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Neighbours Episode 1741 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1741
Australian airdate: 10/08/92
UK airdate: 16/07/93
UK Gold: 05/07/99
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The jury have reached their verdict.
Brad is resting on the sofa and is bored out of his brain. He wants to go and shoot some basket, but Pam reminds him that he's been shot(!)
Just then there's a knock at the door and it's Beth. She's come to bring Brad some books to pass the time with. They talk about Beth's new living arrangements and Beth explains that it's a bit crowded at the Robinsons now the Martins have moved in.
Jacqueline is crying with happiness - she was found not guilty. She and Cameron have a glass of champagne and Cameron admits that there wasn't really a witness who could testify that the bloke on the stand and Paxton had been good mates. Jacqueline is surprised at the way of the legal system and tells Cameron she thinks he has a bright future!.
CAMERON: From now on, our relationship is strictly non-platonic!
They have a pash and Cameron invites her to move in with him permanently. But Jacqueline doesn't want to do that yet - she needs a bit of breathing space after the last few weeks' stress.
Ramsay Street
Cathy and Benito are off to help Marco move out. Beth is also carrying stuff across the street. She sees Marco on the way and he tells her he's moving back in with his parents.
Pam is just serving up dinner when Benito comes round. He's come to see Doug about the retirement village project - Paul has asked him to keep an eye on it. He'd like to go over the worksheets with him. Doug reluctantly sits down with the paperwork.
Brad is listening to a radio quiz - he knows the answer to a question, so he rings them up.
Cameron is quite pleased that Marco is moving out - with Beth moving in it's no problem and it would have been cramped otherwise. Cameron and Jacqueline are pashing again when Beth hears Brad on the radio! He gets the answer right and has won two dozen pairs of tights! The girls laugh.
Cameron answers the phone - it's Larry English from the office. His boss wants to see him tomorrow, even though it's Saturday.
Madge has come round to see Marco. Marco wants to extend the Coffee Shop's trading hours - things have changed now that Lassiter's shops are open late. Marco is willing to do it - he won't demand a wage, just a percentage of the takings. Madge agrees to give it a shot, but warns Marco that it sounds like a lot of hard work for him.
Cathy tells Marco that he needn't rush to repay Benito, but Marco says he wants to give it back to Benito ASAP so he'll stop going on about it.
Benito thinks the suppliers for the project could be changed and Doug tells him that his supplier is an old friend of his. Pam politely asks Benito to leave so Doug can have his dinner. Doug isn't impressed with Benito.
DOUG: Who the hell does he think he is, waltzing in here and sticking his nose into my business?!
He thinks the new schedule is impossible but he'll get through it somehow just to show Benito.
Brad is ringing another radio competition!
Cathy tells Marco that he shouldn't work himself into the ground - he needs backup. She suggests she could help him out occasionally with the cooking. Marco is quite pleased with this but says that Benito won't be too happy!
Benito comes in at that moment ranting about Doug.
Beth is putting some of her pictures up and Jacqueline looks at her suspiciously. When Beth has gone, Jacqueline tells Cameron that maybe she should move in straight away to keep an eye on him(!)
Cameron is a bit worried about the meeting with his boss - he doesn't think it'll be good. It might be about him having a relationship with Jacqueline.
Cathy tells Benito that they should be encouraging Marco as much as possible. In fact, she's offered to cover for him when he needs a break. Benito says it's not the first time Cathy has considered taking a job and he's still against it. Anyway, he doesn't think she should make things easy for Marco. Cathy says that she's bored and needs something for herself, but Benito tells her no point-blank.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Cameron is off to his meeting with his boss. Beth is chuffed to be in a house where there's no kids arguing(!)
When Cameron has gone, Jacqueline is very frosty towards Beth. But Beth says that if Cameron does lose his job, it'll be Jacqueline's fault, not hers.
Benito isn't pleased to see Marco's drums in the living room, but relents and said he could never get used to the peace and quiet when Marco was away anyway(!)
When Benito has gone off to the shower, Cathy tells Marco that Benito hit the roof at the idea of her working. But she says it's time Benito learnt that the age of chaining women to the kitchen sink is long gone!
Doug is off to work so he can meet Benito's revised schedule. Brad has cabin fever, forced to recuperate around the house. Brad hears a competition on the radio that involves collecting things. Pam switches off the radio!
Brad puts the radio back on - it's a scavenger hunt for a backscratcher, a snood and some other items. He rushes off to find them, deaf to Pam's protests!
Madge has brought Cameron and Beth over some cooking as a house-warming gift. As Cameron comes in, Beth sees a letter on the table. Cameron hasn't lost his job - his boss agreed to overlook his relationship with Jacqueline. But then he reads the letter - Jacqueline wants to call things off for good.
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