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Neighbours Episode 1744 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1744
Australian airdate: 13/08/92
UK airdate: 21/07/93
UK Gold: 08/07/1999
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Police Officer: Ron Smith
- "Blue Danube Waltz" by Johann Strauss
- "Telephone Booth" by Ian Moss
- "Drive Me Crazy" by Peter Andre
- "Nats Blues" by Nathan Cavaleri
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou begs Jim to wait before going to the police - he could go to jail.
Jim tells Lou that he has nothing to worry about if he's innocent. Lou insists he's the victim of a shonky dealer - he'll look into it and then go to the police himself. Phil and Jim agree to give Lou the benefit of the doubt, although Julie doesn't want to(!)
Cathy is giving Debbie some cooking tips. Benito says that he tasted Marco's bolognaise at the Coffee Shop today and it tasted suspiciously like Cathy's. Cathy covers, saying she gave Marco the recipe. In the kitchen, Cathy tells Debbie that she secretly made the sauce for Marco(!)
Rick comes in and is most impressed by Debbie and Cathy's cooking.
Gaby is clearing up while Doug stresses over his paperwork. He's fed up of Benito breathing down his neck at the building site - and also, he finds it insulting. Pam suggests they go to a fundraising do tomorrow to take his mind off things.
Gaby has managed to sell the boutique, but will keep on with the part-time job at Lassiter's office anyway. Just then, Julie comes round to ask Gaby if she can work tomorrow - Benito wants them both in to catch up on the work. Doug thinks Benito is a slavedriver for making them work on Sundays.
Lou has got certificates for the cars, but he doesn't want to go to police because he has a track record: he was falsely accused by the Queensland police. But Madge talks him round.
Lassiter's, the following day
Julie is bossing Gaby around and Gaby is trying to keep her cool. Debbie comes in to borrow some money to buy a music single as a present for Rick. Julie foists some filing on to Gaby.
In the office, Benito is a bit concerned at the friction between Julie and Gaby.
Car yard
Jim and Phil have come down to the car yard. Lou tells Phil and Jim that they can both have another car to replace the one that was stolen. Lou clearly hasn't been to the police though, he's just pretending he has.
Jim and Phil have a look around and Phil is surprised to see a huge markup on his old car. Lou suggests that he just gives Phil his car back. Phil is pleased, and so is Jim when Lou offers him quite an expensive car.
The Office
Julie is bossing Gaby around again and says that Benito is expecting her to hold a more senior position than Gaby. Benito comes out looking for a file and Julie gives him the wrong one.
In the inner office, Benito tells Gaby that she and Julie must not bicker - he doesn't have time for it.
Julie comes in and invites Benito and his family over for dinner this evening. He makes a hasty exit telling her to take it up with Cathy!
Doug is off down to the building site to make sure everything is OK for Benito. He says he can't make the charity do after all - he's too busy at work. Pam is disappointed and warns Doug that he should slow down a bit - he's getting too stressed.
Car yard
Madge is suspicious at Lou's business methods. Lou sees a policeman snooping around and gets worried. But it turns out that the policeman is just looking for a car for his wife. Lou looks very shifty though and tells Madge to help him keep the policeman away from the dodgy cars. He confesses that he didn't go to the police about the cars after all.
MADGE: No wonder you've been avoiding going to church with me, God must be having a pink fit up there!
Lou says he's going to tellt he police everything - he's had enough of the hassle.
Benito tells Cathy that it's a nightmare having both Gaby and Julie in the office at the same time. He's not looking forward to having dinner with Julie this evening.
As they are talking, Debbie comes up to the open front door. She overhears Cathy talking to Rick.
CATHY: You should come with us Rick. Give you a chance to get to know Debbie better. She's a lovely girl.
RICK: Oh, ease off, Mum! Leave me out of it, OK? Look I don't want any matchmaking, alright? I'm not interested. Not in any little kid like Debbie. I like sophisticated women, not dumb schoolgirls. Just do me a favour.
Debbie runs off in tears, throwing Rick's present into a bush.
Julie is looking forward to dinner tonight, but Helen is quite relieved she won't be there - she's off to catch a flight up to see Scott, Charlene and Daniel. Julie is pleased that Debbie has taken a fancy to Rick because it'll cement her position with the boss(!)
Debbie rushes in in tears at that moment.
DEBBIE: Rick Alessi. He's a creep!
HELEN: Sounds serious.
DEBBIE: I never want to see him again as long as I live.
Julie starts banging on and says that Debbie has to come to dinner, like it or not.
Debbie is sulking and insisting that she's not coming to dinner with the Alessi's tonight. Phil comes in and gently asks her what happened with Rick. Debbie pours out the whole story and Phil tells her that Rick is wrong - and anyway, his opinion doesn't matter. He suggests that Debbie acts really grown-up and sophisticated to show Rick that he's wrong about there. Julie offers to do her hair and help her pick out a pretty outfit. Debbie cheers up and agrees to give it a go.
Lou has been to the police and it turns out that they believed his story, so everything is OK. He thanks Madge for her support and laments having to give Jim and Phil a free car(!) Madge says at least he'll be able to sleep soundly knowing he's an honest (but poor!) man!
Gaby is venting about Julie's behaviour at the office. Jim has come to invite Doug to the Waterhole, but he's too busy. Doug suggests that Jim takes Pam to her fundraising evening instead. Jim and Pam look rather uncomfortable, but Jim agrees.
Phil and Julie are waiting for Benito to arrive. Julie is stressing and hoping that she'll make a good impression on Benito.
Benito, Cathy and Rick arrive and are ushered into the living room. Debbie comes out dressed in what is apparently sophisticated clothing for the early 90s - although it looks like Debbie wearing tight tartan shorts(!) Anyway, Rick is impressed and can hardly take his eyes off her. She doesn't so much as glance in his direction as she wows Benito with the results of her cooking.
RICK: You look gorgeous!
DEBBIE: Sophisticated, would you say?
RICK: Yeah...!
DEBBIE: Good. Because I went to a lot of trouble to hear you say that.
She tips the bowl of dip over Rick's head! Julie squeals in horror, but Debbie looks very pleased with herself!
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