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Neighbours Episode 1749 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1749
Australian airdate: 20/08/92
UK airdate: 28/07/93
UK Gold: 15/07/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Wendy Marsh: Nerida Leishman
Victor Price: Robert Kemp
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou knocks Jim off his bike.
Coffee Shop
It's late at night, but Marco allows Brad and a girl into the Coffee Shop for a smoothie. Brad introduces her as Swampy's sister, Wendy. Apparently they grew up together.
Marco and Brad discuss their tragic love lives. Marco wants Brad to sell him his half of the scavenger hunt holiday so he can go away with Beth. Wendy suggests that he just goes anyway. Brad is not impressed - he doesn't want to be a gooseberry. Wedny says she'll come too and Brad is not impressed.
WENDY: I'll tell Marco what you did at our place that time when we were twelve!
BRAD:(pause) What time do we go?
Lou helps Jim to the couch - he's done his back in. Lou is still doggedly going on about the car.
JIM: Would you shut up about the car!!
Jim thinks Lou might have run him off the road on purpose! Lou thinks he might be right - the motivation speaker did tell him that some people have the ability to make things happen with their mind, subconsciously(!)
MADGE: Oh, Lou, you hit him with your car, not your mind!
As Madge tends to Jim's scratches, Jim tells Lou to get lost.
Phoebe is sitting in the dark with Bouncer. Dorothy gets up and Phoebe explains that she had a dream about Todd and the baby. Dorothy says she's been through a terrible time and it's not going to be easy for her.
DOROTHY: I'm afraid there'll be a few more nightmares along the way.
PHOEBE: It wasn't a nightmare. It was wonderful. The nightmare was when I woke up and realised that Todd wasn't with me.
Dorothy hugs her.
Willises, the following morning
Jim has rung Pam to give him some physiotherapy on his back. Doug says he could do with one himself, but he's too busy - he has to keep up the union negotiation.
Brad and Beth are just off on their holiday. Beth gives Doug the number, just in case the strike is called off.
Coffee Shop
Madge says she can't give Marco time off work to go on holiday - she hasn't got anyone to take his place. Cathy offers to help out instead.
Lou comes in with Marco's bike - the frame is bent. He's not amused and says that Lou will have to get him another one. He then proceeds to burn his hand on the Coffee Machine. Lou tells Madge that he's subconsciously caused another person to have an accident!
Jim is lying face-down, clad only in a towel why Pam gives him a massage. Doug comes in and doesn't bat an eyelid to Jim's state of undress. Pam asks Doug why he isn't jealous(!) He goes off to do some composting.
Coffee Shop
Cathy is bandaging Marco's hand and starts hinting about worker's compensation. Madge rolls her eyes and says Marco can go on the holiday - as long as Cathy fills in. Cathy tells Marco that she'll handle Benito. On his way out, Marco takes off the bandage(!)
Brad comes round to see Phoebe. He invites her to come along on the holiday with them. She reckons she hasn't been feeling 100% though, so she'd better stay home.
Doug is reading an article in a magazine - apparently more married woman have affairs than married men(!) Lou comes round looking for Jim. Doug tells Lou that Jim could sue him if he wanted to(!) Lou is horrified and tells Doug to shut up. Just then, Doug leans back too far on his chair and falls to the ground.
LOU: Strewth! Three out of three! This is getting scary stuff!
Brad, Beth, Marco and Wendy are about to set off on their holiday.
The guys have arrived. It's an old-fashioned kind of place with stags' heads on the wall. The receptionist eyes Beth up and says he'll look forward to seeing her later. Yuk. As they go up to their room, Wendy's scarf is left behind on the lobby sofa.
Jim has brought Pam some flowers to say thank you for his massage earlier. She is please, saying it's ages since Doug brought her any flowers. She moans about Doug not paying attention to her. Jim sympathises and says that they "all need a bit of attention from time to time". They decide to open a bottle of wine.
Pam tells Jim that she just wants her husband back. They talk about Jim's love life and he tells Pam it's such a hassle getting back in to the dating game - anyway, he's too busy these days. Pam says she'll have a think and set him up with someone. But Jim doesn't want to go out with another doctor - besides, he's happy being on his own for the time being.
PAM: Alright, but if you do need some female company - let me know!
They clink glasses.
Cathy is moaning to Dorothy about Pam - she doesn't like her attitude towards Benito. Phoebe opens to door to Madge and Lou who have come to see Toby. Cathy says she'd better head off as she's due at the shop. Phoebe asks Madge if she can have a few shifts too.
Lou tells Dorothy about his theory that he's causing accidents to people who annoy him. Just then, Madge twists her ankle. Lou looks knowingly at Dorothy.
Hotel Room
Wendy goes for a quick look around before dinner. Marco tells Beth that she "looks fantastic" much to her bemusement. Just then, they hear Wendy scream and run out to find her.
WENDY: Don't go in there. I've found a body. It's the man from reception!
He's been strangled - with Wendy's scarf!
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