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Neighbours Episode 1638 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1638
Australian airdate: 18/03/92
UK airdate: 23/02/93
UK Gold: 10/02/99
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Keith Hammond: Barry Main
Kim White: Damien Richardson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim is concerned about Faye's "prowler" and invites her to stay over.
Caroline is having dinner with a client trying to persuade him to send his clients to Lassiter's. He says he'd be happy to talk over client liaison issues with Christina. Things are going quite well when Guy comes in and starts ranting at Caroline. He tells Caroline off for lying but she says she didn't - she was with a client who could have put $100,000 of business her way. She storms out.
Brad is worried about how to meet the cost of repairing the car - he can't keep his surf board business going and pay it. He says there's only one thing he can do - give up the Waterhole work and become Doug's apprentice. Doug is shocked - building really isn't Brad's thing, but he agrees to take him on.
DOUG: (to Gaby) He's going to hate every minute of it.
Paul and Christina's, the following morning
Caroline tells Christina that Keith Hammond has invited her to dinner. She isn't keen to leave Andrew with a babysitter, but Caroline eventually talks her round.
Guy comes round to apologise to Caroline for his behaviour last night. He tells her he's trying to get his act together now and has registered with a job agency.
GUY: There's one thing I love about you. Your fighting spirit. You know, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Caroline looks rather conflicted.
Front garden of Paul and Christina's
Jim comes by and sees Lucy sitting in the garden looking depressed. He comes over and puts his arm around her.
LUCY: Dad, I've done something awful - somethign terrible - to Brad. I'm so confused I don't know how to fix it.
She pours out the story about lying over who was driving Brad's car. Jim takes it calmly.
JIM: You have been going through a rough patch. And living her with the twins hasn't helped.
LUCY: It's because of Faye I'm still there. I wanted to come home.
JIM: Faye?
LUCY: Faye found out about the accident and promised to keep quiet. She thought it would be best if I went on living at Paul's.
JIM: But...that almost sounds like blackmail.
LUCY: It wasn't quite like that. She wanted you all to herself.
JIM: Well she can take her scheming somewhere else. I'm glad we had this talk, sweetheart.
LUCY: Me too, Dad.
Robinsons (Later)
Jim answer the door to Faye who barges in with all her clothes.
JIM:(coldly) Lucy told me everything, Faye, that you tried to blackmail her.
FAYE: Pardon?
Faye tries to deny it and then to wriggle out of it, saying that she only had Jim's best interests at heart. Then she admits it and says that it's no crime to want some companionship.
JIM: I'm sorry, Faye, but you'd better take your things.
Faye limps out and Jim shuts the door. Lucy feels a bit guilty, and she also feels guilty about Brad. She's decided to tell the police what really happened.
The Office
Christina can't find a babysitter. Mrs Kirkwood has suggested someone, but Christina is reluctant to engage a stranger. She finally caves in at Caroline's insistence though.
Lucy and Jim have come round.
LUCY: It's time for me to come clean, Brad. Mr Willis, it wasn't Brad driving the car when it crashed. It was me.
Doug is shocked to hear that Brad has been covering for Lucy, and was even prepared to ruin his future over it. Brad is now off the hook for the driving charge now, but he and Lucy may still be in trouble for attempting to pervert the course of justice.
LUCY: You don't have to pay the $4,500 back.
BRAD: YES! That means I don't have to go into the family business!...no offence, Dad.
Jim says that he'll pay off the $4,500, and then Lucy will pay him back.
Paul and Christina's
The babysitter, Kim White, has arrived, and it turns out he's a man! Christina is quite shocked and tells Caroline quietly that he looks like a bikey! Kim assures her that he's well-qualified.
When the twins have left, Kim bends over Andrew and picks him up.
KIM: So. You're Paul Robinson's kid, eh? Your dad's a very rich man. Oooh yes. And your mama? She's good-looking. So that makes you an extra-special little boy. Just as well Uncle Kim's here to look after you, isn't it?
Faye comes round and tells Doug what happened between her, Jim and Lucy. She says she's been labelled a blackmailer when she only wanted to get closer to Jim!
FAYE: I know I could have made Jim very happy, given half a chance!
DOUG: Apologise. Explain your motives.
FAYE: He threw me off the premises! I doubt he'd open the door to me!
DOUG: I'll have a word with him if you like!
FAYE: Oh don't you dare! I don't want him thinking he's that important!
FAYE: Jim probably doesn't deserve me anyway!
The twins are having dinner with Keith Hammond and things are going along very well. Christina is a bit agitated about the babysitter and goes to ring home.
She calls Kim from the restaurant phone and he tells her that everything's fine, and that she should just relax and have a good time.
Christina is distracted and goes off to ring the babysitter again. Keith Hammond is not very impressed with her behaviour.
On the phone, Kim tells Christina to stop ringing - everything is fine. Then he hangs up on her.
Coffee Shop
Guy is singing along to the juke box as he clears up. Gaby comes in and sympathises about the Restaurant Incident with Caroline. But Guy is on the up - he's got an offer of a job in Broome in a fitness centre. He says he'll miss some of the people around Erinsborough, but this is a great break for him. He doesn't know what to say to Caroline though.
Lucy is telling Brad that she couldn't stand her conscience any more - she had to come clean. At least now she can sleep at night.
BRAD: I'd do it all again if I had to.
LUCY: You'd knowingly get into trouble with the law?
BRAD: Well, if it would get you out of a jam.
LUCY: Why, Brad? I mean, I know we're friends, but to knowingly take the blame for my mistake is crazy!
BRAD: Is it?
LUCY: Well, isn't it?
BRAD: I like you, what's wrong with that?
There is a bit of a pause.
BRAD: Anyway, I've got to be somewhere.
LUCY:(pulling him back) It can't be that important. Stay and talk.
BRAD: Nah, a friend of mine's having a nervous breakdown, I said I'd be straight over. See ya.
Lucy smiles to herself as he goes out of the front door.
Caroline tells Mr Hammond that Christina is just nervous about the baby. But he's impressed enough to sign the deal and goes out to his car to get the contract.
Christina comes back from phoning yet again and says she couldn't get through on the phone.
CHRISTINA:(frantic) He's taken Andrew. Why do you think he was so interested in the fact that Paul owns Lassiter's? He's kidnapped him and is going to hold him to ransom.
CAROLINE: Stop panicking. Just wait five minutes and then...
CHRISTINA: I'm going now!
CAROLINE: Christina. If we leave now we'll blow this deal and it's far too important. Keith already thinks you're weird.
CHRISTINA: I don't care what Keith thinks! Andrew's in danger and that's all that matters!
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