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Peter Andre

Peter Andre - Official Site

Peter Andre released his debut single in 1992 and enjoyed substantial success in Australia with his first album in 1993. His single, Mysterious Girl, propelled him to #2 in the charts in the UK in 1996.

Peter was dropped by his record label in the late 90s, but he re-discovered fame in 2004 when he came 3rd in ITV's reality show "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here!" and this led to new chart successes for him.

He embarked on a relationship with glamour model Katie Price (Jordan) and the pair are now married and have their own reality television series - "Katie & Peter". In 2008, Peter revealed that he was working on a new solo album and a joint album with Katie for charity.

The Very Best of Peter Andre: the hits collection (1999)

Artist's music first used:Episode 1744 (1992)
Artist's music last used:Episode 2706 (1996)
The following songs by this artist have featured in Neighbours:

Drive Me Crazy
Funky Junky
Im Gonna Get To You
To The Top
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