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Neighbours Episode 1746 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1746
Australian airdate: 17/08/92
UK airdate: 23/07/93
UK Gold: 12/07/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Householder: Ros Johnston
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug comes in ranting about Benito - but to his horror Benito is sitting in his living-room!
A rather awkward atmosphere descends and Benito gets up and walks out. Gaby is quite chastened - she probably won't have a job anymore. But Doug is still furious with Benito. Pam advises him to clear the air now, before things get out of hand.
There's a knock at the door and it's Jim - he's come for a chat about the Homeless Children's Fund. Pam asks him to postpone.
Cathy is appalled to hear about Doug and Gaby's disloyalty to Benito. He says that it doesn't really matter - people always shoot their mouths off about the boss. Cathy is less forgiving and says Benito should fire Gaby. Benito says things are very difficult between Gaby and Julie anyway.
Benito says that he has been pushing Doug very hard on purpose. He doesn't care about anyone's else's loyalty - only Cathy's!
Toby has brought Hannah round some school books of his. Hannah says they're broke, so can't afford the books, but Julie reckons that recycling is the best way anyway!
Toby asks Hannah if she wants to sell lollies door-to-door, but there's one snag - she'll need Julie to sign a permission form for her.
In the kitchen, Jim is telling Julie about the Gaby-Doug/Benito situation. She seems quite pleased that Gaby will probably lose her job(!)
Coffee Shop
Gaby is pouring out her woes to Marco. He tells her he's been run off his feet in the Coffee Shop - but he has support from Cathy. Gaby is really surprised to hear that Cathy is making the sauce but keeping it from Benito. Marco tells her he's had an offer for his mum's sauce from a company, but Cathy won't be in it.
Pam has come round to see Benito, but he's already in bed. Pam tells Cathy that Doug has been under a lot of pressure from Benito - he just snapped, that's all. Cathy reckons Benito is under pressure too - Paul is ringing him day and night demanding results. Pam lets slip that Gaby thinks Benito is a slave-driver and Cathy is most offended. She asks Pam to leave.
No.26, the following morning
Jim laughs to hear that Debbie has gone to school with Rick. Julie says that she doesn't think Benito is a slave-driver, just a hard-working man. Jim advises Julie not to gloat over Gaby, but she reckons she's the best person for the job!
Toby comes in and asks Hannah about the lollies again. Julie doesn't want Hannah knocking on doors though.
HANNAH:(to Toby) I don't understand. We do need the money.
Toby gives Hannah the permission form and she looks it over.
Doug is busy on the phone to his suppliers. Gaby tells Pam that she's going to apologise to Benito this afternoon and decides to check the jobs section of the newspaper just in case(!)
Doug is not impressed that Pam went over to see the Alessis last night. He reckons he meant every word he said about Benito and he's not going to back down.
The Office
Conference bookings are up at the hotel and Benito is very pleased. Julie is trying to ingratiate herself with Benito, saying how dedicated and discreet she is. Benito tells her to stop trying to undermine Gaby. He's going to pick one of them and let them know.
Coffee Shop
Cathy is cooking in the kitchen. Mario is moaning about the lost contract, but Cathy won't have any of it - the recipe is secret.
Gaby comes into the shop for a spaghetti lunch and a general chat with Marco.
Julie is worried that Benito won't pick her for the job. Jim tells her that she should stop treating everything like a competition.
Hannah asks Julie to sign a form to stay late at the library. But Hannah has got some carbon paper, and Julie has unwittingly signed the lolly-selling permission form too!
Coffee Shop
Marco has given up with Cathy about the spaghetti sauce contract. He tells her he won't mention it again.
A road
Toby and Hannah are tackling some houses with baskets of lollies. Hannah is a bit nervous about it.
Coffee Shop
Doug has been to see Benito and it hasn't exactly been a pleasant experience. Pam is exasperated with Doug. She tells him just to stick the job out.
Cathy comes over to talk to Pam. They both apologise for last night's conversation. Pam asks Cathy why she's working in the Coffee Shop behind Benito's back - she just wants to try to understand Benito. If he's wielding a big stick at home, surely he's the same at work?
A road
Hannah is walking down a street, but a car is following, watching her.
The Office
Gaby brings in some contracts for Benito to sign. She apologises for what she said about him last night and is surprised that Benito didn't fire her on the spot. Benito asks her to sit down so they can discuss why she has problems working for him. They chat about the friction between her and Julie. He doesn't think she and Julie are compatible, and one of them will have to go. He hasn't made his decision yet.
A house
A lady has bought some lollies off Hannah. As she exits the house, the car is still watching her. It follows her along the road. A man gets out and approaches her.
MAN: Hello. What's your name?
<<1745 - 1747>>
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