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Neighbours Episode 2706 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2706 (Darren Stark and Libby Kennedy leave home)
Australian airdate: 23/09/96
UK airdate: 28/03/97
UK Gold: 20/03/03
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
- "Paint Me Grey" by Horsehead
- "Im Gonna Get To You" by Peter Andre
- "Living Thing" by The Badloves
- "Love Never Runs On Time" by Paul Kelly
- "Unreal" by Dreamworld
- "Imogen" by Nick Barker
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Toadie and Billy overhear two kids raving about Shockwaves and realise their popularity.
- Marlene feels guilty for not helping Cheryl out. Darren tells her that Cheryl's tough and can take care of herself. Marlene tells Darren that Cheryl's fearful she'll lose Louise to Lou.
- Karl hits the roof when he realises that Darren is in Libby's bedroom.
Number 28
Karl bursts back into the living room, with Libby and Darren following him. Libby protests that they were just looking through some cds but Karl isn't having any of it. Karl reckons that he knows what would've happened in Libby's bedroom if he hadn't interrupted them. Susan pleads with Karl for him to listen, and Darren backs up Libby's story of looking through cds.
LIBBY: Forget it. If he doesn't believe me, he's not going to believe you! We're just wasting our breath.
KARL: Can you get your hands off her? There's been enough of all that!
DARREN: (stunned) Enough of what?! You really think I'd do something while you were here?! You really think I'm that stupid?!
KARL: I think you're stupid enough for anything. A nice little sleazy reunion to celebrate getting out of jail!
LIBBY: That is disgusting!
Libby turns to Darren.
LIBBY: He didn't mean that.
DARREN: Yes, he did. You can't help yourself, can you, Karl? I think he's scared because he's realised he can't control you any more.
Karl picks up Darren's jacket and angrily throws it at him.
KARL: Just get out!
He strides to the door and when Darren doesn't follow, he turns back to him.
KARL: Oh, come on, are you deaf?!
Darren asks if Libby will be ok, and Karl tells him that she'll be all right once he's gone! Darren tells Libby that she knows where he is if she needs him. Libby apologises and Darren tells her that she's not the one with the problem. He kisses her, which Karl tuts at!
DARREN: Stay happy, Karl(!)
KARL: Oh yes!
Darren leaves. Karl slams the door.
LIBBY: Well, thank you very much!
KARL: You will thank me one day!
Susan tells them both to cut it out. Libby is very upset at the way Karl carries on, and reckons that she'll end up an old spinster. Libby continues to protest that they weren't doing anything in the bedroom.
KARL: Darren Stark is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!
Libby tells Karl that he's not her keeper. Karl tells her that he's her father and that amounts to the same thing(!) Susan repeatedly tells them to calm down, but neither of them listen to her.
Libby throws the Danni/Mal situation in Karl's face, pointing out that Danni was allowed to stay over and Karl even assisted them to set up house in Number 32.
KARL: That was to prove a point and where's that relationship now, eh?!
Libby tells him that the point is that he's totally unfair, as she can't even have Darren in her room for one second. Libby storms off, with Karl yelling that he has her best interests at heart as she goes. Susan looks utterly worn out with it all!
Number 30
Toadie and Billy are broadcasting Shockwaves. Toadie announces that B-Boy is going to start ripping into the teachers at Erinsborough High. They joke about McKenna tuning in and tease him about his brake light getting broken. They put on some music - mosh on! - that you wouldn't hear in Erinsborough Mall(!)
Off air, Billy asks who did break McKenna's brake light and Toadie confesses that he did it - but it was McKenna's fault for parking so close to the cricket nets and it was an accident.
They discuss their lack of material, and how Karl's suss about the prank phonecalls. Billy suggests interviews and after Toadie drills that idea down, Toadie suggests a talk-back on where they should do their next show. He points out that Luke won't keep up living by himself and if he gets a new flatmate, they might put a stop to the broadcasts.
Toadie lists where's out - their houses, the bus, the youth centre... And then he suggests that they go mobile, like the European pirate radio stations do.
BILLY: Like on a boat or something? Fat chance!
TOADIE: Well, you'd better start thinking of something soon, B-Boy, otherwise Shockwaves won't be shocking anyone any more!
Number 28
Karl comes out of the bedrooms to the living room. Susan asks if he had any luck with Libby.
KARL: She wouldn't let me in.
SUSAN: Well, surprise surprise; in her place I wouldn't either.
KARL: (wearily) I know you think I'm doing the wrong thing.
SUSAN: Yes, yes, I do!
KARL: Well, what do you expect me to do? Just say, "Go for it! Don't mind us!"?
Susan points out that just shouting at them makes things worse.
SUSAN: You shout, Libby shouts. You dig your heels in, Libby digs her heels in!
Susan tells him that she's legally old enough to do what she wants. Karl thinks that she's too young to make a mature and reasoned decision about somebody like Darren. Susan thinks she's too much like Karl, so she won't back down!
Karl calms down a bit and agrees to talk to Libby again. Just then, Libby storms through with a packed bag. Karl tries to stop her from leaving, but Libby is insistent that she's going to stay with her boyfriend.
KARL: Now come on, Elizabeth.
Whoops. Libby leaves a stunned Karl and Susan.
Number 24
There's a knocking at the door and Darren goes to answer it. Libby asks if she can stay the night. Darren's surprised at her arrival but agrees. Libby tells him that things got even worse once he left and worries about whether it's ok if she stays. Darren says it's fine - but only for tonight, because Marlene can be funny.
Libby sadly says that she feels that everyone's against them. Darren tells her that he used to think he was the only person he could rely on. Libby wishes she was as strong as that, but he tells her that's the beauty of their relationship - now they've got each other.
DARREN: You know I'll always be here for you.
LIBBY: And me for you.
They hug.
Number 28
Karl is staring out of the window. Karl tells Susan that Libby still hasn't come out. Susan asks if he's going to stare out of the window all night until she does. Suddenly, Karl gets even more agitated, as the lights go out at 24. He gets ready to storm off, as he doesn't want Libby to spend the night with Darren, but Susan tries to make him see sense, pointing out that he'll be storming over in the middle of the night, waking up Cheryl, Marlene and lots of the other neighbours in the process.
Karl starts ranting about Cheryl and how he's going to have words with her. He feels like she's doing this to spite him (er, I don't think Cheryl's actually done anything yet, Karl!) and she's doing it so that she comes across as the modern mum. Susan can't believe how irrational Karl's being and he opens the door to go across to Number 24...
...and Mal walks through it, smacking straight into him! Mal worries that they were waiting up for him, but Susan assures him they weren't. Karl then accuses him of barging in in the middle of the night waking everyone up (wait, you're up, Susan's up, Libby's at 24 so er, that's just Billy then...and he's slept through you screaming at each other!).
Mal points out the flaw in the logic - i.e. that Karl and Susan are awake, and Karl protests that they could've been asleep! Mal grumbles that he didn't know that he was under a sudden curfew. Susan tries to usher Karl into bed.
MAL: Yeah, you might want to sleep off that mood. Good night.
Mal goes to bed. Karl wants to get Libby but Susan forces him to drop it, and they'll deal with it tomorrow. Karl reckons he won't sleep at all.
Number 24
Marlene and Cheryl are having breakfast. Marlene tries to cheer Cheryl, to little avail. Marlene tells Cheryl that life is what you make it. Cheryl takes that as an accusation that the way things have turned out with Lou and her finances are her own fault.
CHERYL: I suppose you even think that I don't deserve to get custody of Lolly.
Marlene looks pained and tells her she's being silly, but points out that Lou does have rights. Marlene says that Cheryl should face up to things and do a little less complaining.
Libby emerges out of bedroom area and asks for a coffee. Marlene and Cheryl do not look pleased!
CHERYL: (trying to keep her voice light) DARREN! Could you please come out here? *NOW*!
Marlene asks if Libby stayed the night, and Libby tells her that she had a huge falling out with Karl. Darren emerges, fully clothed.
DARREN: What's the problem?
CHERYL: You need to ask?
Cheryl gently suggests that Libby get dressed. Darren realises he's about to get an earful. Libby departs.
CHERYL: (hushed but angrily) My God, you've got so much explaining to do!
Number 24 (moments later - obviously an ad break!)
Cheryl is lecturing Darren.
CHERYL: How could you let Libby stay here without getting Mum's permission? And on top of that, I don't need Karl Kennedy breathing fire and brimstone at me!
DARREN: She had nowhere else to go!
MARLENE: Did her house burn down?
Darren reckons Marlene understood what he meant! Cheryl says that there's so much trouble between the Starks and the Kennedys, he should try and keep the peace - not add to it! Libby walks in and hears the end of this rant.
Marlene points out that everyone - invited or uninvited - is a guest in her house, and although she respects Darren's actions as an adult, she doesn't want his girlfriend sleeping with him.
DARREN: You both think we slept together, don't you?
DARREN: Well, we didn't! As a matter of fact, Libby stayed in the spare room! But so what if we had? It didn't seem to matter when it was Malcolm and Danni!
LIBBY: Look, I'm going.
Libby gets her stuff and starts to leave.
CHERYL: That's different!
Libby leaves.
DARREN: THANKS VERY MUCH, MUM! It's good to know you're on my side!
He storms out after Libby. Marlene and Cheryl look at each other helplessly.
Ramsay Street
Libby marches down the drive of 24. Darren catches up with her and takes her bag. Darren apologises and says that Cheryl didn't mean it, she's just having a heavy time, but Libby isn't having any of it. Libby says that everyone is against them. Darren thinks that at least they have each other.
Libby looks at 28 and says that's not going to help in the next five minutes! Darren offers to go in with her but she thinks that'd make things worse. Darren feels helpless.
DARREN: I just wish there was something I could do.
LIBBY: Just keep loving me.
DARREN: Well, that's easy. I meant something physical.
LIBBY: Like decking my father?(!)
DARREN: Yeah, well don't give me any ideas!
They laugh. Libby isn't looking forward to going in.
Number 28
Mal, Billy and Susan are eating breakfast. Karl emerges from the bedroom and isn't happy that Libby isn't back. He wishes he'd gone over last night, but Susan thinks if he'd caused a ruckus at Number 24, Libby'd never have forgiven him. Karl insists that he's going over shortly.
SUSAN: What, to yell and scream and to drag her back by the scruff of the neck?
KARL: Yep, yep, if necessary.
MAL: Oh yeah, well, Lib's going to love that(!)
KARL: Well, what do you expect me to do?! My daughter's spending the night with an ex-con, you want my approval, do you?!
Mal calmly points out that all his anger is doing is driving Libby away and towards Darren. Susan agrees with him and tells Karl to stop being angry with Darren and he should try and understand Libby instead.
KARL: I see girls like Libby in my surgery all the time. They're decent, they're intelligent young women, they get mixed up with the wrong type of person. The next thing you know, they're pregnant. They're on a single mother's pension. And the baby comes along and of course, the boyfriend disappears, well that is not happening to my daughter!
Susan says if he showed Libby that instead of anger, they might get through to her. Just then, Libby arrives home.
KARL: Did you spend the night with Darren?
LIBBY: I spent the night at Marlene's.
KARL: That is not what I asked.
LIBBY: Then tough!
SUSAN: Libby, please.
LIBBY: No, forget it, Mum. He doesn't trust me and he won't believe me, so he can think what he wants.
Billy makes a sharp exit! Libby says she's also got to get ready for school. Susan offers to make her some lunch, but Libby thinks she can take care of herself.
Coffee Shop
Billy, Mel and Toadie dump their bags. Mel says that Billy has been quiet all morning. Billy says that there's issues at home with Karl and Libby, but it's nothing for Mel to worry about. Mel asks how his training for the bodyshaping is going, but Billy says he's forgotten about it. Mel wonders what else he's been doing that's kept him so busy, and Billy quickly replies that he's been listening to Shockwaves.
TOADIE: Is that the best or what?!
MEL: Some of it's ok.
BILLY: (eagerly) Which bits?
MEL: Well, the music's pretty good.
TOADIE: (to himself) Thank you very much.
BILLY: You don't think the humour's funny?
MEL: What is up with you two?! You'd think you'd had some personal interest in it or something.
BILLY: As a matter of fact...
MEL: As a matter of fact, what?!
Toadie doesn't look happy at this turn of events and when Mel guesses that Toadie and Billy know the guys who run it, Toadie says they'd best get to school. Mel says she knows they're hiding something from her. Billy doesn't seem capable of keeping the secret at all, so Toadie sits back down.
TOADIE: Mr T, B-Boy. Ring any bells?
MEL: (slowly realising) It's you two!
Mel asks if she can help, but Toadie tells her she can't! Billy asks if she can help and Toadie says that he knew this would happen!
Cheryl goes into the office where Marlene is and starts ranting about idiot drivers.
MARLENE: Nice to see your mood's improved(!)
Cheryl says that her whole life is falling apart, but Marlene thinks it's Cheryl's attitude that's the problem - everyone else hasn't turned nasty, but it's the way Cheryl's perceiving things. Marlene points out that she's doing half of Cheryl's work and whilst Cheryl's got time to go out attacking the world, she's not even thanked Marlene.
Cheryl apologises and they hug. Cheryl concedes that she's very uptight at the moment because she's worried about losing Lolly. Marlene understands and thinks she should ring Lou, as he's a reasonable guy and he'd be happy with decent access arrangements. Cheryl frets but Marlene says that if he's not, they'll cross that bridge when they get to it.
MARLENE: And in the meantime, I think you should go and see Karl and get something that'll calm-
CHERYL: Are you kidding?
MARLENE: Well, I mean, he is your doctor.
CHERYL: Oh, Mum! With all this business with Darren and Libby and him crowing about the wonderful price he got for my house, he's just the person I should be staying *right* away from!
Erinsborough High
Susan spots Libby sitting in the grounds. She goes to approach her (Libby has her back to Susan and can't see her) but as she goes to make a move, Darren appears and Libby is overjoyed to see him. Susan walks away and watches from a distance as they kiss.
Darren gives Libby some lunch and then says he's got an idea. Libby reckons that anything would be better than what Karl and Susan have got in store for her.
Marlene asks if Cheryl got hold of Lou, but apparently he's gone overseas. Karl marches in and Cheryl tells him that she knows exactly what he's going to say(!) Karl says that he thought she was against Libby and Darren too, and Cheryl tells him that she didn't know Libby was there until the morning. Marlene assures Karl that it won't happen again. Karl thinks they should discuss how to keep them apart.
CHERYL: Well, she's your daughter.
KARL: Well, he's your son!
KARL: So, he's the problem!
Marlene tells them to cut it out. Cheryl points out that Libby and Darren are both legally adults and they can do what they want, when they want.
KARL: Legal or not, Libby is a *schoolgirl*. I don't want her throwing herself away on someone whose only life experience is prison.
Cheryl throws back that she doesn't want her son throwing himself at the first girl who shows an interest in him. Karl is outraged at the idea that Libby isn't good enough for Darren. Cheryl is as annoyed, saying that Darren has paid his debt to society and he's learnt an awful lot - in comparison, Libby is a child and could never understand him.
Marlene intervenes, saying they're as bad as the children themselves!
Number 28
Mel is coaching Billy. Toadie is giggling at him, whilst messing with some recording equipment. Mel wants Toadie to rack off. Mel tells Billy to put more energy into it, but Billy says he can't because it's stupid.
TOADIE: Nah, I've seen worse. Pity I can't remember where though, haha!
Mel begs Billy to ignore him. Toadie jumps up and starts taking the mick. Mel gets him to stop and Toadie says that Billy looks like a dork. Billy agrees and turns the music off.
Mel and Toadie argue about how dumb it is or isn't and Mel is upset when Billy quits. He insists that he'd said he'd give it a try; not definitely participate. Toadie is pleased when Billy quits as now they can get on with the radioshow. They both leave Mel.
Number 24
Mal is grumbling about Darren insisting that they carry all of the tools inside. Darren is concerned that they'll get stolen, and Mal's confused as he's never worried about that before.
MAL: You want to borrow the ute tonight, don't you? I reckon you've got something suss lined up.
DARREN: Oh, give me a break! Bit of an active imagination, I think's your problem.
Darren stops Mal before he leaves and says that he wanted to thank him for sticking up him and Libby. Mal says that Libby's his sister and he'll always look out for her. He warns Darren that he'd better look out for her too if he knows what's good for him!
Number 30
Toadie is messing with a tape when Billy and Mel come in. Mel is excited and wants to speak on the radio too. Toadie says she can - but later. He starts the show off and says that he thinks teenagers are getting a bit whiney, and he's got an example. He plays the tape he was messing with, which is a recording of Mel begging Billy to take part in the bodyshaping. Billy looks shocked.
MEL: You are sick, Toadie, totally sick!
Toadie is in fits of giggles! Billy insists that he knows nothing about it, and Toadie wonders what her problem is - she wanted to be on air!
TOADIE: (into the mic) What do you reckon, guys, a pain in the butt or what?!
Mel says that if Toadie didn't want her around, all he had to do was say so - he didn't have to do that to her. Toadie can't believe that she can't take a joke. Mel storms off and Billy gets up, but Mel tells him that she'll talk to him when Toadie's not around so he can't record it!
Billy is very annoyed with Toadie. Toadie says that he didn't want Mel around because it's *their* radio station and he's sick of Billy doing everything with Mel.
BILLY: She *is* my girlfriend!
TOADIE: Yeah, and I'm your mate! You can see her as much as you like when I'm gone!
Billy says he still doesn't think the tape was very funny. Toadie laughs!
Number 28
Susan comments that Darren brought Libby's lunch to school and tries to point out how caring he's being. Karl isn't really having it and wonders if Susan can see into Darren's mind(!) Billy comments on how Darren gave Libby a flower and she carried it around all afternoon.
Karl wonders if she's still in her room sulking.
BILLY: Is she moving into Marlene's?
There's a knock at the door. Mal answers and it's Darren.
MAL: We were just talking about you.
DARREN: Surprise surprise. Can I come in?
MAL: Sure, just watch out for the landmines.
DARREN: Hi everyone.
KARL: (coldly) What do you want?
DARREN: I've come for Libby.
Karl is unimpressed at this and Cheryl bursts in as things start to kick off. Cheryl demands to know why Darren's case is packed and loaded into the ute. She's upset that he'd leave without saying goodbye.
KARL: Don't stop him! If he wants to go, let him go. Do you want me to give you some petrol money?
Behind Karl, Libby comes out of the bedroom with her bags packed. Libby apologises to Susan and Darren tells them that they've all made it clear that they're not wanted - so they've found their own place and they're out of here.
DARREN: You guys can yell and scream at each other; not at me and Lib.
They leave and Karl, Susan and Cheryl look helplessly at each other.
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Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2706
Billy Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2706
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2706
Libby Kennedy, Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2706
Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Malcolm Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Melissa Drenth in Neighbours Episode 2706
Melissa Drenth

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2706
Toadie Rebecchi

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2706
Marlene Kratz

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2706
Cheryl Stark

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2706
Karl Kennedy, Cheryl Stark, Marlene Kratz

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy, Melissa Drenth in Neighbours Episode 2706
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy, Melissa Drenth

Malcolm Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2706
Malcolm Kennedy, Darren Stark

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Cheryl Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Susan Kennedy, Cheryl Stark, Malcolm Kennedy, Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2706
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2706
Susan Kennedy, Cheryl Stark

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