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Neighbours Episode 1745 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1745
Australian airdate: 14/08/92
UK airdate: 22/07/93
UK Gold: 09/07/99
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: George Sanderson: Paul Upchurch
- "Nats Blues" by Nathan Cavaleri
- "Ordinary Angels" by Frente!
- "Cruelest Plague" by Helvelln
- "Jump To The Beat" by Danni Minogue
- "Anything You Want" by The Dubrovniks
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie pours dip over Rick's head.
CATHY: Well, that's the shortest dinner party I've ever been to.
Rick is drying off his hair and is looking rather disgusted. He can't understand why Debbie was upset with him, not realising that she overheard his conversation earlier. Cathy reckons that Debbie really likes Rick, but Rick thinks she's psycho(!)
Julie is slamming dishes into the cupboard and generally looking very cross. Debbie comes out and Julie starts shouting at her. Debbie starts to cry and Julie relents, giving her a hug. She says that Rick thought Debbie was beautiful before she blew it by throwing food over him. Debbie says she couldn't help it - when Rick started getting slimy she just let him have it!
Jim and Pam arrive back from the charity do, full of beans. Doug is still doing his paperwork. Pam has apparently been made Treasurer of the fundraising committee. Doug rushes off to do some more work, leaving Pam and Jim to have a cup of tea together. They chat about the charity which is for homeless kids. Jim says he's come up with a few fundraising ideas of his own, so Pam gets a paper and pen out!
Robinsons, the following morning
Jim is in an excellent mood this morning, in stark contrast to Julie who is still rather fed up about the previous night's events. Julie is worried that Benito might fire her.
When Julie has gone, Jim gossips with Debbie about Rick and tells her not to worry about Julie!
Coffee Shop
The spaghetti sauce has been going very well, so Cathy goes off to the kitchen to make some more. Marco warns her to be careful - Benito will go mad if he sees her there.
Dorothy comes in and asks Marco what the secret of his spaghetti sauce is. He tells her it's a family secret.
The Office
Doug is very agitated as Benito looks through his plans. He tells Benito that he can't push his men too hard, you just can't do that on a building site. Benito is unmoved though so Doug stalks off.
Julie arrives in work to find that Gaby is already there. She's just come in to fix a couple of invoices though. Julie goes through to the inner office to face Benito and apologise to him. She rants on and on then tells Benito she's resigning. Benito can't get a word in edgeways(!) and is rather dazed when Julie marches out of the office.
Benito follows Julie into the outer office and tells her that he has no intention of sacking her - in fact, he doesn't know why she thought he would. He tells her there's no need to get emotional and reassures her that everything is OK - he's perfectly happy with her work, so they should forget about personal issues and get on with business. Julie is very relieved.
Outside the Coffee Shop
RICK: Debbie!
DEBBIE: Leave me alone.
RICK: Why wouldn't you talk to me in class?
DEBBIE: Why should I?!
Apparently they've both had detention for arguing. Debbie lets rip and tells Rick about the conversation she overheard. Rick tries to explain that he didn't mean any of the stuff he said to his parents - but Debbie stalks off before he can finish.
The Office
Gaby has come in for the afternoon shift. Julie is just leaving and instinctively starts belittling Gaby. She decides to stay on help Gaby with her work.
Coffee Shop
Marco is serving up "Spaghetti Alessi" to just about every customer in the shop. Cathy is busy in the kitchen making up more sauce.
Rick is moping at the counter and Marco tells him that he brought it on himself. Rick says he only said those things about Debbie to his parents because they were trying to set him and Debbie up.
Dorothy comes in and joins Pam and Jim at a table - they're planning fundraising events. They also observe a bloke at the next table - Dorothy thinks he could be an industrial spy from another restaurant(!)
The Office
Julie is still at work so Benito sends her home, insisting that Gaby can manage. Gaby is not impressed - Julie has completely changed the filing system and therefore dropped her right in it.
Driveway of No.26
Jim has picked up his new car and has given Debbie a lift home. Rick comes up and tells Debbie that what she overheard wasn't correct - he only said those things because he hates his parents trying to matchmake him. Debbie sends him packing.
Jim tells Debbie that Rick is brave trying to apologise for his words and Debbie should give him a chance.
JIM: One things for sure - Rick won't be coming back in a hurry!
Outside the Waterhole
Doug and Gaby are having a drink. Gaby is fed up of Julie - she keeps sucking up to Benito and off-loading the hard jobs on Gaby. Doug thinks Benito is a tyrant.
Coffee Shop
Benito is looking for Cathy and generally complimenting Marco on his cooking skills. A few minutes later a bloke comes in and introduces himself as George Sanderson. He's in the restaurant business and is looking for something new and exciting - and he thinks Marco's sauce is the best thing he's tasted in years. He wants Marco to let him market it - the sauce will be on the shelves of every supermarket within six months and Marco will be rich! Marco suggests they discuss it over coffee and Cathy is not impressed. She tells Marco that she's not handing over the recipe for anything. Mama Alessi wouldn't even let her write it down - she had to memorise the ingredients! Marco protests that it's an excellent opportunity, but Cathy says he'll have to find another way to make his first million!
Debbie has come to see Rick. He looks a bit scared, but Debbie apologises for being so heavy with him before. They talk it through and Rick admits that he does like Debbie - a lot. Debbie has retrieved Rick's present from the bush(!) and hands it over to him. He's chuffed with the single and kisses her on the cheek. Then he kisses her properly on the lips.
Dorothy tells Pam that she'll help out with the fundraising, and will get the students at the school to assist as well.
Just then, Doug and Gaby come in looking rather drunk. They are ranting about Benito and Pam tries to shush them. It turns out that Benito is sitting on their sofa!
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