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Neighbours Episode 1639 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1639 (Todd Landers and Phoebe Bright kiss)
Australian airdate: 19/03/92
UK airdate: 24/02/93
UK Gold: 11/02/99
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Trish Longley: Susan Ellis
Garth Kirby: Roy Baldwin
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
At a restaurant with a client, Christina is frantic with worry about Andrew.
Christina races out of the restaurant. Caroline is forced to follow her.
Paul and Christina's
Christina races in to find that Andrew is missing from his crib and Kim is nowhere to be found. She goes to call the police, but Caroline says that Kim might just be at the video store. Christina agrees to wait five minutes.
Pam is brooding about Garth's illness and how much pain he's in. She can't see the sense of prolonging his life, but tells Doug that she won't help Garth to euthanasia. He tells her she's made the right decision, morally and ethically. She does not look convinced.
Paul and Christina's
Christina is about to call the police when Kim comes in through the back door. Kim reckons that he just took Andrew for a walk because Christina kept waking him up by ringing every five minutes. Christina says that maybe she was a bit hasty.
No.30, the following morning
Bouncer has recovered from his sadness over Toby leaving. Dorothy and Phoebe chat about how much they miss Toby. Phoebe misses her family too. They chat about Phoebe's love life too and she says she's chosen Josh, but does not look convinced.
DOROTHY: Perhaps you could roster them - week by week!
Phoebe teases Dorothy about Faye and Dorothy says that she just loves that Faye has been exposed for the vixen she really is(!)
Todd and Josh are getting ready for school. Josh suggests a dinner party tonight.
TODD: Who would we invite?
JOSH: Phoebe...
TODD: Predicatable. Who else?
JOSH: Well, there must be someone who hasn't heard about you yet...
Todd answers the door to Dorothy and Phoebe.
JOSH: Jim's not here, do you want to leave a message?
DOROTHY: No...it's not important.
PHOEBE: You'll have to gloat later.
DOROTHY: Phoebe!
When Dorothy has gone, Todd explains about the dinner party and asks Phoebe to bring dessert. Josh tells Todd that he's lined him up a date for this evening - with Trish Longley.
JOSH: I think it should be good. Just the four of us.
PHOEBE: Mmm. Fantastic(!)
Garth's place
Pam has come round to rend to Garth. He's quite depressed and then has another one of his attacks. Garth doesn't have any painkillers left, but luckily Pam has some in her bag for another patient, so she gives him some of them. When Pam has gone to fill up his water, Garth struggles to her bag and pockets a jar of pills (not painkillers, some others)
The Office
Keith Hammond has pulled out of the deal saying the twins are "not professional enough". Christina is apologetic but Caroline doesn't seem to be dwelling on it.
Just then, there's a phonecall from a Mr Beresford who is thinking of investing in the Daniels Corporation.
CHRISTINA: No-one in their right minds would invest with Rosemary - especially now!
Caroline gets an odd look on her face and Christina comments that she has the same expression as Paul when he's about to do the dirty on someone.
Coffee Shop
Todd and Josh still haven't decided on the menu for this evening. Trish comes in and asks Phoebe what she's wearing tonight. She says she's coming straight from netball practice tonight so doesn't want to be underdressed. Phoebe says she's wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
Pam comes in and sits down with Dorothy at a table. She pours out the story about Garth and the euthanasia request. She's not sure she's done the right thing.
The Office
Caroline is on the phone to Rosemary telling her about the Beresford option. She says this could be just the thing to pull them out of the mire.
Garth's place
Doug comes in and wakes Garth up. He's brought him a sandwich. Garth tells Doug how lucky he is to have Pam. They have a bit of a laugh and then Garth tells Doug to take his toolkit - it's a present for him. He wishes he had something to give Pam too.
DOUG: When my time comes, I hope I've got half as much guts.
Garth says he's been phoning round their old mates for a chat. Then he has another coughing attack.
GARTH: I'm sorry, mate. I'm feeling a bit tired, you know?
DOUG: I'll drop my tomorrow if you like. I'll see you then.
GARTH: Yeah. Goodbye, Doug.
When Doug has gone, Garth gets out the bottle of pills from under his pillow and looks at them. Then he starts to prise the lid off.
Trisha is very dressed up in a in very sexy dress. Phoebe is not impressed.
TRISH:(giving them a twirl) How do you like my new outfit? I hope I'm not too overdressed!
PHOEBE: How *does* it stay up?
They awkwardly move through to the kitchen.
The Beresford deal is on so it looks like Lassiter's is saved. The twins are very pleased.
Josh is collecting the plates. Trish makes several nasty digs at Phoebe then sends the boys off to the living room.
Phoebe cuts up the dessert.
TRISH: Why don't you make up you've got a headache or something and go home?
PHOEBE: Why should I?
TRISH: Because you're the most boring person in the universe! Don't think I'm ever going to forgive you for tricking Josh into going out with you.
PHOEBE: I didn't trick him.
TRISH: Why else would he go out with a four-eyed, snake-loving freak like you? He felt sorry for you, that's all. Anyone can see he'd rather be going out with me.
PHOEBE: Is that so?
TRISH: Well, what do you think?
PHOEBE: What do I think? I think that you should wear this.
She pushes the dessert into Trish's face.
Trish screams and runs out, dragging Josh with her.
When they've gone, Phoebe starts to laugh, and Todd, recovering from his stunned amazement, starts to laugh too.
PHOEBE: I don't think she likes me!
Garth's place
Pam has popped back with painkillers for Garth. He is lying very still on the couch. Pam checks his pulse and realises he has slipped away.
PAM: Oh, Garth.
She pats his hand gently.
Todd and Phoebe are cleaning the kitchen floor which was covered in dessert, and Phoebe explains that Trish was having a go at her for the way she looks and stuff.
A moment comes between them and Todd kisses her.
<<1638 - 1640>>
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