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Neighbours Episode 1747 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1747
Australian airdate: 18/08/92
UK airdate: 26/07/93
UK Gold: 13/07/99
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Policeman: Colin Lane
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Hannah is approached by a stanger while out selling lollies.
Julie telling Phil that Benito has accused her of trying to back-stab Gaby. Phil rolls his eyes and tries to placate her.
A road
The bloke is trying to give Hannah a lift home, but she reckons that her mother told her never to get in a car with a stranger. He says she also has to be polite to grownups. Then he suddenly get violent and drags her to the car. Luckily Toby comes up at that moment and jumps on the man's back. He throws Toby off and screeches away. Poor Hannah is crying and sadly picks up her basket of lollies.
Rick is playing on his drums and having a good time with Debbie. Benito and Dorothy come in and tell him off for skiving off school today. She's going to speak to Debbie's parents too.
Cameron has had no luck tracking down Jacqueline - it seems she's gone for good. Beth sympathises.
There's a knock at the door and it's Brad. He tells Cameron that he needs to come out raging to cheer himself up. Maybe they could ask Marco too. Cameron isn't really up for it, but Brad is insistent.
Dorothy has told Phil and Julie about Debbie's behaviour - next time she'll have to take more severe action. The door opens and Hannah flings herself into Julie's arms. Toby explains about the horrible man who tried to abduct Hannah. Julie is horrified and very angry with Toby.
JULIE: You stay away from her from now on, do you hear me?!
Cameron tells Beth that he doesn't feel like going out. He reckons he has a right to feel depressed if he wants to(!) but Beth won't hear of this and insists that he comes out with them.
Hannah has calmed down a bit now. They've been down to the police station to look at mugshots, but they didn't recognise anyone in them. Apparently the bloke has tried to abduct other kids in the area though.
Dorothy thinks Toby behaved very bravely in rescuing Hannah. Phil thanks Toby, but Julie just rolls her eyes - if it weren't for Toby, Hannah wouldn't be in trouble in the first place. Dorothy says she loathes parents who blame other children for their own children's mistakes. Phil thinks Dorothy has a point.
Debbie says she's heading over to Rick's, saying that they've got to do a joint book review, due in tomorrow. Phil is not amused and warns her to make sure that she concentrates on her schoolwork.
Benito is lecturing Rick about his lack of respect - he reckons he's spending too much time with Marco. Benito is not amused when Debbie arrives to do homework. They settle down in the kitchen. Neither of them have read the book they're meant to be reviewing but Rick has a plan - they'll make it up(!) He reckons new teacher Mr Burns won't be any the wiser.
Coffee Shop
Brad is telling Beth that he knows of a great nightclub they can go to. Cameron doesn't want to go and heads off home.
Beth tells Brad that Cameron maybe needs a bit of time to get over Jacqueline, but Brad says he just needs a good plan(!)
Toby is a bit depressed about the days events. Dorothy says that it's not Toby's fault - Hannah forged her permission slip and Toby stood up to a grown man on her behalf. Toby doesn't think he's going to sell lollies anymore.
Dorothy tells Toby that she has a secret to tell him - Erinsborough High will be setting up its own radio station. Toby could audition to be a DJ.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Toby is enthusing to Cameron about the radio station. Brad sees Cameron from a distance, but Cameron quickly makes himself scarce. As Brad chases after Cameron, Toby turns round and see the bloke who tried to abduct Hannah going into the Coffee Shop. He's really shocked.
The Martin family are having breakfast. Hannah is feeling a bit better, and is chuffed when Debbie agrees to give her one of her jumpers.
HANNAH: How long do you think she'll stay like this?
PHIL: About another fifteen minutes!
Julie answers the door to Benito. He's heard about Hannah and has come to see how she is. He wants to talk to Jim about Neighbourhood Watch, so they can alert everyone about the abductor. He hasn't made a decision about Julie's job yet.
In the kitchen, Phil says that Hannah is too young to do everything Toby does. Julie thinks Toby is a bad influence and Hannah has a go at her - Toby was the one who saved her.
Toby has called the police, but the man has gone already. But they might be able to get some leads from whoever served him in the Coffee Shop.
TOBY: Oh, Bouncer. We let him get away.
Rick and Debbie have written their "book review". It's actually a pretend book loosely based on the Erinsborough neighbourhood with Dorothy as one of the main characters. Debbie thinks the character is too obvious, but Rick tells her not to worry - the emergency teacher won't know any better.
Unfortunately, Marco couldn't identify the abductor from his visit to the Coffee Shop. Julie is feeling a bit bad - Hannah was only selling lollies because she was worried about their finances. Julie is worried about losing her job - they are desperate for the money. She says Phil deserves so much more than being a barman.
Cameron is trying to work on a case, but he's disorganised. Brad comes round and invites Cameron to a basketball match. He refuses, saying he has to work. Brad says he has another idea - Cameron can come on the scavenger hunt trip with him and Beth. He reckons that three's a crowd. Cameron ends up snapping at Brad and telling him to back off.
The class starts and there's a shock for Debbie and Rick - Dorothy is filling in for the emergency teacher today. She says she'll go through the book reviews in alphabetical order, starting with Rick!
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