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Neighbours Episode 1740 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1740
Australian airdate: 07/08/92
UK airdate: 15/07/93
UK Gold: 02/07/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Jacqueline Summers: Tiffany Lamb
Simon Hunter: Frederick Whitlock
Judge Croft: Noel Mitchell
Thomas Hayes: David Knowles
Richard Duke: Trevor Kilgour
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cameron is telling Jacqueline that they will definitely win the case when they are rudely interrupted by Marco storming in ranting about Benito, closely followed by Rick. Marco vows not to bother with Benito anymore. Cameron thinks Marco is as bad as Benito - he needs Benito's help and he should just "put up and shut up". He warns Marco that he has to find the money for the debt collector quickly or he's in deep trouble.
Cathy is ranting to a confused Benito - he can't see he did anything wrong with regard to Marco! Cathy tells him angrily that he never shows Marco that he's there for him. She agrees that Marco was foolish to get himself into debt, but all Benito has done is to push him away.
BENITO: I only get angry with him because I love him.
CATHY: Sweetheart, in this case - love him a little less, help him a bit more.
Julie is practising her typing speed for the competition interview tomorrow while Beth and Debbie discuss Rick in the kitchen. Beth isn't sure how Rick came to fall for her, but thinks it might have something to do with the kissing on the beach - when they were modelling. Debbie wants to know if Rick is a good kisser(!)
Beth doesn't think she and Rick are suited - they'll just have to turn Rick of her and on to Debbie.
Gaby is also practising her typing skills - on an old-fashioned typewriter! (Bless!) There's a knock at the door and it's Simon! Gaby tries to shut the door in his face, but he puts his foot in the door. He tells Gaby that he's been to his counsellor - she thinks it was just a one-off incident. He tells Gaby he was really mixed-up at the time and he hates himself for what he did to Gaby. He just needs to know that Gaby will get over what he did to her. Gaby is not impressed and throws him out of the house.
Beth has phoned Rick to invite him over. She sits him down on the sofa and tells Rick that she knows how he feels about her and that she feels the same way. Rick is chuffed. In the kitchen, Debbie giggles.
Beth wants to see Rick a lot and talk about their future. Then she puts her hand on his knee and says she wants to go all the way - like marriage. Rick is rather takenaback - he's too young to get married. Beth says maybe Rick is looking for someone younger who just wants to have fun - someone like Debbie, for example(!) Rick tells Beth that they're too different to make a go of things and heads out.
When he's gone, Beth and Debbie dissolve into giggles. Beth tells Debbie that all she has to do now is sit back and wait.
Benito has come around to talk to Marco. He tells Marco that he'll lend him the money. Marco is initially resistant, but Benito says that Marco's problem is his problem. He explains that he wants Marco to learn from his mistakes and Marco says that he will.
Benito has a few terms for the loan - no interest, but Marco has to pay back $100 a week. Marco can't spare that much, but then he realises if he moves home, he'll have his rent money. He looks suspiciously at Benito and asked him if he planned this. Benito says it's just plain common sense. If they both give and take, they could make living together work. Marco agrees and they shake hands.
Cameron is wearing his wig and encouraging Jacqueline to look confident on the stand - the jury will be watching her like a hawk. Cameron says he has a last-minute thing that could swing the case, but he doesn't tell her what it is.
Just then the judge arrives and the court is in session.
The Office
Julie and Gaby have both arrived for their interview. Benito explains that he doesn't have time to conduct separate interviews, so they'll do their tests simultaneously.
GABY: I'm nervous.
JULIE: Don't worry. The important thing is that you tried!
Gaby tells Julie that she came top of the class in her business course and Julie looks a bit worried(!)
Outside the Coffee Shop
Rick comes to sit with Debbie and tells her that he's dumped Beth. He feels a bit bad, but Beth wanted something mega-heavy. Debbie offers him a sandwich and says that no-one their age should get into a serious relationship. They talk about what they want from a relationship - basically nothing too heavy - and Debbie tells Rick pointedly that she hadn't realised that they had so much in common(!)
Court room
Cameron is cross-questioning Jacqueline on the stand and she confirms that she had no involvement in the robbery of the Pacific Bank.
The prosecution barrister gets up and asks Jacqueline if she had an affair with Paxton. She says she didn't - it was all in his mind. The barrister wants to know why she waited so long after the robbery to inform the police and Jacqueline replies that she hadn't wanted to get involved - she was scared. She thinks Paxton said she was driving the car just to get back at her.
The Office
Benito is giving Gaby and Julie feedback on their test - both their scores were very high. In fact, the marks are identical! Benito says he's thought about this a lot. He knows Gaby wants to continue with her dressmaking, and Julie has a family, so a job might place a strain on her family life. They start to protest, but Benito tells them his idea - that they share the job and the pay packet. Julie is very pleased with this - she'd prefer part-time work anyway and Gaby says perhaps she can make up the loss of income by selling her designs. Benito looks very relieved(!)
Court room
Cameron is interviewing a witness that identified Jacqueline from the police line-up. Cameron says it was strange that the bloke didn't idetify Jacqueline straightaway, if he saw her at the crime scene. Cameron proposes that his mate rang him from jail and gave him a description of Jacqueline, so he could pick her out of the line-up. The bloke protests, but Cameron says he has witnesses who can testify this is what happened. Finally the bloke admits that he knows Paxton and hasn't seen Jacqueline before.
Cathy is chuffed that Marco is moving home - and apparently Cameron has already got a new tennant - Beth! Marco isn't chuffed - he's fancied Beth for ages and just when he gets to be under the same roof as her, he has to move out(!)
Simon has come round yet again and Gaby is sick of him - all she wants is to be left alone. Simon says this is the last time she'll see him. He's come to give her money so she can keep her boutique going. But Gaby won't lower herself to take Simon's money. She says giving her money isn't the answer.
GABY: If you really want to do something for me, then get out of my life!
SIMON: Do you think you'll ever forgive me?
GABY: I don't hate you, Simon. But please don't ask me to forgive you.
Debbie is getting on better in school and so if Hannah, so Julie is pleased. Beth and Debbie chat about Rick in the sitting-room - Debbie reckons that all she has to do is be patient.
The jury have returned from their deliberations.
JUDGE: How do you find the defendant? Guilty or not guilty?
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