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Neighbours Episode 1743 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1743
Australian airdate: 12/08/92
UK airdate: 20/07/93
UK Gold: 07/07/99
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Phoebe and Toby tell Brad and Beth that smashing the crystal ball has released a curse.
Ramsay Street
Brad starts to look worried but Beth says it's just a silly superstition. She starts to look a bit worried too though. Brad tried to pick up one of the pieces and cuts his finger(!) Also, someone has to confess to Dorothy.
Lou and Madge are discussing Jacqueline doing a runner over their spaghetti bolognaise tea. Lou is perky tonight - business is booming at the car yard after the mistaken advertising campaign.
Hannah is sulking about the bike and Helen is apologising to Phil again. Julie and Jim come in. Phil is off to trade in their car for a cheaper one. Julie notices Hannah's depression and drags out of her what happened with the bike. Julie immediately tells Phil that he's being quite unreasonable and Jim suggests that they consider it an early birthday present. Eventually Phil has to cave in.
Phoebe awkwardly tells Dorothy about the "mishap" with the crystal ball. Dorothy tells Phoebe gravely that there's something she hasn't told her about the crystal ball.
Brad wants to give the crystal ball in anyway in its broken state(!) They listen to the last item in the scavenger hunt - a snakeskin belt. Phoebe comes back with Oscar the snake - she's going to use him as a real-life snakeskin belt(!) She tells Brad that Dorothy confirmed that the breaking of the crystal ball is very bad luck. But the four agree to join forces with their entry.
Brad puts on an African mask of Dorothy's and can't get it off his head.
TOBY: The bad luck's started.
PHOEBE: And it's going to get worse. Much worse.
Car yard
Julie doesn't want to trade in their car, but Phil tells her that they need the money. Lou comes over and suggests a convertible, but Phil explains that he wants something more economical.
Julie asks Lou why he's so happy. He tells her he's at peace with himself after the parachute jump. Julie lets slip that Madge backed out of the parachute jump and Lou looks very confused.
Brad still can't get the mask off his head. Beth has got the last item on the list - a sardine. But when she isn't looking, Fluffy the cat comes in and eats it(!) They rush off to the radio station anyway.
Helen tells Jim that she's going up to visit Scott, Charlene and Daniel. Jim can't come with her though as he's too busy at work. Hannah is sulking again saying that the bike isn't the same anymore because Phil didn't really want her to have it. Helen and Jim reassure her, but Hannah says she doesn't like seeing Phil so sad.
Brad's car
The police pull Brad over for driving with an African mask on(!)
TOBY: The curse strikes again!
Car yard
Madge has dropped by to see Lou. He starts talking about the skydive saying that Madge must have really enjoyed the adrenalin rush. He tells her he wants them to do it again - he's booked them in for a skydiving holiday! Madge look horrified(!)
Outside the Robinsons
Phil has bought the economical car, which is rather like Jim's old one, but a different colour! Jim gets in and says it feels very much like his old car. He notices a few more similarities and suddenly says that he reckons it really is his car - with a repaint and different plates. He says he'll prove it - there was a tear in the upholstery on the passenger side on his car, too. He reaches inside the tear and pulls out a piece of paper - it's a receipt with Jim's name on it.
JIM: What was Lou doing with it?
JULIE: He wouldn't knowingly sell stolen cars. Would he?
Coffee Shop
Brad has finally managed to get the African mask off his head - luckily the police didn't book him. They also won the radio competition - a weekend away for two. So Toby and Phoebe have agreed that Brad and Beth can take it. Beth puts the African mask on her head and it gets stuck(!)
Lou comes in and Madge tries to get him to postpone the skydiving week. At his refusal, she's forced to admit that she didn't do the jump. Lou laughs and says he already knew!
Jim couldn't get hold of Lou, but has left a note on his doorstep. Jim suspects Lou after last time, but Helen says Lou would hardly have sold the car to Phil if he'd known. It does, however, raise the issue of who owns the car - Phil or Jim?
Hannah comes out and Phil tells her that she's definitely keeping the bike - as long as she remembers it's and early birthday present. Hannah gives Phil her piggy-bank to help out with the money problems - there's $4.17 inside. Phil smiles and hugs her.
Dorothy is looking gravely at the pieces of the crystal ball and telling Brad that he has a lot of bad luck ahead. She starts telling them about a friend of hers who dropped a ball and had terribly bad luck, but in the middle, she and Phoebe start to laugh. Dorothy gave them a cheap glass ornament instead of her real crystal ball. Toby is pleased to see Phoebe laughing again.
Lou has come round. Jim tells him the situation - that Lou sold Phil the car that was stolen from Jim. Lou is horrified and says he had no idea. The car was part of a batch he's just bought. He tells Jim that he's innocent, but asks him to hold off calling the police - if all the cars are hot, Lou could be charged with receiving stolen goods.
LOU: Mate, give me a break. I could go to jail!
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