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Neighbours Episode 1742 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1742
Australian airdate: 11/08/92
UK airdate: 19/07/93
UK Gold: 06/07/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Jacqueline Summers: Tiffany Lamb
- "Jump To The Beat" by Danni Minogue
- "Boy On The Run" by The Dingoes
- "Ordinary Angels" by Frente!
- "Sweetheart" by Died Pretty
- "Stranger In Town" by Tony Kinsey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cameron gets a letter from Jacqueline saying she wants to call their relationship off.
Toby wants to go to a pinball parlour, but Dorothy won't let him. Phoebe is a bit worried about her pregnancy being revealed at school - she thinks pepole will hassle her. Dorothy and Toby try to reassure her.
Toby wants to cheer Phoebe up and Dorothy suggests he and Phoebe take up the scavenger hunt from the local radio. They head off to hunt out items.
Cameron is confused as to why Jacqueline has upped and left. Beth wonders if it's because she kissed Cameron on the cheek this morning, but Cameron doesn't think that Jacqueline is the jealous type. Beth wonders if she could have been involved in the robbery after all, but Cameron points out that Jacqueline has been exonerated.
Toby and Phoebe have come to hunt out items for the scavenger hunt. But Brad won't give them anything as he and Beth are entering too!
Just then, the next few items are read out on the radio - a used art palette. They all dash off to see Helen.
Hannah wants a bike to ride at school and Phil is patiently explaining that they just can't afford it at the moment. The scavengers rush in and beg for a palette. Luckily Helen has several, so they dash off to the garage!
At the table, Hannah is still moaning about the bike. Phil promises that when their situation improves, they'll look at getting a bike.
Coffee Shop
Lou has come to find Cameron - he has received a traffic fine for the car that was used in the robbery! The car ran a red light and was photographed - just after the robbery had taken place. The photo may show who was in the car with Paxton. Cameron is sure Jacqueline wasn't involved, but would like to check the photo for his own piece of mind.
Marco comes in and Cameron tells him that Jacqueline has shot through. Marco wonders if she was involved in the robbery and Cameron isn't impressed.
MARCO: Then you give me another reason why she's gone.
Ramsay Street
The next scavenger item is being read out - it's a crystal ball. Toby and Phoebe rush off to No.30!
Dorothy and Phil are discussing Debbie's progress at school. Phoebe and Toby rush in, but don't want to interrupt Dorothy and Phil's conversation. But Brad and Beth rush in through the back door and ask Dorothy first. Dorothy gives them the crystal ball, telling them to be very careful - they mustn't break the ball because it's cursed. Toby and Phoebe are not impressed to have missed out.
BRAD: The quick or the dead, Toby!
Jacqueline has turned up. She tells Cameron that she had to leave - she didn't want him to get in trouble with his boss, so she thought she'd better break up with him. Then she realised it was too late anyway, they'd already had a relationship. She's pleased to hear that Cameron didn't lose his job and he forgives her, telling her that he wouldn't let anything come between them.
There's a knock at the door and it's Lou. He's delivering a bike for Hannah! It seems that Helen has quietly purchased one for Hannah as a surprise! (Oh dear, Phil isn't going to like this!)
Cameron and Jacqueline are having a pash when there's a knock at the door. It's Lou - and he's got the photo. He gives it to Cameron in an envelope.
Back in the living room, Cameron hesitates to open the envelope, explaining to Jacqueline what's inside.
CAMERON: Before I open it, is there anything you want to say to me.
JACQUELINE: Like what?
His silence speaks volumes.
JACQUELINE: Oh! Oh, like, 'Here's a photo of me driving the getaway car, Cameron"?!
Coffee Shop
Beth and Brad are showing Marco some of their items for the scavenger hunt. While they are distracted, Toby and Phoebe creep in and steal the crystal ball out of their bag!
Brad sees them sneaking out again and is not impressed.
TOBY: The quick or the dead, Bradley!
BRAD: (to Marco) Call the cops, mate, we've been ripped off!
Cameron is insisting that he believes Jacqueline but she makes him open the envelope. It's Richard Duke - the star witness from the trial - who was the real driver.
CAMERON: I always knew it wasn't you.
CAMERON: Where are you going?
JACQUELINE: I'm going away.
CAMERON: You're joking.
JACQUELINE: No, it's no joke. I lvoe you so much Cameron, but I can't be your girlfirend.
CAMERON: Why not?
JACQUELINE: Because you don't trust me!
CAMERON: I do! I do trust you. I was just...I love you!
JACQUELINE: How many times have I got to tell you that I need someone who believes in me?
CAMERON: I believe in you! Think of our future together. Why ruin it?
JACQUELINE: It's already ruined! If there hadn't been a face in that photograph, you'd always be wondering.
CAMERON: I won't let you go.
JACQUELINE: Well, you don't have a choice I'm leaving you. And I'm not coming back.
She stalks out.
Garden of No.26
Hannah is trying out the bike when Phil comes home. He's surprised to see the bike and asks Hannah to go inside while he has a word with Helen.
He explains to Helen that Hannah has to learn the value of money, and that she can't have everything immediately. Hannah likes to be spoilt and he's trying to knock it out of her.
HELEN: What do you want me to do?
PHIL: Take the bike back to where you got it.
HELEN: Oh, Phil...
PHIL: If you want to give it to Hannah as a Christmas present or a birthday present, fine. But this giving her things, particularly expensive things, at the drop of a hat - it's got to stop.
HELEN: Aren't you over-reacting just a little?
PHIL:(firmly) No. Hannah knew she had to wait until we could afford it. And that's that. I would appreciate your support on this.
HELEN: You have it.
PHIL: Thanks.
He wheels the bike away.
Ramsay Street
Phoebe tells Toby that she's had a lot of fun today - and they've got most of the items. Although she's not sure they should have stolen the crystal ball off Brad.
TOBY: Oh, come on Phoebe! What's that saying? All's fair in war and scavenger hunts! We need that crystal ball!
Just then Brad and Beth come up the street. They see Toby and Phoebe and get into a stand-off with them in the middle of the street.
BRAD: Let's do it. Get back what's ours!
BETH: Yeah!
They walk up to Toby and Phoebe.
BRAD: OK, Mangel. Hand it over!
TOBY: Go whistle, Willis!
While Beth distracts them, Brad snatches Toby's bad and in the commotion, the crystal ball falls to the ground and breaks.
TOBY: You've done it now!
BRAD: It wasn't me, it was her! (Beth)
PHOEBE: Oh no.
BETH: Don't worry, we'll buy Mrs Burke another one.
PHOEBE: It's not that. It's the curse!
TOBY: Oh, yeah, the curse!
BRAD: Oh come on, you don't believe in that garbage?!
PHOEBE: Yeah...my aunt was a white witch, she told me all about this stuff. We've got a lot to be worried about.
BETH: Give us a break!
PHOEBE: I'm telling you, if this crystal ball is cursed, then we're all in for a very bad time.
BRAD: Come off it!
PHOEBE: You'll see. We're in big trouble.
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