" he can be on her team. Cal's like, '...Yay'.
Harold's Store
Kate thanks Summer for coming in early to cover her; Donna's still not packed and needs all the help she can get. Natasha and Andrew stroll in, but Andrew says he wants to catch up with Kate so Tash gets them a table outside. Kate apologises to her cousin for not visiting him more in hospital and says they'll chat more after Donna goes to the airport. Andrew then moves onto Summer, but she's not really in the mood to be around him. Andrew says he didn't mean to tell Tash he loved her, he just panicked.
ANDREW: I love you.
SUMMER: Well I don't know how much that means anymore, Andrew, because apparently you'll say it to anyone these days.
ANDREW: That's not fair.
SUMMER: Nothing about this is.
First Commercial Break
Harold's Store
Andrew finds Summer in the kitchen and says he's going to tell Tash the truth because nothing is worth losing her. He reiterates that it's her he loves, not Tash. Summer says she hates this whole situation.
Lassiter's Park
Jade's doing a running commentary while Callum kicks the ball around and Sonya plays goalie. Cal's a bit put out when Sonya stops his kick, especially when Jade (jokingly) rubs it in. Jade offers to show him some skills, quietly thinking she's being the 'cool aunt' but Cal curtly informs her that he's already got a soccer coach. He packs up his stuff and heads over to Harold's to find Sophie. Jade laments to her sister that she just wants to get to know Callum, but Sonya thinks she might be trying a bit too hard.
Harold's Store
Callum's complaining to Sophie about Jade being in his face 24/7 and doesn't get why she's trying to be "best buddy pals" with him.
SOPHIE: Maybe she's lonely?
CALLUM: We're talking about Jade here. She's not the kind of person that gets lonely.
Sophie thinks Cal should have a word with Jade - and now happens to be an opportune time seeing as she just walked in with Sonya. Jade sits down with them and chirpily says they should all hang out together some more. Callum pointedly replies that he just wants to hang out in the store with Sophie, but Jade misses the point and happily says she can do that too. Cupcakes for everyone!
Number 28
Karl, Susan, Zeke, Kate and Declan are not surprised to see that a pyjama- clad Donna still hasn't packed everything. Donna insists that she needs her dad with her to help her along. Speaking of, Nick rings and says that he won't be able to come over as planned and will have to meet her later. Donna freaks - what's she going to do now? Uh, just a thought, how about pack your own case?
Number 30
Toadie's playing the zombie game when everyone gets home.
TOADIE: Hey, did you bend it like Beckham?
CALLUM: Yeah, bent it so far it broke.
Things turn awkward when Cal asks if anyone wants another juice and Jade goes into health- freak mode, telling Cal his teeth will fall out and that he shouldn't have so much sugar. Toadie intervenes and politely, yet firmly, tells Jade she should leave the disciplining up to him.
JADE: Don't take it the wrong way, I wasn't trying to be rude.
TOADIE: Call me old fashioned but I think maybe the parenting should be left up to the parents.
JADE: (scoffing) Parents?
TOADIE: Yeah. Not you.
Sonya returns from the kitchen to see what's going on but Jade just walks off. Toadie says he has no idea what's going on - one minute they're talking about juice, the next they're having a blue. Callum adds that Jade is really weird, causing some concern in Sonya.
Second Commercial Break
Number 28
Zeke and Declan struggle to cram one of Donna's suitcases shut just as Paul arrives to drop off a gift. Donna's delighted to receive a Macy's card from him - especially when she sees the enormous amount of money on it. Nick shows up in the nick of time, dragging a small suitcase behind him. Donna's stoked to learn that he's decided to come with her for a few weeks so she's not alone.
Ramsay Street
The Ks, Donna's gang, Paul and Nick are waiting outside, yelling at Donna to hurry up and get in the taxi already. But Donna has to do one thing first - rush over to Andrew, who's loitering about, and give him a hug. They make- up after their argument and Donna reminds him not to fight his big heart. Andrew says he'll miss her, so Donna replies he should Skype her. When Donna heads back to the taxi, Kate shows her a present her, Zeke and Declan bought her. It's a silver charm bracelet.
DONNA: It's the old gang. Ballet shoes.
ZEKE: They're Kate.
KATE: And the microphone is Zeke.
DECLAN: I'm the mobile phone, and Didge is the stethoscope.
DONNA: (fondly) Ringo's the guitar.
She gathers them all in a big group hug before finally jumping into the taxi with her dad. Everyone waves as the cab drives off. Start spreading the news, Donna's leaving today! If she can make it there she can make it anywhere! It's up to her, New York, New Yorrrrrrrrrrk!
Number 32
Andrew sneaks in to see Summer while Tash is in the kitchen making lunch. He tells Summer that he's going to tell Tash the truth after her last appointment in a fortnight. Summer agrees but says she can't watch the two of them together in the meantime - it hurts too much.
ANDREW: We can do this, alright? Because I love you.
SUMMER: (smiling) I love you too.
They step away from one another when Tash joins them, trying to pretend that everything's normal. Come on, cheer up! Only two more weeks, guys! What could *possibly* go wrong in Erinsborough in two short weeks?! ... Guys?
Number 30
Toadie tries to clear the air with Jade about their argument, but it just ends up turning into another spat. Toad says she can help out with Cal if she likes, but it doesn't mean she has a right to say how he raises him. Sonya finds them right in the middle of it.
JADE: Maybe I've got more rights here than you think.
SONYA: Jade...
TOADIE: (angry) No you don't. You're Sonya's sister, I'm his dad.
JADE: I'm sorry, Toadie, but you're not his dad.
TOADIE: Excuse me?!
Sonya yells at Jade to go outside and gives Toadie an apologetic look before chasing after her sister. Toadie's left wondering what the hell just happened.
Third Commercial Break
Ramsay Street
Sonya wants to know exactly what her sister's playing at, but Jade doesn't get how Sonya can just be satisfied with sitting back and letting Toadie do all the parenting. Sonya reminds her that Toadie's Callum's dad and she's just the girlfriend.
SONYA: I was insane to think this would ever work out.
JADE: I was just sticking up for you.
SONYA: Well I don't need you to stick up for me. Toadie is Callum's dad and that's all that matters, alright? Jade?
JADE: Alright. But I'm not happy about it.
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
SONYA: I guess we've both got our training wheels on when it comes to family stuff and sometimes we get it wrong.
(Jade rifles through some of Toadie's belongings)
TOADIE: This is my house, you are my guest, and what you've done is completely unacceptable.
(Lucas catches Jade in the act)
JADE: You can't blame me for having some questions.
LUCAS: I think most people know it's wrong to go snooping through other people's personal belongings.
(Sophie's on the phone to Kate - I'm assuming)
SOPHIE: Something's happened and I need to talk to you.
(But she doesn't want to confide in Callum about it)
CALLUM: What is it? Maybe I can help?
SOPHIE: Can you just go?
(Sophie sneaks in and steals something from the store - Lou catches her)
LOU: Sophie this isn't like you, what's going on?
SOPHIE: What's the big deal?
LOU: Sophie you're the last kid I thought I'd have to worry about with this sort of thing.
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Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6083
Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams

Andrew Robinson, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 6083
Andrew Robinson, Donna Freedman

Declan Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6083
Declan Napier, Paul Robinson

Leigh 'Nick' Nixon, Donna Freedman

Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6083
Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Jade Mitchell, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6083
Jade Mitchell, Sonya Mitchell

Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6083
Callum Jones, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Jade Mitchell, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6083
Jade Mitchell, Callum Jones

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6083
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6083
Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell, Callum Jones

Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6083
Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Kate Ramsay, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 6083
Kate Ramsay, Zeke Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Declan Napier

Susan Kennedy, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 6083
Susan Kennedy, Donna Freedman

Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6083
Toadie Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Donna Freedman, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6083
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Donna Freedman, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 6083
Karl Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman

Leigh 'Nick' Nixon, Donna Freedman

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6083
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

Toadie Rebecchi, Jade Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6083
Toadie Rebecchi, Jade Mitchell

Jade Mitchell, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6083
Jade Mitchell, Sonya Mitchell

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