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Neighbours Episode 1748 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1748
Australian airdate: 19/08/92
UK airdate: 27/07/93
UK Gold: 14/07/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rick and Debbie write a dodgy book review with a headmistress as the evil main character. To their horror, Dorothy is taking the class today.
Rick tells Dorothy that he can't read his book review, as he "doesn't think it was good enough". Dorothy forces Rick to read it out. It is titled "The Headmistress". Rick describes the main character as "evil and sadistic".
Coffee Shop
Lou comes in to find Madge working behind the counter. Apparently profits are up and Lou reckons it's all about positive thinking. He's booked two tickets for him and Madge to go to a motivational lecture tonight. Madge is sceptical.
Rick is just finishing the final chapter review in which the headmistress ties the students to their seats with chains(!) Debbie has her head in her hands by this point. Dorothy is not amused.
DOROTHY: Rick, why did you like the book?
RICK: Um...the author understand the tortures that kids have to go through.
Dorothy observes that headmistresses are often misunderstood by society.
DOROTHY: She probably suffered a traumatic childhood, wouldn't you say?
RICK: Oh, that is *exactly* what I thought!
Dorothy says she can't wait to read the book herself - after all, as school principal, the character is very close to her(!)
Jim comes round and compliments Pam on her hair. He's come to talk about the Homeless fund - he's going to do a sponsored bike ride.
Doug and Beth come in. Doug is in a foul mood because his team has gone on strike - because Benito was pushing for faster work. He'll be up half the night negotiating with the unions.
Lou tells Jim that the police have returned his car. Lou wants to take the old one back, but Jim says he doesn't want to swap - the new one is worth twice as much as the old one. Lou tries to tell him about the number of memories tied up with the car, but Jim's not having any of it.
Dorothy has come to get the book from Rick, but he reckons he's lent it to a friend who's lost it(!) Dorothy says she'll just have to buy a copy, so Debbie tells her that it's out of print. Dorothy says she'll go to the library, but Rick reckons they haven't got it.
RICK: How do we get out of this one?
DEBBIE: We can't, she knows!
Jim comes round and tells Rick that Marco has given him permission to borrow his bike for the race. Rick and Debbie laugh that Jim is entering the race and he is quite offended. He challenged Rick to a race to Anson's Corner and back.
Ramsay Street
Lou is trying to tart Jim's old car up in the hope he'll take it back(!) Just then, Jim and Rick pass on their bikes, so Lou goes over for a word.
Pam tells Madge that she's fed up of Doug leaving her on her own.
Down the street, Lou tells Jim that he has to recoup some losses or the car yard will be in jeopardy. Jim doesn't believe him! He heads off on his ride with Rick.
Beth is telling Cameron that she doesn't want to strike, but has no choice. Lou and Madge pop round to cheer Cameron up - apparently the whole neighbourhood know he's depressed. Madge invites Cameron over for dinner, but he says he's fine - anyway, he's got a hot date tonight.
No.28, evening
Pam has put together a nice dinner for her and Doug. He isn't really in the mood and keeps talking about the strike. Pam tries her best to take his mind off it, but nothing seems to work. Then Beth comes round. She wants to ask Brad to take their scavenger hunt prize holiday this weekend to make the most of the strike time, but Brad is out on a date.
When Beth has gone, Pam has another go at pampering Doug, but all he can talk about is brick-laying and carpentry(!)
Jim and Dorothy are having a Chinese meal. Rick and Debbie comes through and try to hide from Dorothy. She asks them about the book again and tells them that she knows the book doesn't exist. However, she's quite impressed by their imagination and effort, so they'll be doing the book reviews for the new Erinsborough High radio station(!)
Lassiter's complex
Beth is just picking up some Chinese food. In the distance, she sees Cameron sitting sadly, alone on a bench by Lassiter's Lake.
Jim comes to pick Rick up for another bike ride. Cameron comes in and goes straight to his room. Beth looks worried.
Doug enjoyed the meal and finally he is paying Pam a bit of attention. They start snogging on a chair, but suddenly Doug recoils in pain - he's pinched a nerve and it's given him an instant headache. He says the only way is to sleep it off, so he wanders off to bed. Pam despairs.
Cameron seems to have got up again because he and Beth are watching a film. He thanks Beth for being so supportive to him since he split up with Jacqueline. Everyone else can't seem to leave him alone. All he wants is a bit of time to himself. He reckons Beth is the only person he can talk to. He should have trusted Jacqueline, but he blew it - now he has to live with it.
Outside the Motivation Meeting
Madge has had a terrible time at the meeting, but Lou is in a very good mood.
Jim and Rick pass on their bikes. Jim looks knackered. Lou passes and says that Jim needs his car back(!) Lou then proceeds to kerb-crawl Jim and accidentally knocks him off his bike. Jim falls to the ground.
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