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Neighbours Episode 1750 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1750
Australian airdate: 21/08/92
UK airdate: 29/07/93
UK Gold: 16/07/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Wendy Marsh: Nerida Leishman
Raymond Chambers: Greg Parker
Linda Walsh: Helen Hopkins
Detective Barnes: Richard Neal
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Wendy screams - she's found a body: the man from reception has been strangled - with her scarf!
Benito is working late toinght. He tells Cathy that he can't decide between Julie and Gaby at the office. Cathy tells Benito that Marco has gone away for a couple of days. Benito isn't very impressed. Cathy awkwardly tells him that she's going to fill in for Marco. He takes this calmly and says that he already knows that she's been working at the Coffee Shop. He starts to laugh and says he saw her ducking in and out of the kitchen when he came buy. He tells Cathy that he's been a bit unfair in his stance against her working - after all, the boys are older now. Cathy tells him that he's a wonderful husband.
The police have just left. Wendy thinks she's a suspect. Beth wants to go home, but they can't go until the police come back. Marco says they'd better lock their doors tonight in case the murderer is in their midst. The girls ask the guys to stay in their room with them, for safety.
Coffee Shop
Cathy and Phoebe are opening up the Coffee Shop. Phoebe tells Cathy that she's familiar with the Coffee Shop, so they won't have any trouble - the only thing is that Phoebe can't do anythign too strenuous.
CATHY: I wouldn't expect you to. Have you got a bad back?
PHOEBE:(awkwardly) No...I'm pregnant.
Cathy is shocked, but tells Phoebe that she's not one to judge her.
CATHY: How's the lucky dad?
PHOEBE: He...died only a few weeks ago.
CATHY: I'm so sorry. Must have been Todd. I heard about it.
PHOEBE: Yeah. He would have stood by me, he really wanted me to have the baby.
CATHY: How are you managing?
PHOEBE: OK. No-one at school knows yet, thank goodness. Mim's been wonderful.
Phoebe explains that Dorothy is better than her real mother ever was and Toby is like a younger brother - it's like having a proper family at last. Cathy tells Phoebe to put her down as a surrogate aunt. Phoebe is pleased. She tells Cathy that the baby is a girl, and she's not going to give her up - she's going to keep her.
CATHY: You've got a lot of courage.
Outside the Waterhole
Madge asks Julie how Hannah is getting on after her experience with the abductor. A man arrives and Phil takes him off to give him financial advice. Julie says it's tragic that Phil's real talents are going to waste.
As Julie walks away, an old friend of hers passes - Linda. They arrange to meet up at the Coffee Shop for lunch.
Brad, Marco, Beth and Wendy appear to be the only guests in a massive hotel(!) apparent from a couple looking through a tourist brochure, which is just the thing to do after a murder(!)
The detective is back and says that none of them have an alibi. He's suspicious of all of them and advises none of them to leave the hotel.
Coffee Shop
Linda is regaling Julie with tales of her huge house with a swimming pool. Julie tolerates this but is clearly feeling the pinch. Linda says she must come over to dinner soon.
Behind the counter, Cathy asks Phoebe how she's getting on. Cathy says she envies Phoebe having a girl - she likes the boys, but a girl is always nice.
The Office
Julie and Gaby are bickering again. There still hasn't been a decision from Benito about the job.
Benito comes out and tells Gaby he's expecting a big contract today - it seems to be late. Gaby later finds it on her desk - Julie must have forgotten about it.
Outside the hotel
Wendy is worried that she's a murder suspect. The guys says they'd better stay over with them ago. Wendy asks Beth quietly if Marco could be the murderer(!)
Madge and Phil come in, laughing about Lou's belief in "mind power". Julie tells Phil that she met up with Linda Walsh today and let her think that Phil was still a bank manager. Julie gives Madge an update - Helen is having a great time with Charlene, Scott and the kids in Brisbane.
MADGE: Julie...there is nothing wrong with being a barman.
JULIE: It's just he's capable of so much more.
Julie says she's done something that might help. She's invited Raymond Chambers over - maybe he'll have a job for Phil. She asks Madge to pick Hannah up from school.
JULIE: I've got to do something, Madge. One way or another I have got to get Philip's career back on the rails.
The Office
Gaby has called Julie back to the office. She's not happy at being called back, but freezes when she realises about the contract. She knows this could put her out of a job. But Gaby covered for her and didn't tell Benito. Julie is surprised and pleased. Gaby tells Julie that if they're sensible, they can both keep their jobs.
The Inner Office
Gaby and Julie tell Benito that they've agreed to sort out their differences. Benito is pleased and says they'll give it a go - on the strict condition that if there's any more disharmony, he'll sack both of them. Gaby and Julie sigh with relief.
Brad tells Marco that he's trying to stay faithful to Lucy. Beth and Wendy overhear Marco and Brad talking - it's all a trick, it's a murder weekend! They decide to play a trick of their own.
Cathy comes in to find Benito is making coffee. She's tired after the Coffee Shop, but she is enjoying it. They talk about Phoebe and her pregnancy.
CATHY: She knows her baby's going to be a little girl. Ben, it brought it all back...
BENITO: Cathy, don't.
CATHY: I still feel so guilty.
BENITO: We've been over this a million times. We did what we thought was right.
CATHY: I know. I know. But I'll never forget her.
They hug.
Raymond Chambers comes round, but it's not the man Julie knows - it's his son. It seems that his father passed away a couple of years ago. Shock horror, it's also Hannah's abductor!
Ramsay Street
Madge has walked Hannah home from school. She freezes in shock at the car parked outside No.26.
HANNAH: That's the car the man tried to make me get into.
Madge assures her that lots of cars look the same, but Hannah isn't convinced.
Julie is asking Raymond about a job for Philip, and it turns out his company is looking for a new financial manager - he'd like to meet Phil. Julie is very pleased and invites him and his wife to lucnh tomorrow. It seems that Raymond is divorced though.
As Julie shows him out, Hannah comes in through the back door and sees Raymond. She recognises him and freezes. When he's gone, she tries to tell Julie who he is, but Julie is too busy talking about Phil's new job.
<<1749 - 1751>>
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