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Neighbours Episode 1640 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1640 (Pam Willis is charged with murder)
Australian airdate: 20/03/92
UK airdate: 25/02/93
UK Gold: 12/02/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Sen. Det. Clayburn: Peter Sardi
Det. Sgt. Bridges: Dave Gray
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phoebe and Todd kiss.
The kiss ends.
PHOEBE: Whoops!
TODD: Yeah.
PHOEBE: This may sound like a dumb question, but was that an accident?
TODD: Um...no. No, I think it's been meaning to happen for quite a while now.
PHOEBE: Well, do you think it'll happen again?
They start to kiss again. They are obviously both very pleased at their new-found feelings for each other. Todd says he's been thinking of her for a while now - since they made the horror movie together. Suddenly they remember about Josh and get very guilty. Todd says stealing your best mate's girlfriend is about the lowest act there is.
Garth's place
The police are interviewing Pam. They tell her that Garth died of an overdose of pills. Pam says she can't blame him for getting it over and done with - Garth didn't want to die in a hospital.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: You almost sound like you approve.
PAM: Not really. But I think it's...merciful that it happened like it has. It's what he wanted.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Suicide still is a crime in this state, Mrs Willis.
PAM: I think Garth's a bit beyond caring about that, don't you?
The other detective shows them the empty bottle of pills which is made out for a "Mrs C Burns". Pam looks shaken and says she thought she'd lost the pills. She explains that Garth had run out of painkillers, and since Mrs Burns' pills were the same, she took them out to give Garth two.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: How'd he get the rest?
PAM: I have no idea...I was sure I'd put them back in my bag.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: But you did give Mr Kirby drugs that weren't prescribed for him?
PAM: He needed them - and they were the same type.
The police take Pam's address and tell her they'll be in touch.
Dorothy has had a phonecall from Melanie who has been consulting Madame Zolga again. Apparently Christina is due for some good luck. Christina is pleased, but Dorothy says that clairvoyancy is rubbish.
Phoebe and Todd are trying to decide what to do. But they know that they want to stay together, they just have to work out a way to tell Josh.
TODD: Look, I'll do it.
PHOEBE: Thanks.
Just then Josh comes home and tells them that Trisha is really mad with Phoebe.
JOSH:(to Todd) Who are you going to go out with now?
TODD: Search me...
Doug is sad about Garth, and can't believe that he committed suicide at the end. Pam says that it's for the best - Garth is at peace now. Doug is so angry - he's still alive while his mates are dead. He starts ranting that someone should have warned them about the asbestos.
Pam pops over to diagnose that Andrew is teething(!) She has a cup of tea with Christina who shares the news about Madame Zolga. She looks in the paper and finds that she has won $5,000 on the "Erinsborough Cash Giveaway". However, it turns out that it's a week old, so Christina hasn't won after all.
Coffee Shop
Todd is brooding over a milkshake when Phoebe comes in. They talk about telling Josh - Todd says it's going to be hard to share a room with Josh. Phoebe says that she'll do it - she'll just tell Josh she wants to break up - she doesn't have to mention Todd. Then they can cool it for a while to make things respectable.
Just then, Josh comes in and Todd leaves for school. Phoebe doesn't waste time and tells Josh that she doesn't think they should go out anymore. Josh is gobsmacked and upset.
JOSH: What is it? What's the problem? Is there another guy? I think we should talk about this.
PHOEBE: There's nothing to talk about.
She walks out.
The police have come to talk to Dorothy about Garth's suicide. She's sad to hear the news, but says that it's nothing to do with her. The police explain that Pam is a responsible nurse, but want to know if she ever loses drugs. Dorothy says that Pam is very professional but lets slip that Garth begged Pam to let him die. The police exchange looks.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: You mean he asked Mrs Willis to...er...put him out of his misery?
DOROTHY: That's one way of putting it I suppose. But didn't you already know all that?
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: No, Mrs Burke. We didn't.
Pam has been summoned to the Nurses Association so she can explain herself about the tablets.
PAM: I can't understand how Garth got hold of them.
DOUG: You mean - Garth got the tablets from you?
Doug is very shocked to hear this.
Coffee Shop
Josh and Todd are sitting at a table. Josh is gutted about Phoebe but Todd advises him to just learn to accept it(!) He says that Josh got over Beth and Melissa easily enough, he can find another girlfriend. But Josh refuses to give up on Pheobe.
JOSH: She must have decidedt o ditch me for some reason. I just have to find out what it is.
Pam and Doug are having a coffee when Dorothy comes in. She feels very guilty about telling the police about Garth's euthanasia request.
PAM: Well, I haven't done anything wrong. I haven't got anything to be afraid of.
DOROTHY: I know that Pam, but they seem to be making a big song and dance about the fact that Garth asked you to help him. It came up when we were talking and they said you hadn't mentioned it.
PAM: Maybe I didn't.
DOUG: Well, why not? Why didn't you tell them? Why are you being so secretive about everything?
PAM: I'm not being secretive, Doug, the subject just never arose. Garth was dead, what would it matter?
Doug does not look convinced.
Outside No.22
Christina and Andrew have been for a walk. Todd comes up to say hello. Christina picks up the mail and says excitedly that there's a letter from Paul. Ripping it open, he says he's fine and missing her and Andrew.
CHRISTINA: Oh, this is wonderful!
It doesn't say when Paul is coming home, but Christina is over the moon anyway.
Outside the Robinsons
Josh is hounding Phoebe for a reason for dumping him, but she says she just doesn't want to go out with him.
JOSH: Is it another guy? Tell me who it is. Just tell me Phoebe, maybe I'll understand.
TODD:(coming up) Josh, why don't you stop hassling her, I mean it's not helping anything is it.
JOSH: Just stay out of it, OK, this has nothing to do with you, alright?
TODD: ...Yes is has. Josh, I'm the other guy.
JOSH: What?
TODD: We didn't plan for it to happen this way, I mean the last thing we want to do is hurt you, but we're kind of together now. At least, we want to be.
JOSH: You and Phoebe? Right.
There is a long silence.
JOSH: I don't believe this! (grabbing him by the collar) You're a mongrel, man!
TODD: Yeah, go ahead Josh, if it's going to make you feel any better.
Josh pushes Todd over on to the grass.
PHOEBE: Josh, it's not just Todd's fault.
JOSH: Oh, I realise that. My two best friends. Well I hope you're very happy together.
He walks off.
PHOEBE:(to Todd) Well, all things considered, I thought that went pretty well, didn't you?
TODD: He's never going to talk to us again.
The police come round to see Pam.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Your neighbour told us that Mr Kirby begged you to kill him. That's a hell of a lot more than you told us, Mrs Willis.
PAM: Why is this so important, what difference does it make?
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Quite a bit. You spent a long time thinking about whether or not to do as Kirby asked you. Seems you talked to a few different people about it. You said you were finding it hard to refuse him.
PAM: But I didn't do it! I didn't give Garth those drugs on purpose if that's what you're driving at.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Yes, well, unfortunately for you we think that you did. Which is why we're here. We're placing you under arrest, Mrs Willis.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: We're charging you with the murder of Garth Kirby.
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